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Breadcrumb is an amazing tool to make the navigation on your site more convenient. Add a breadcrumb navigation bar to your site and watch your way to the last page/post you have visited on your site. This means you can see the order of the pages/posts you have passed until you reached the last visited one.

Main Features:

  • Themes – There are 5 themes available for the breadcrumb navigation bar.
  • You’re here title – You can decide whether to add or not “You’re here” text before your tabs. You can also change the text and type anything you wish!
  • Show on home page – If you don’t want the navigation bar appear on your homepage, you can simply uncheck the option and the bar will appear on all your pages except for home page!
  • Home tab – Decide and select whether you wish to display the home page via icon, a little house, via text, “Home”, or maybe you want to display both, the icon and the text.
  • Alignment – Customize the alignment of the box. Add pixels to your bar from the Top, Right, Bottom and Left sides of your page.
  • Position on the page – You can choose the position of the bar on your pages
    • Primary header
    • Secondary header
    • Before or After the content
    • Primary footer or Secondary footer

Images are shown to make it easier for you to pick the position!

Breadcrumb builder provides you with shortcodes that can be added to any page, post, sidebar, footer, or widget on your site. Besides, our Breadcrumb builder is very responsive and is adjusted for PCs, for mobile and tablet devices.

PRO Features:

  • Design customization
  • +5 extra themes
  • Premium support

Upgrade to PRO version.


This Breadcrumb plugin is easy to use even if you are a noob in programming. But our team of Breadcrumb builder is always ready to help you with any technical problems that you happen to have. We are very responsible and always do our best to fit our users’ needs. We try to solve all the issues connected with our Breadcrumb builder in the shortest time and provide high quality help.

If you think that you found a bug in our Breadcrumb Builder plugin or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Breadcrumb Builder



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