How to Create a Directory in WordPress

[ad_1] Wanting to build a directory listing similar to Yelp, Zomato, or Foursquare is not that far-fetched. In fact, even competing with such big names is not really out of the question. With big name directories tending to focus on a larger, nationwide scale, there seems to be an open opportunity for website owners to[…]

Top 12 HTML5 Job Board Websites Templates For Freelance Marketplaces and Job Portals 2018

[ad_1] As the world grows ever more connected in the 21st century, distances become less meaningful concepts and culture identity becomes a single entity that envelops all of mankind. Many things have changed and many more will definitely follow suit. Borders become less crucial to keep or remember, languages unite more so than they divide,[…]

۱۲ Best Free Directory Website Templates 2017

[ad_1] To build an online platform where like-minded people gather to browse and submit, these free directory website templates are a perfect fit. After looking deeply into the world wide web, we managed to collect a number of different items for crafting your own or your client’s directory website. We made sure they include all[…]

۲۰ Best Job Board Themes and Plugins for WordPress To Create Awesome Job Sites 2017

[ad_1] Today I decided to make a list of the best WordPress themes designed for job boards. These themes can be used for general job listing website as well as some niche sites like freelancer job listings and even job board for babysitters. These themes features frontend submission, location aware search, resume creators, visual builders[…]

Top 18 Responsive HTML5 Directory Website Templates For Business Directories 2017

[ad_1] The free market has managed to create an unprecedented level of economic mobility. It is based on the principle of economic autonomy, and that everyone can act as their own economic agent. You get a voice, and a right to form your own company. However, so many voices can easily create noise. In the[…]

Top 15 Realtor WordPress Themes For Business Or Real Estate Listing Type Websites 2017

[ad_1] Few things are as important as your home. Considering this simple truth, it becomes obvious that the job of a realtor is very impactful. It is based on persuasion, trust, and an eye for detail. Given the stakes, your clients will be very cautious and they will analyze every word, action and gesture. Your[…]

Best Local And Global Directory WordPress Themes For Business Listings, Job Boards, Classifieds and Other Directories 2017

[ad_1] This time we would like to showcase the best directory themes for job board, car dealership, real estate, website, business, service and other directly listing websites.We have collected over 20 highly customizable, responsive and versatile directory WordPress themes that are ready to dominate any niche. Listing pages and theme layouts for all these themes[…]

Crowd Vox Review: Business Directory and Review Website Builder

[ad_1] Crowd Vox has been created to help you build an online directory or reviews website. Crowd Vox is a script that’s installed on your web space. Once the script has run, you’ll have a fresh new website to use as you wish. Crowd Vox is packed with features to help you build a professional[…]