iSlide 5.4.2

With iSlide you can create awesome PowerPoint presentations for FREE! even if you are not a web or graphic designer. The All-in-One PowerPoint Add-in! Built-in 180,000+ PowerPoint Templates! With various parametric adjustments, iSlide Smart Diagram makes data intuitive and easy to understand! Customize slides by combing various Library resources. More “one click” features simplify the[…]

Droplr 4.3.4

Droplr is an All-in-One Screenshot and File Sharing Tool for Windows PC. Save time and upgrade your online conversations with the tool. A happy marriage of browser and desktop. Droplr is how you capture, it’s how you communicate, it’s how you collect. And it’s simple. Snag images or videos of your screen and have them[…]

۲۴ Best Website Builders for Gym & Fitness 2019

When starting your own project in the sports industry, chances are, you will need any of these website builders for gym and fitness centers. Of course, you can effortlessly use the spectacular and easy to use tools for other sports-related projects as well. Meaning, if you are a personal trainer, an instructor, own a cross-fit[…]

۱۸ Best Computer Repair WordPress Themes 2019

Computers play great roles in different aspects of mankind. It provides efficient business operations in their respective industries. Likewise, it enhances learning capabilities too. Hence, computers have tremendously improved the quality of operations whether in business, education, medical, government and other institutions. However, these computers may not always be in good condition to do their[…]

ISnapinAbout.GetSnapinImage(IntPtr) Method (Microsoft.Aspnet.Snapin)

Definition In this article Allows the console to get the main icon that is used in the About property page for a snap-in. This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to[…]

Send Holiday Cheer with these Christmas Code Snippets

Everyone who collects subscribers and regularly runs email campaigns can benefit from sending out festive greetings. It is customary to congratulate your devoted users by presenting them with bonuses, discounts, special offers or other unique material. On the one hand, it is a marketing trick that lures users in and helps to foist goods. On[…]

Clip Studio Paint EX 1.9.5

Clip Studio Paint EX is a fully-featured drawing application specifically optimized to enable manga and comic artists to easily realize their inspiration and quickly design, evolve and finalize their illustrations with the help of streamlined tools and effects. Built on top of the popular Clip Studio Paint platform, this standalone digital drawing application manages to[…]