۸ Stunning CSS & JavaScript Code Snippets for Enhancing Illustration

[ad_1] Illustrations can bring a highly-artistic style to any website. Whether hand-drawn or created digitally, these images can help us tell a story and convey ideas. By itself, a great illustration can be pretty powerful stuff. But, with a little magic, we can give them an even greater impact. Through the use of CSS and[…]

Vivid.js – A JS library serving a set of 90+ SVG icons

[ad_1] Vivid.js is a  JavaScript library built to serve  ۹۰+ pixel perfect and ready-to-use icons in SVG format. Vivid.js is really easy to use, you just need to include the JS file into the head section and use a data attribute to load an icon. In addition, Vivid.js is super lightweight and minified version equals around[…]

۱۰ Examples of Interactive Skeuomorphic Design Elements

[ad_1] Skeuomorphism is the practice of using realistic elements in your design. For example, you might want to build a UI that resembles an object like a car or a computer. It’s one of those trends that came and went, and now seems to be making something of a comeback. But there’s a twist. What’s[…]

Top 21 Best Free CSS3 Frameworks for Web Development 2018

[ad_1] Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is what gives the web its cozy looks. Writing plain HTML is a thing of a very distant past, and the language itself (CSS) has advanced so much in the recent years that it’s impossible to imagine what the web would look like without it. In the early days, much[…]

۱۰ Pens That Pay Homage to Musical Legends

[ad_1] The biggest inspiration for artists is often the art they consume. What we see and hear has an undeniable impact on the things that we ourselves produce. Web designers are no exception. We receive inspiration from any number of art forms, with music being right at the top of that list. A great song[…]

۱۰ Magnificent Code Examples of Morphing SVGs

[ad_1] The ability to morph one shape into another fascinates me. I can still remember the first time I saw it in action. It was Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video – way back in 1991. There, a diverse collection of people were constantly morphing into one another. It was all pretty amazing, especially considering[…]