۱۰ Most Powerful Weapon and Gun Store WordPress Themes for your Business Promotion

Why do people prefer using premium WordPress themes when designing their websites? Well, the answers rather obvious. Time. In order to save time, people invest in solutions that drive results. This is especially true for the military industry. In this article, you will find all the best military WordPress themes as well as gun store[…]

۵۰+ Very Best Municipality WordPress Themes to Take Your City Websites to the Next Level

It may come as a surprise but the reality is that municipalities do not have a presence online at all. To be more accurate, no website, no social media, nothing. Big mistake. It’s time for a change. The following list of the very best municipality WordPress themes can combat that issue. In many cases, your[…]

WordPress developer

We have a number of WordPress sites that we need some help with optimizing. The sites run a bit on the slow side and need to be updated to load faster. We have some developers on our team but we’re not WordPress experts so looking for someone who can answer questions and help with small[…]

۵ Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your WordPress Website

When you build a WordPress website, you open yourself up to an entire world of possibilities. That is both a good and bad thing. The built-in conveniences and ability to extend functionality with just a few clicks make site owners feel at ease. The bright side is that this allows us to do more with[…]

How to Boost your Food Business: 20+ Best Restaurant Bootstrap Themes for a Successful Website

Do you have fewer and fewer customers every day? Do you have an old website or profile in social networks, but they “do not work”? Are costs growing more and more over time, but the income is not? As restaurant owners, you need to understand the importance of promoting your business through all possible channels.[…]

۱۹ Best Veterinary Websites For Veterinarians 2019

The perks of having pets are beyond measure. Typically, they are a great source of companionship, happiness and wellness. Additionally, these pets are indeed grateful, loyal and true in their affections. Accordingly, the American Pet Products Association reveals in its survey that 67% of US households or approximately 85 million families have pets in their[…]


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حل خطای پس پردازش تصویر ناموفق بود در نسخه ۵.۳ وردپرس

جزئیات تصویر موردی که به آن اشاره شد درواقع یک قابلیت جدید وردپرس است که به شما اجازه آپلود تصاویر با سایز بالا را نخواهد داد. غیرفعال کردن Threshold تصویر در وردپرس اولین روشی که می‌توانید از آن برای غیرفعال کردن Threshold تصویر در وردپرس از آن استفاده کنید، نصب افزونه از طریق مخزن وردپرس[…]