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The Company Directory is an easy way to add your Staff to your website. Staff and Faculty are presented in several easy to understand layouts, including a list and single views, allowing visitors to get to know your company and capabilities. Additional layouts are contained in the Pro version!

Company Directory supports searching staff members with a simple search form – a great feature for large directories!

Company Directory allows you to include many pieces of information on each Staff or Faculty member, such as:

  • Full Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Web Address
  • Photo
  • and Bio!

Display Your Staff and Faculty in an Easy to View Format

Company Directory includes a useful List view for displaying your Staff Member. Visitors will be able to click through from your List views to read more about each Staff Member in a customizable Single View.

Company Directory Pro includes additional attractive layouts such as the Grid or customizable Table layout, which gives user the option to limit what fields are displayed, for ease of navigation.

Templating System allows Complete Customization

Company Directory uses a customizable template system to allow full control over the look and feel of Staff Members. Have a large staff or faculty? Company Directory includes Search functionality to facilitate users finding the person they are looking for, without having to navigate long tables and lists. For Advanced Search functionality, check out Company Directory Pro!

Easy to Use Features Simplify Administration

Managing and displaying a large amount of Faculty or Staff on your website can be difficult – especially when using traditional methods such as editing HTML on a page. With Company Directory, users are given an easy-to-understand method of adding and managing Staff and Faculty on their website.

Using our simple shortcode system, website maintainers can insert a list, table, or grid of Staff or Faculty onto any WordPress Page! This allows visitors to view your Staff or Faculty, find who they are looking for, and contact them directly!

Our professional development team is continually improving and updating our plugin, so stay tuned for updates!

Premium Support Available

The GoldPlugins team does not provide direct support for the Company Directory plugin through the forums. However, direct email support is available to people who have purchased Company Directory Pro.

The Pro Version of Company Directory includes advanced features such as Bulk Import and Export with a CSV Import/Export feature – saving countless hours of data entry! The Pro Version of Company Directory also includes a Table View, and a Grid View, Advanced Search functionality — all in addition to direct support!

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