Commenter Ignore Button


Commenter Ignore Button (CIB) enables a user to put one or more commenters “on ignore.” Having such an option is a frequent request at blogs and other sites, especially where comment threads are beset by “trolls” or other typically annoying users.

Once installed, a small button will be provided by commenter author links (or elsewhere in a customized installation) that will add a class to all comments by the designated user. By default, the result will be the disappearance of all comment content by the selected commenter. This “on ignore” effect take place instantly, and also can be immediately reversed or toggled back again, via jQuery action. The designation will persist via page refreshes and across threads and sessions via a lightweight browser cookie.

For the first release, customization and other options will be somewhat limited except for those who possess the requisite CSS, PHP, or jQuery skills. By default CIB also works smoothly alongside Commenter Highlight Buttons (a plugin by the same author that allows users to mark either individual comments or deisignate favorite commenters for highlighting).

CIB is designed for standard or standards-compliant WordPress comment threads, but can be adapted for modified commenting templates, though not necessarily for 3rd Party commenting systems like Disqus or Facebook Comments.



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