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Connect Convertize to your WordPress website. Integrate Convertize’s unique tracking code into every page of your website in one click.

Our WordPress plugin simplifies the process of installing Convertize onto WordPress websites. This plugin implements Convertize’s script onto all pages of a website. This is then responsible for applying the changes made using the software and recording the tracking data onto Convertize’s server. The experiment results will be then available to users at
In order to receive your unique code you need to register on Once your account is activated and all your user information is present, you will be shown a page containing your unique code – copy and paste this code into the Convertize section of your WordPress admin area.

At Convertize, we collect and manage user data according to the following Privacy Policy, which incorporates our company values of transparency, accessibility and usability. By using (the “Website”), you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. To read more about our policies please visit and located within the footer is the “Privacy Policy”.



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