Customize Object Selector


This plugin adds a Customizer control to select one or multiple posts (and eventually terms and users).

Core has long had a dropdown-pages control type which is used in the static front page section for the “page on front” and “page for posts” controls. There is a problem with this control however: it outputs the entire tree of pages for every registered instance of the control. For sites that have a lot of pages, this can introduce a performance problem to generate this full list, not only once, but twice for the two controls. This plugin upgrades the “page on front” and “page for posts” controls to instead make use of the Customize Object Selector control, not only allowing for the list of pages to be loaded via Ajax on demand but also for the list to be searched.

When the Customize Posts plugin is active, buttons will appear after the Select2 control to be able to create new posts to add to the selection. The Customize Object Selector will also power the post parent control. See wp-customize-posts#233.

This plugin also includes a reusable JavaScript component available at wp.customize.ObjectSelectorComponent which can be used in widgets or other locations.

For an example integration with widgets, see the Post Collection widget.

For an example integration with the Customize Posts plugin, see pending usage as the Post Parent control.

Development of this plugin is done on GitHub. Pull requests welcome. Please see issues reported there before going to the plugin forum.



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