CampaignDot creates a new menu “Company” that will contain all the company description; logo, address, social network. This information is global and will be used for aall users of your wordpress website. Once you send each user his signature, he just need to copy and paste into his signature in any mail client (Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, Webmail…).

With campaignDot Pro, you can integrate a banner. Each display of the banner and every click is recorded in the database and generate detailled statistics including the type of platforms used to read emails, and what user did the best score last month, quarter and year.

Thanks to its integration in WordPress user’s page, CampaignDot allows you to retrieve a generated QRcode.
When scanned with a smartphone, this QRcode directs the visitor to a beautiful profile page with a “Download VCard” button for easy integration into the address book.



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