Customize Job Manager


I would like a change on the Post a Project page.

I want that when the user click on the link Post a project, he arrives on a page where he will have to make a choice among thumbnails (to select his profession more visually more playful a little like the example here

Until then nothing complicated …

According to the choice when clicking on the thumbnail it arrives on a second page of selectionne under the same principle.

Once this choice is made it finally arrives on the page Post a project of the plugin amais with already the good category to select and thus the fields below which correspond.

Concrete example: on the first page of selection the selected user Carpentry, it arrives on another page of selection What type of joinery: Aluminum, PVC or Wood (3 vignettes) and once its choice makes it arrives on the Post Project page already with the right category selected (Carpentry) the good subcategory (Aluminum for example) and suddenly the fields to fill below correspond to an aluminum carpentry site (type of installation, number of windows, etc …) then that if he had chosen Painting there would be Number of walls, M², etc …

The whole part of the pages of selection I take care of it, all the forms I take care of it JUST I want to be the link between the thumbnail selection page and the Post Project page (transfer of variable between the 2 ages or other way).

Thank you all.