Create a marketplace and accept bitcoin transactions

I currently operate this website –

I need a marketplace exactly like this one (you might have to create an account to see it) but instead of tokens it will be called Schrodkins. Allow me to change the fees per transaction.

I need it to show the current Schrodkins holders like this

Before the marketplace is open I would like to offer an initial schrodkins coin offering so on the same page it should allow users to purchase the coins and show a statistic page like this

a bitcoin deposit section like this

a bitcoin cashout section like this

a transaction history like this

and a balance history like this

He called his tokens BF tokens or just tokens.

Basically I need the exact replica but with the term tokens replaced with Schrodkins on my website.

I run the Q.A. Engine theme so you need to be able to work with that theme it can be found here