We have an existing website.. It uses the Buro Theme and Woocommerce. I have purchased new hosting at Siteground, but we have not finished the transfer.

We intended to redesign the site with Divi on the new server at Siteground before we went live with it. Unfortunately, it keeps breaking. I kind of want to just go live on the new host ASAP for the remainder of the holiday season, and then think about rolling out a possible redesign with Divi around Jan 1. You’re input is appreciated.

So, what we would need from you:

۱٫ Determine what plugin or what it is that keeps breaking Divi and whether we should continue to use it or just purchase the update for Buro and copy over the existing site.

۲٫ Ensure that Stripe API and Woocommerce is working.

۳٫ Point domain to new host ( A record and DNS )

۴٫ Set up SSL. It comes free with Siteground.