BackupVault (64-bit)

The BackupVault cloud backup service can protect almost anything. Most common are simple files and folders, but it can also backup VSS aware databases such as MS SQL and Exchange. Other databases and systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL can also be protected. VMWare and Hyper-V can be protected, and full server backups are supported to reduce recovery time significantly.

BackupVault 64 bit offers a range of scalable solutions that work across your IT environment so you can protect critical data on your server networks and end user workstations.

The cloud online backup service is designed specifically to protect your digital assets. Powered by Redstor software it is reliable, secure, automated and scalable meaning it’s built to grow with your organisation.

Cloud backup is the process of protecting your organisation’s data by encrypting information and sending it over the internet to a secure offsite server. Backing up to the cloud mitigates the risk of onsite threats like fire, flood, hardware issues, user error and most commonly now – ransomware. Download Backup Vault for Windows PC now!

The initial upload speed depends on how much data you have, how it compresses and crucially how fast your upload internet connection is. Free snapshot service also allows for larger initial backups to be sent to an encrypted USB disk, which is imported directly into storage servers.

Note: 30 days trial version.

Also Available: Download BackupVault for Mac