Avira Scout Browser 17.1

Avira Scout is a web browser where the best tools are selected for you; combine them, maintain them and optimize them. The end result? Total Internet security complete with end-to-end encryption and real-time cloud scanning–for free. What makes Avira Scout different? While other web browsers tend to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, with security a secondary priority at best, Avira approaches our browser with your security and privacy as the central focus. This award-winning technology, directly integrated into the browser, automatically blocks infected and phishing websites for you. Airports. Hotels. Cafes… Anyone with a little knowhow can intercept your communications on public hotspots. To protect you, Avira Scout Browser automatically forces thousands of websites to use the “https” protocol. This encrypts your communications and prevents anyone on the same open WiFi network from seeing information that you send and receive.

Avira Scout integrates a no track functionality, which blocks companies such as Facebook and Twitter from monitoring what you visit, download and shop for. It is also one of the few browsers that does not collect data – respect your privacy and protect it. Just download the browser and start surfing. The Autopilot feature handles everything for you, including the integrated always-on encryption (HTTPS Everywhere technology). But if you want to customize your browsing experience, you have easy controls and information that you can understand. Built Avira Scout on the Chromium browser platform, integrated Avira Browser Safety and Avira SafeSearch Plus functionalities, made sure that you have HTTPS Everywhere, added additional security and privacy functionalities (numerous, which continue to expand). Avira Scout Browser is currently in an early access phase.

Also Available: Download Avira Scout Browser for Mac