Bulk Attachment Download


Allows bulk downloading of attachments from the media library.

A ‘Download’ option is added to the ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown in the Media Library.
Choose the attachments you want to download, click ‘Apply’, and a zip file of those attachments is created that you can then download.

Before the zip file is created, you’ll see a) how many files will be downloaded, and b) how big the uncompressed files are.
You are also given the option to:

  • Include or exclude image intermediate sizes.
  • Include in your download the folder structure you use in your uploads folder (e.g. year/month) or have all files downloaded in a single folder.

You can set a maximum (uncompressed) file size to be downloaded in the plugin settings, found in Settings > Media.

Zip files are automatically removed in 1 – 2 hours, or you can delete them yourself.

If you want to keep the download files inaccessible to others, you can use the ‘Make downloads secure’ option in Settings > Media.
This creates a .htaccess file in the folder where the download zip files are kept, preventing direct access.
However there’s no point in using this feature unless you also have some means of preventing direct access to the attachments themselves
in the Uploads folder.



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