An Introvert’s Guide to Finding Success in Web Design

Our brains are capable of some amazing feats. Yet, they work in different ways that can reflect in our personality. For instance, some of us gain contentment from putting ourselves out there in the crowd, while others prefer a quite room all to themselves. We’re a species of extroverts and introverts. One is not better[…]

۵ Ways the WordPress Gutenberg Editor Can Boost Revenue

Part of being a successful web designer is taking advantage of new opportunities. Some we have to hunt for, while others sort of fall into our laps. With the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress, due to be released as part of WordPress 5.0, we find one of those golden opportunities coming our way (although, some[…]

How to Survive as a Web Designer with No Business Background

When you start your own business, you would ideally have some idea of how business works. But oftentimes, those of us in creative fields such as design don’t know a whole lot about the subject. We may know our particular job quite well, but everything else is a crapshoot. Back when I decided to go[…]

Why Freelance Web Designers May Need that Client from Hell

“We’ll drill them a new asshole if they won’t do it.” Our client wanted us to make some changes to their website. The changes they wanted were reasonable enough, but that wasn’t the problem. They didn’t want to pay for it. They felt their “history” with us was payment enough and they demanded that we[…]

FOMOOP (Fear of Missing Out on Projects)

For freelance web designers, finding a measure of comfort in our workload can be quite difficult. It seems like we’re either hair-falling-out busy or bored out of our minds. Happy mediums don’t really exist. Then, there’s always that worry that comes along with not knowing what’s just around the corner. Just because we’re busy today[…]

Getting Your Design Work in Front of the Right People

Part of the challenge of being a freelance designer is making sure the right people find out about your talents. But it’s especially difficult when you’re just starting out. The market is flooded with designers and it can be hard to rise above all of the noise. The hard reality is that it does take[…]

Being a Workaholic Designer (And How to Recover)

Designers are very fortunate. Unlike a whole lot of careers out there, we quite often genuinely enjoy what we do. We get to unleash our creative spirit and can make a decent living out of it, too. From my experience, it’s an industry full of talented and passionate people. It can be a bit of[…]

When Has a Client Gone Too Far?

One of the most difficult parts of being a freelancer is learning how to deal with different types of clients. You’ll run into just about every personality type along the way and find that some are much easier to work with than others. In truth, I can say that the overwhelming majority of clients I’ve[…]

Understanding Your Worth as a Freelancer

Having a successful career as a freelance web designer requires hard work and dedication to your craft. But above all else, you must be really good at what you do. In such a competitive worldwide marketplace, your talent is one of the areas that will help you stand out from all the rest. It’s part[…]

How to Structure Your Portfolio Site to Land a Design Job

Whether you’re just starting to build your first portfolio projects or are getting ready to apply for design jobs, your portfolio is your best chance to showcase your skills, process, and problem solving abilities to employers and clients. Beautiful visuals are great, but if you want to stand out from your peers, your portfolio need[…]