Appmaker WooCommerce Mobile App Manager (Version 2)


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Appmaker WooCommerce Mobile App Manager (Version 2)

This Plugin is used to manage Android and iOS mobile app created for your WooCommerce store (Version 2)

This Plugin is used to connect your WooCommerce Store and your mobile app created from

  1. Create your WooCommerce app from
  2. Install this plugin and configure it using the API KEY & API SECRET you get once you create the app.
  3. Download your app from
  4. Manage your app from your plugin.
  5. Upload your app to Google Play store and Apple App Store.


  1. Native apps: We provide native Android and iOS app. Give your customer a complete m-commerce shopping experience.
  2. Dynamic content management : Manage your app content directly from the plugin.
    The changes you make will reflect in the app instantly without updating your app.
    You can customize you home content with widgets such as banners, product scrollers, carousels, html widgets etc. You can use these to display your offers, new arrivals etc
  3. In-App pages: Apart from home page, you can create custom pages and populate them with widgets. You can link to these pages from the navigation menu.
  4. Navigation Menu: You can customize your app navigation menu from the plugin. Link items to your product category, product detail page, in-app page, custom urls, phone call, email etc. You can edit and arrange each items from the plugin and will be updated in the app instantly.
  5. Push Notifications: Send unlimited custom push notification to your app users. You can also set custom action for the messages.
  6. Multi Language support: You can have your app in any language of your choice.
  7. Payment gateway support: App will support all payment gateway used in your website.
  8. Analytics: Turn your customer insights into action. Get detailed report of your user behavior to improve your business.
  9. Facebook Login: Let your users authenticate using their Facebook accounts.
  10. Chat with your customers: Zopim chat integration allows you to chat directly with your app users.
  11. And much more!

Key Benefits

  1. Provide better shopping experience for your customers.

  2. Global mobile commerce now makes up 34% of all ecommerce transactions around the world, and it’s predicted to grow 31% in 2017.
    Mobile app for your store will increase your sales. Our customers had up to 60% increase in sales with their mobile app.

  3. You can engage more with your customers if they have your app installed. You can send push notification and get them to know about your products and offers.

  4. Publish your app on Google Play store and Apple App Store and increase your exposure.

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Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 hour ago
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