Developer/ Coder to Fix Existing SIte

Site fixing for a women-led stone source company.

We provide stone slabs for architectural and design projects and strive to have the most eclectic and untamed products for our market. We’re still in the startup stage and have had a bad experience with our original coder/ designer leaving us without a working website for about a year.

Work Needed:
We need to fix a search engine glitch, upload new material, and do some minor redesigning. We’re set on looking for an experienced coder as to have a seamlessly working site. Design is the second issue we’d like to tackle.

We are located in Long Island City (right across the bridge from Brooklyn) and need someone local in the tri-state area that can meet us in case we have any issues that a re better worked out on sight.

Our Budget is $70-120 an hour. This is a project that can either be completed by contract or ongoing. We can also come up ith a full project price if your work is mainly “per project” pay and not an hourly rate.

Please contact us with any questions. The work needed is flexible.