Top 21 Best Free CSS3 Frameworks for Web Development 2018

[ad_1] Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is what gives the web its cozy looks. Writing plain HTML is a thing of a very distant past, and the language itself (CSS) has advanced so much in the recent years that it’s impossible to imagine what the web would look like without it. In the early days, much[…]

Tailwind CSS: A framework for rapid UI development

[ad_1] Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development: in simpler words, it’s a CSS where class names are not based on their content but describe what they do. For example, it has a .text-center to be used if you want align text to the center, an .opacity-75 class to set the opacity[…]

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks

[ad_1] WordPress theme frameworks present webmasters with the theme’s fundamental functionality and enable them to make modifications to its appearance and functionality. If you’ve been using WordPress for some time now, you probably already know that customizing a theme wasn’t as easy as it is today. In fact, every time you updated a theme, you would[…]

Top 26 Free Node.js Frameworks for Web Developers 2017

[ad_1] In the realm of web development, Node.js is very likely to be the most widely known server-side platform for developing lightning fast network applications that can be scaled, and optimized in real-time. Node’s platform is based on an I/O model that focuses on events and evasive blocking to provide seamless app performance for real-time[…]

Shoelace: A lightweight CSS starter kit

[ad_1] Shoelace is a CSS starter kit, not a framework: Think of it as a CSS reset sprinkled with helpful components. Bootstrap users will find it familiar, yet refreshing. Shoelace is highly customisable through CSS variables and it doesn’t require Less, Sass, or any preprocessing at all. The minified version is only ۳۲KB View project page[…]

fractures: An atomic CSS toolkit for building websites

[ad_1] fractures is a CSS toolkit built by @pyx that may be used for quick prototyping as well as for production. The project consists of a library providing a set of CSS utility classes for handling spacing, grids, alignment and even typography in a matter of seconds. The good thing about fractures is  that it is atomic, non[…]

Top 23 Best Free JavaScript Frameworks for Web Developers 2017

[ad_1] The JavaScript community experienced some really big changes last year. ECMAScript 6 was finally standardized and published, and most popular compilers and web browsers are working hard to adapt to all the new changes and regulations. To fully understand such a huge update (the last ES update was in 2009), it’s necessary to immerse[…]

۲۲ Most Popular WordPress Starter Themes For Your Next Project 2017

[ad_1] Getting started with and learning WordPress can be done in a multitude of ways. The first of those ways is the act of using WordPress in your daily life. Eventually, plugins and themes become like subjects that you gain a deeper grasp on. But, it’s not just external aspects of WordPress that has made[…]

iotaCSS: A Sass design agnostic framework

[ad_1] iotaCSS is a new SASS based framework built by Dimitris Psaropoulos for creating lightweight, performant, readable and fully responsive interfaces. One of the most important features of iotaCSS is that it’s design agnostic: in other words, instead of forcing you to design in a specific way, it fully adapts on your design.. Furthermore, the framework uses BEM syntax, provides[…]

Carbon: A design system from IBM

[ad_1] Carbon Design System is a complete set of UI components designed for IBM’s Cloud Platform and recently released on GitHub. Carbon is available for designers and developers, as Sketch file and in form of HTML and SCSS component library. Carbon design kit The Carbon design kit is basically a living and comprehensive kit of the[…]