ClickToAddress Auto-Complete


This plugin provides address auto-complete functionality on address forms on the front-end in WooCommerce.

It provides international data for 240+ countries.

The checkout experience becomes faster and easier as a customer no longer has to type out their full address. The smart predictive search helps speed up form filling and boosts usability. Every address is verified at the point of entry. Problems due to incorrect or badly typed address data are drastically reduced.

Customer Satisfaction & Conversions

Easier and faster checkout saves your customers’ time, improves conversions and builds loyalty.

Data Quality

User input is validated in real time and your customer database is populated with fully verified addresses. Fewer missed deliveries.

Getting Started

In order to use this service, you will need to sign up for an account. You will then receive an access token which will give you access to our service. You need to insert this access token in the configuration options. We offer 30 free searches for testing purposes, but in order to use this plugin on a live site, you must have a paid account with us.

Automatic Updates

Our service is split into 3 parts:

  1. API server that delivers the data
  2. a JS library that can retrieve the data, and generate a basic UI, regardless of platform
  3. a WooCommerce specific JS file. (located in clicktoaddress-auto-complete/js)

The JS library is located on our CDN to make sure that you will automatically receive any updates. If there’s an update to the API and changes to the JS library are required in order for the plugin to function correctly, you will not have to worry about updating it yourself.



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