Experienced consultant/developer (or group) needed for new web site based on WordPress software. Site is devoted to online publishing of educational materials for children and parents. The site does not exist yet and needs to be created. This is a big project and work could be ongoing. Includes these broad functional aspects:

  • Users submit articles and artwork via the front end.
  • Users edit own posts only, via front end.
  • Admin review (moderation) of posts and edits.
  • Workflow rules for assigning posts to moderators
  • Keep post version histories; and admin tool for comparing versions.
  • Crowd-sourced translation of site and posts, into multiple languages.
  • Artwork organized into galleries or albums.
  • Responsive slider with captions.
  • Custom search limited by categories and custom post types.
  • Search results displayed as slider or tiles.
  • Private communication between users.
  • Count and track web views per post and per gallery/album.
  • Popularity and recommendation ratings
  • Users can save various lists of articles
  • Theme customization.
  • Ensure all user-facing features are responsive to screen size.
  • Various reports of site activity for the admin (could be in spreadsheets).
  • Procedures for moving code between dev/staging/production servers.
  • Performance optimization. Potentially large database.
  • Protection from spam and malware.

We hope most of what’s above can be achieved with existing WordPress plugins. Thus the consultant’s initial activity will be evaluating, recommending, and integrating plugins. But we will need to develop custom plugins where existing ones don’t satisfy the requirement.

We are based in USA but you don’t need to be. This is a start-up company.

Please send whatever background you think is relevant, giving an indication of your experience in as many of the above areas as possible. Examples of sites you have built would be helpful.