Freelancers vs. Design Agencies: A Fair Fight?

[ad_1] In your freelance career, you’ll inevitably run into a situation where you’re bidding against several competitors for a project. That competition may not only include others in the freelance space, but multiperson agencies as well. This can lead to an interesting choice for clients. Will they go with the team-based approach or choose to[…]

۵ Things to Look for in a Great Web Design Client

[ad_1] So often, we like to discuss the worst in people. And it certainly makes sense that, as a freelance designer, you’re sure to deal with any number of clients from hell. In its own way, these stories tend to bring us together as a community. We can swap tales of disaster and have a[…]

How to Find Out What a Client Really Needs

[ad_1] One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with clients can be determining what it is they want and need. Usually, the exploration phase of a project will reveal some clues. But there are times when everything provided to you is vague enough to leave some serious doubt in your mind. That’s not an[…]

The 5 Traits of an Ethical Freelance Web Designer

[ad_1] Many-a-person in this world has utilized unsavory tactics for making some fast cash. While it might bring some temporary success, those practices usually catch up to you at some point. It can also hurt others in the process. If you’re running your own design business and want long-term success, abiding by a code of[…]

The Grumpy Designer’s Summer Survival Guide

[ad_1] Traditionally, summer has been a somewhat slow time – at least for this grumpy designer. Sure, there are projects to work on. But it seems like the big maintenance issues take a break along with everyone else on holiday. Well, not this year. You see, the world is a very complicated place. We web[…]

Sifting Through Design Information Overload

[ad_1] Our line of work is one that boasts guides to absolutely everything. Gurus are there to tell us why Material Design is amazing, why it’s terrible and why we should or shouldn’t do any number of things. It’s part of what happens when anyone can publish anything. And, since designers know the web better[…]

How to Change Your Web Design Business Strategy

[ad_1] If you’ve been a freelance web designer for a few years, it’s likely that things are quite different from when you started. For one, you have probably learned quite a bit more about your craft. Maybe you even have a deeper understanding of how to deal with different types of clients. It’s only natural[…]

An Introvert’s Guide to Finding Success in Web Design

[ad_1] Our brains are capable of some amazing feats. Yet, they work in different ways that can reflect in our personality. For instance, some of us gain contentment from putting ourselves out there in the crowd, while others prefer a quite room all to themselves. We’re a species of extroverts and introverts. One is not[…]