Does Google Blogger Cost Money in 2018

Are you looking to start your blogging career but thinking to choose the blogging platform that could offer reliability, security and easiness, and then our guide Does Google Blogger Cost Money will help you greatly. In this article, we will review famous and popular blogging platform Blogger which is considered to be the King of the old day blogging field. This will help you in making the right solution to make your blogging career enjoyable and long term.

Blogger is the property of Google and is regarded as one of the most popular platform. In fact, it is the oldest platform in the blogging industry. It is used by millions of bloggers worldwide to impart and disseminate information and knowledge. You do not need to create an account with blogger. Any Google account will work here.

Does Google Blogger Cost Money

WordPress which is another blogging platform is assumed to be the competitor of Blogger and a large portion of bloggers also use WordPress. But the fact is that WordPress is comparatively complex and difficult to learn. Like Google Bloggers, WordPress does not cost you when you use it on However, if you are going to use self-hosted WordPress blog, then you have to buy domain name and web hosting from a good company such as BlueHost, HostGator etc. There are numerous types of hosting providers available all over the internet but mostly offers third class services such as frequent down time, slow server speed, too many time outs, less security and over selling resources to customers. The result is obvious that too many load on the server causes frequent down time, slow server speed and server hang ups. That is why, we suggest the best blogging platform is Blogger. Google bloggers does not cost money but still a professional looking free platform for bloggers to start their blogging career.

Does Google Blogger Cost Money in 2018


  • It is 100 % free to host your blog with Blogger. But you will be using blogspot sub domain for your blog. In order to give a professional look, you can buy a top level domain (TLD) and change the name server to that of Blogger. You will be paying domain price to the third party and not to the Blogger. So, using blogger for hosting is always free.
  • It is run by Google so its Goodwill will remain with Blogger’s name.
  • It is easy to use and a newbie bloggers can start to blog within minutes.
  • It is safe and secure as Google pays strict attention towards internet security a lot.
  • You can choose the best template according to the niche of your blog.
  • There is also an option to edit html and upload xml file. This helps in creating a custom theme for the blog. SoraTemplates provides hundred of free and premium templates for this blogging platform.
  • As we said above that Blogger is free as far as the hosting is concerned. But in order to use third party premium templates, you have to pay price to the third party and not to Blogger.
  • There is no advertisement on your blog. This is the most common reason of bloggers choosing this as their blogging platform. Though, it is 100 % free like many others in the industry such as Tumble, Weebly, Site123 and Wix etc. But all these place an advertisement of our blog.
  • You can take advantage of Blogger no advertisement policy and put your own adverts such as Google Adsense that is available to join 100 % free.
  • The speed of Blogger’s servers is immense and you may not feel any slow loading time. Even, it works very fast as compared to some paid hosting services. The reason behind is none other than the Google who gives security and speed, a very high level of importance.
  • You can easily move your blog from Google Blogger to WordPress in the future. There are plenty of tools available to perform this task. The entire process is seamless and does not take much time. This is the good choice for bloggers whose blog is grown over the time due to massive traffic and visitor’s requirements. These may be due to the need of using some complex features such as membership system which is not possible in Blogger.


  • There are many drawbacks of using Bloggers platform such as:
  • It is a very basic platform that does not allows modern features.
  • You may not use third party plugins to improve the overall functionality of the Blogger. When we compare it with WordPress, this is the most negative point for Blogger. WordPress allows usage of plugins to improve the functionality, structure and SEO (search engine optimization) of a blog.
  • As Blogger provide free hosting, you may not do much work towards improvement of SEO factors. WordPress plugins such as YoastSEO and All in One SEO are considered as the necessary element of the blogs.
  • Though, it is 100 free blogging platform but you have to pay the price for this. Google can delete your entire blog without any notice or warning. This has happened with many bloggers. You may not take any action against them. We want to bring this information in to your kind notice that WordPress is also a free blogging platform and the entire software is available to download free of cost. You can purchase hosting at a very cheap price from BlueHost or HostGator. By doing this, you will keep your blog safe and secure and any deletion action. No one can delete your blog except you. So, it is fruitful to spend some money to make a long term blogging career.


Blogger is 100 % free to use and its power can be maximized by using some third party templates. However, it lacks some important features such as advanced level SEO (search engine optimization) but overall it is the best free blogging platform all over the world and no other free blogging platform can beat it from any angle.