Designer/Coder for Website

I am searching for a WordPress expert that can work remotely. I am looking for a person with both design and coding ability. For legal purposes, I am seeking a person based in the USA only. This is a hourly based engagement, as this will likely require periodic changes/upgrades, requiring a work relationship that could last years. I will provide a thorough scope of work to be provided each time we have a major change or innovation.

The WordPress website I need is for a product which enables movie theaters to create short video messages “on-demand” for display in the auditorium before the featured movie. This already exists with a rudimentary website that has been built. Information is entered into the site (text, and or photo) and the site connects to a server offsite that builds the video clip, then sends back two file types for the theater to download and use. This happens in minutes. The site works, it simply is not aesthetically pleasing and isn’t really expandable for the future. The web designer will need to work with me for aesthetics and work with the programmer that manages the rendering engine to connect to his server and function properly. It makes perfect sense to me to purchase an existing WordPress video clip template and modify for my use, if this is possible. I would be surprised if this needs to be built from scratch. This is a template I like the looks of:
I need to redesign our recently created website: This site allows movie theaters to quickly and easily create custom video messages that can be displayed in their auditoriums within minutes, using patent pending technology.

There will actually be two parts of the website – a section for the movie theater, and a section for their customers.
Section “A” is a customer section. We will have marketing material posted at the theater that references the website. They will be able to take a photo to reference the URL or scan a QR code to get to the site. They can then visit the site to see the different message categories and view the many video templates listed in each category. This is a marketing area only . They will not do anything with the templates, enabling them to reference the name/number of the template when they ask to have it made at the theater. They can then order the template and have it customized on-site at the cinema.
Section “B” will be an unpublished area, where my theater customers (using a passworded log-in) will create the customized message for the consumer using the chosen template and content provided to them by their customer. The actual “video rendering engine” is already in place and is housed on an off-site server. This website will simply connect to the server that will builds the video message.

The designer of this project must be available for periodic phone conferences, not simply email correspondence. Sometimes material is easier to discuss verbally, rather than written. The designer will also need to conference by phone with the administrator of the offline server that hosts the rendering engine to ensure successful connections and transmission of information in both directions. Finally, all materials for the website, including coding, must be provided and will be owned by me.

I am happy to discuss the project and answer any questions you may have. Please send an email with your contact information and a couple of times you would be available by phone. I will reply back with a time that I will call.