Create a multi-author site

Hi there, I am looking for someone to create a site for multiple authors.

NovelThat is a writer community whose members write books together collaboratively. There are a number of genres available for writers to choose from (fiction, non-fiction, mystery, and many others).

Authors can start a book by creating an introduction and the 1st chapter. Then, once the writer “checks in” their chapter, other writers can “claim” the next chapter for themselves. Once they’re finished, other writes claim and write the next chapter, and so on. There can be up to 7 chapters in a book (therefore 7 authors per book). Chapters can be as long or as short as the writers choose, but we need a limit on the number of chapters so these things don’t drag on through eternity. Authors are free to create sequels of course.

When a user “claims” their chapter, the book is locked to everyone (read only). Once the chapter is complete and checked in, anything already created is not editable anymore. Writers can take the story in any direction they please – killing off characters, adding plot twists, subplots, etc., but the general requirement is that you have to continue from where the last person left off and take the story from there.

When a book is completed, it goes to a library of “published” books which are then available for anyone to print on demand.

We need for people to be able to join the site and then be able to “claim” chapters at their discretion, without the need for an admin to configure their permissions. Users may only claim one chapter at a time, so they can’t go around and claim chapters in ten different books and hold up the process for everyone else.

I am a UI/UX designer by trade so the design of the site is less of a concern for me than the functionality, which needs to be bombproof and very simple for users and has excellent SEO.

Members pay a monthly subscription ($5.99/mo) to belong to NovelThat so in order to become a member when they sign up, they need to use PayPal.

In addition to the authors on the site we want to include illustrators as well, who can claim the cover of a book, or illustrate an entire book.

We have a budget of $500.

Thanks very much,

Paul (zradguy | at |