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WordPress 4.7 introduces changes to the REST API that can potentially expose a list of registered usernames, which is a security risk. Version 3.0 of this plugin adds the ability to disable or restrict REST API access for sites that do not need it.

Core Options allows you to customize a variety of aspects of WordPress, mostly in the admin interface, including the following:

Admin Interface

  • Add Admin Columns
  • Customize WordPress Admin Font
  • Editor Styles
  • Hide Admin Bar
  • Hide Admin Bar Items
  • Hide Admin Menu Items
  • Login Logo Link to Homepage

Content and Taxonomies

  • Add Taxonomies to Media
  • Content Refinements
  • Move Featured Image Below Publish
  • Retain Term Checklist Order

Override WP Default Settings

  • Customize WordPress Mail “From” Info
  • Remove WordPress Emoji

Plugin Customizations

Various options for streamlining and enhancing the admin elements of popular plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields, All in One SEO Pack, Ninja Forms, WCK and Yoast SEO.


  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable/restrict REST API (New in version 3.0.0)
  • Restrict Subscriber Dashboard Access

Themes and Appearance

  • Add Theme Support
  • Custom CSS
  • Navigation Refinements

IMPORTANT: This plugin uses PHP closures (anonymous functions), and therefore requires PHP 5.3 or greater. It may cause a fatal error (white screen) on servers running earlier versions of PHP.



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