Advertise World


Beat the Ad Blockers using the World’s first unblockable image banner display advertising network.

After working through the setup steps found below, this plugin will allow you to create ad spaces that will act as containers for ads served through the Advertise World platform. These ad space containers can be placed in a variety of locations based on your chosen WordPress theme.

Setup Steps

Step 1 – Sign up as a publisher through the Advertise World Publisher Portal by navigating to the Publisher Sign Up link on the Advertise World website (

Step 2 – Create your preferences relating to the ads you would like to receive by generating an ad space and targeting profile through the portal.

Step 3 – Install and Activate the WordPress Advertise World plugin.

Step 4 – Input the email address used to sign up to the Advertise World Publisher Portal into the account settings section of the Advertise World WordPress plugin. This will link the plugin to your Advertise World Publisher account.

Step 5 – Create a new Ad Space and link it to a previously created space generated using the Advertise World Publisher Portal.

Step 6 – Position the ad space using the plugin options provided.

If all six steps are followed correctly. Ads will begin to appear in the designated Ad Spaces created using the plugin.

Enjoy Advertise World’s unblockable ads and beat the Ad Blockers once and for all!



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