How to Structure Your Portfolio Site to Land a Design Job

Whether you’re just starting to build your first portfolio projects or are getting ready to apply for design jobs, your portfolio is your best chance to showcase your skills, process, and problem solving abilities to employers and clients. Beautiful visuals are great, but if you want to stand out from your peers, your portfolio need[…]

Heavily Involved or Completely Absent: Who Would You Rather Design For?

One thing you learn fairly quickly as a freelance designer is that no two clients are alike. You have to learn to deal with different personalities and expectations. It’s almost as if you’ve been bestowed with the hidden title of “therapist” to go along with everything else you do. Perhaps the most difficult and frustrating[…]

Convincing Clients to Invest in a Custom Website

The web design marketplace has never been more flooded with choices for consumers. Whether we’re competing with other talented designers or DIY services that promise the moon (all for one low monthly price), sometimes it takes a little something extra to help prospective clients better understand what you have to offer. Here are some tips[…]