Community Videos and Blogs


This page contains links to videos and blogs created by members or the container community. If you know of a great resource, or you yourself created one please submit a PR to add to this list.

Getting Started

Run Linux and Windows Containers on Windows 10 – Stefan Scherer

Build and run your first Docker Windows Server container – Michael Friis

Run IIS + ASP.NET on Windows 10 with Docker – Alex Ellis

Building and Examples

An Overview of .NET and Containers – Alex Ellis

Docker with Microsoft SQL 2016 + ASP.NET – Alex Ellis

First look: Jenkins CI with Windows Containers and Docker – Alex Ellis

Packaging Redis for Windows Containers – Alex Ellis

۳ Steps to MSBuild with Docker – Alex Ellis

Containerize Windows workloads with Image2Docker – Mano Marks

Use Docker Compose and Service Discovery on Windows to scale-out your multi-service container application – Kallie Bracken and Jason Messer

PowerShell Desired State Configuration in Windows Containers using Docker – Nicholas Dille

Running Neo4j in Windows Containers – Glenn Sarti

Configuration and Managment

How to protect a Windows 2016 Docker engine with TLS – Stefan Scherer

Using a Microsoft CA to secure Docker – Nicholas Dille

Windows #Container Performance of Layers – Nicholas Dille