Sora Home

 Template Features: Sora Bank Blogger Template is a highly targeted blogspot theme which is related to real estate niche. It has so many things which makes it different from any other normal blogger theme. It has been custom designed to suit the purpose of posting content related to real estate, building houses, renting apartments, homes,[…]

Top 20 WordPress Themes for Business 2018

As Bill Gates says: “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”. All the business owners realize it is an indisputable fact. Which is why every single entrepreneur has a website. It doesn’t matter if you are heading a multimillion company or a tiny gift shop, running[…]

۲۰ Best Software Company Website Templates For Startups and Enterprises 2018

Softwares changes how we interact and feel with the devices. No matter how great the hardware is without a proper software optimization the device is a waste silicon chip. Users are also constantly in search of better apps to improve their day to day tasks. It is important for your software business to have a[…]