Debugging Delivery Extension Code

The Microsoft .NET Framework provides several debugging tools that can help you analyze your delivery extension code and locate errors in it. The tool that works best will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. This example uses Visual Studio 2008.

To debug your delivery extension code

  1. Launch Visual Studio 2008 and open your delivery extension project.

  2. Build the project and deploy your delivery extension assembly and the accompanying .pdb file to the report server and Report Manager. For more information about deployment, see Deploying a Delivery Extension.

  3. If you have written a subscription user interface to extend Report Manager, open Internet Explorer and navigate to Report Manager while leaving your delivery extension code open in Visual Studio. If you do not have a subscription user interface deployed for Report Manager, simply open the client application from which you call your delivery extension using the SOAP API.

  4. Navigate to Visual Studio and your delivery extension project, and set some break points in your code.

  5. With the delivery extension project still the active window, click Attach to Process on the Debug menu.

    The Attach to Process dialog opens.

  6. From the list of processes, select the aspnet_wp.exe process (or w3wp.exe if your application is deployed on IIS 6.0), and click Attach.

  7. Define a new subscription using your delivery extension. You will most likely use Report Manager or the SOAP API. This should invoke the debugger and execute code corresponding to your break points.

  8. Step through your code using the F11 key. For more information about using Visual Studio for debugging, see your Visual Studio documentation.

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