۲۴ Professional WordPress Technology Theme For Apps, Landing Pages and Tech Startups 2017

This modern age is definitely difficult to pin down and categorize. Traditional forms of generational and historical analysis are becoming less applicable as the world becomes ever more dynamic—things are changing at such a rapid pace, nothing and no one can keep up, and nothing is a constant over time. These are times where businesses and governments rise and fall as quickly as the news can be typed, a time where what happens in people’s pockets—like what apps they download—hits the marketplace harder than the marketplace hits people’s pockets back. In this chaotic, brave new world, one element does remain an everlasting, though ever-changing constant; technology.

Technological presence is the quintessence of the 21st century, and even the current decade is often defined as a mobile—technological—time. The writing’s on the wall, and those who can read it, should heed its words. Technology is an almost omnipresent part of the present, and technology will be even more ubiquitous in the future. Those who venture into technology and tech related ventures are most likely making a sound choice that will ride this wave to great success. Provided, of course, they can swim, rather than sink, in the turbulent seas of the web. The following collection of themes has been put together with such priorities and background in mind, and represents theme most effective for creating and maintaining technological and tech related websites.



Divi is an astonishingly powerful, incredibly flexible, amazingly modern, technologically sophisticated, cutting edge, intuitive and easy to use WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, a veritable one stop shop solution for all sort of website needs imaginable, from business to personal, from corporate to commercial, small blogs or big eCommerce stores alike can benefit from Divi’s uniquely pliable, extremely potent framework and tools. That is why Divi is an ideal fit for a technology and tech related website project—its incredibly up-to-date coding includes the latest HTML5, CSS3, BootStrap and Parallax technologies available, making every Divi website a crown jewel of tech development and a paragon of innovative website design.

The unique Divi Builder makes short work of most website building chores, such as layout design and construction, through simple block-like sections that you stack, shape and resize as you see fit, effortlessly deploying dozens of custom modules that empower your website with all sorts of features like Static Parallax Video Backgrounds for sections, pages or posts, smoothly animated Galleries, impressive Portfolio pages, interactive and engaging sliders and countless more high tech features that make Divi a shining example of what a technology website theme should be capable of. Go with Divi, and you’ll never look back.

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Interactive is a uniquely dynamic, visually fluid, technologically savvy, thoroughly reactive, carefully crafted, stunning and engaging WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built for the generalized purpose of producing highly interactive, engaging websites that are capable of handling all sorts of posts, pages and usage types while offering a consistently vibrant, dynamic, responsive user experience that retains user attention, lowers visitor bounce rates and increases returning visitor rates immediately. These features make Interactive an unusually good match for the needs of technological websites and tech related websites, including tech news blogs, technological corporate blogs, software development studios, game development studios and any other tech related website endeavors.

Interactive is simple and easy to use, highly customizable through the customized advanced admin panel options, easy to install with a single click and loaded with useful templates to help you speed along your website building. Interactive is optimized for extremely fast loading, which is increasingly important in the mobile web, and includes a handsome off-canvas, swipe-friendly mobile menu that you can enable at the flick of a switch. No coding is required at any point in Interactive. All of this, compounded with extensive social media integration, makes Interactive an excellent candidate for a long term website solution for tech related applications.

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Genesis is an expansively potent, immensely resourceful, technologically advanced, elegant and sophisticated, visually stunning and graphically well-designed WordPress responsive multipurpose framework theme, a foundational theme that is meant to be built upon to reach unimaginable heights. Genesis is a theme that combines a unique, custom developed series of tools that integrate into an exclusively built core that powers your entire website to reach all of its potential. Genesis is natively robust and responsive, meaning its coding is both highly secure, looking towards an increasingly dangerous, increasingly financially connected internet, and built to last, as it will display handsomely across devices and platforms of present and future shapes and sizes seamlessly, owing to powerful Bootstrap coding.

Genesis has all the tools and features required to make technologically endowed websites that are impressive and eye-catching, from customizable full width elements to interactive sidebars, Parallax enabled headers and footers, static image backgrounds, and many, many more features that enable webmasters to effortlessly crank out professional-looking, functional, feature-rich webpages in a matter of minutes, and without ever having to write a single line of code. Search engine optimization is also built into Genesis, guaranteeing increased traffic. Let Genesis be the birth of your new website!

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WordX is a highly dynamic, visually vibrant, professional and polished, resourceful and sophisticated, modern and attractive WordPress responsive news and blog theme, built for professional bloggers and news magazines to create graceful, refined websites that look right, feel right and behave amazingly, while delivering vast volumes of high resolution imagery, written content and video posts to a massive audience. WordX’s extensive customization capabilities, extremely cutting edge features and technological implementation, as well as its highly responsive coding, interactive features and overall modern interface make it an excellent fit for technological and tech related news magazines and blogs.

Whether you’re reporting the latest iPhone rumors out of China or posting interviews with up and coming independent game developers, if you’re in the business of distributing tech-related content to a huge online audience, WordX is the theme you seek, chock-full with the features and tools you’ll need to run your successful tech blog or tech news magazine. WordX is uniquely optimized to lower bounce rates, so that you can retain your visitors in the saturated market of tech news, and thorough AdSense integration, so you can turn your tech website into a revenue stream seamlessly. Search engine optimization guarantees you’ll be on the map where it matters—the rest, is up to you!

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Compass is an extremely customizable, natively pliable, enormously powerful, easy to use, sophisticated and professional WordPress responsive news and magazine theme, constructed with sufficient potency and flexibility to easily lend itself to a host of different applications, but especially crafted with the needs and requirements of news and magazine websites in mind, equipped with a responsive, Retina-ready WPZOOM Framework that powers every aspect of this fluid, lively theme, a great match for technological magazines, gaming magazines, tech news websites and all similar or related ventures.

Compass is easily dressed to impress with the powerful Visual Customizer, while the ZOOM Framework enables all sorts of edition and modification and the Dynamic Homepage Builder churns out amazing, professional, technologically proficient webpages in a matter of instants, all supercharged with Jetpack’s plentiful additions and expansive features, including Tiled Galleries, Related Posts, tons and tons of Widgets, and many more custom elements that you just cannot find elsewhere and that are uniquely well suited for building your technological news website or tech magazine website. Compass is SEO friendly, easy to use and intuitive, built on a solid foundation of HTML5 and CSS3, and continuously updated over time, guaranteeing a website that stands the test of time.

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Appsperia is a visually stunning, technologically accomplished, ultra-modern and highly stylized, interactive, engaging and captivating WordPress responsive app landing page theme, a highly specialized WordPress theme built to meet and exceed the expectations of software developers and software studios that need to produce professional-looking, visually polished, technically sophisticated, smoothly animated websites to advertise their upcoming releases or to receive traffic from their active products—whatever the case may be, if you have throngs of folks clicking or tapping something and ending up somewhere, Appsperia is the theme you want in order to create the place that will receive them warmly and make them feel welcome and at home.

Appsperia is thusly an ideal website theme for technological applications in general, not least due to its easily configurable interface, light and dark skins, readily available Parallax visual effects ranging from static video backgrounds to smooth scrolling and hovering effects, a huge multiplicity of social media icons to choose from and customize, working contact forms of all sorts for users to further inquire or place orders, a minimalist design that readily integrates with any preexistent brand identity or remains clutter-free to center the limelight on your works—Appsperia knows its business, and its business is landing pages.

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Animo is a flexible and lightweight, easy to use and very user-friendly, technologically seamless and rapidly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Animo is a profoundly resourceful website building toolkit equipped with a sophisticated set of professional quality widgets, premium plugins, readymade demo websites and template pages, dozens of convenient shortcodes and features at your disposal, with the paragon of creative freedom materialized through the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, the impressive Slider Revolution premium slider creator, and a collection of the most honed and on point advanced theme admin settings available in the market today, making Animo a sharply customizable theme that allows you to express yourself thoroughly and uniquely.

Animo is well suited to service a range of website needs, but creative webmasters seeking a quick and effective portfolio solution will find in Animo a robust ally. With a slew of amazing portfolio layouts and configuration styles and choices to choose from, no two Animo portfolio websites look alike. Simultaneously, an ample collection of innovative gallery styles keep your professional showcases fresh and varied, and your users engaged, interested and involved. With Animo at your side, your traffic and your overall business will soar to new heights!

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Paperio is a modern and responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Paperio is the perfect platform for webmasters from all industries looking to blog. Sharp and lightweight, Paperio is a great platform for audiences of any size and scale. The latest web development technology makes Paperio a capable performer. Honed for SEO, Paperio dominates all the relevant search ranks in no time. Launch effective marketing campaigns with Paperio, and get your content out there. Paperio features extensive social media capabilities that make your blog relevant and trendy.

Technology blogs love Paperio’s flexibility and convenient demo websites. Getting started is as easy as a single click demo installation. Customization through the WP Live Customizer is fast, simple and profound. You can dramatically alter your blog’s look and feel in minutes without a line of coding. Awesome widgets like latest and popular post blocks keep your homepage dynamic. Featured content sliders give your finest works some well-deserved exhibition. Paperio blogs render well on all devices thanks to the Bootstrap framework. Appeal to massive audiences and engage them with video and gallery posts. Unique grids and masonry layouts make your content pop and attract attention. Let the world know what’s happening, with Paperio!

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For your technology website, ZurApp is an ideal choice. It has a diverse toolkit of features, capable of enhancing all aspects of you page. Personalized widgets are available, along with 20 custom shortcodes. Gorgeous scroll animations will manage to improve every user’s browsing experience. This technology theme has multiple demos, and they can be imported via the One Click Demo Installer tool. You don’t have to start from scratch, as you can work to modify one of the demos. ZurApp has a creative App Introduction Slider, and a child theme version. Its layout is responsive towards any device, internet browser, and operating system. This not only expands your target demographic, but it also allows you to work from your phone.

It is much easier to climb search engine rankings, as ZurApp is SEO-ready. In total, there are 8 landing pages and more than 600 Google Fonts. Beautiful typography can really improve your site’s look. Customers can always rely on the quality support system, as their representatives are always standing by. It should also be mentioned that a live preview was added, for those who want to sample this product.

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ReTouch is an uniquely fresh-faced, youthful and vibrant, tech-savvy and time-saving, efficient and effective, handsome and attractive WordPress responsive mobile app, developer and startup theme, flexible enough to support a plethora of different websites, such as personal or corporate blogs, professional freelancer portfolios and many other such websites, but especially designed with the deliberate purpose of creating a perfect website solution for mobile application developers, software developers, software studios and related technological business ventures.

ReTouch has been built to perfectly suit app developers specifically, with tons of convenient features and tools that will simplify your workflow as you attempt to showcase your beautiful apps to the world, market them to the public and reach as many people as possible with your ReTouch website. From tons of extremely useful demos and specific template pages and layouts for you to choose from and get started with, to thoughtful details, like the inclusion of graphical files to model your app on all the latest mobile devices, such as iPhone 6 and others, with new graphical models added with every new iteration. ReTouch is more than just responsive, it is built for the mobile experience and happens to scale well to desktops. Let your apps shine, with ReTouch.

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xMobile is a highly sophisticated, technologically advanced, visually cohesive, functionally specialized, modern and fetching WordPress responsive app landing page theme, built exclusively for servicing the distinct needs of mobile application landing pages, special offer landing pages, promotional landing pages and similar, related, tech related landing page needs. xMobile’s expertise lies in its insider knowledge of the crucial aspects of landing page websites, and its preemptively designed homepage and background styles and variations, which you can combine to make your very own landing pages that are both awesome looking and entirely unique.

Handsome Parallax effects are available to bedazzle your audience as they peruse your app catalog, pricing information or any other content you may choose to put up, using xMobile’s intuitive, beautiful templates. Tons of color schemes are included for your aesthetical convenience, though you can easily craft your own from scratch, and convenient phone mockup files are added for you to showcase your apps on iOS, Android or Windows phones easily, out of the box. Over 500 Retina-ready, high resolution icons are available, as well as thorough, native responsive design, which makes xMobile naturally display just as gorgeous on your mobile phone as it does on your big desktop screen.

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BRIDGE is an amazingly expansive, wildly popular, technologically competent, creatively unbridled, boundlessly customizable, intuitive, accessible and user-friendly WordPress responsive creative multipurpose theme, designed to deliver high quality, professional-looking, creative and innovative websites for all sorts of projects and needs across the board, but specifically focused on the aesthetic and design needs of highly creative websites.  That is why BRIDGE is peculiarly powerful as a theme for technological and tech related applications and websites—the combination of its over 100 unique demo websites includes such a wide, vast range of possibilities that it is nearly impossible for creatively inclined technological websites not to find a homepage they can call home.

After any amount of easy, effortless alterations and fine-tuning you may desire to engage in using the included Visual Composer plugin, on top of endless content slider capabilities with the LayerSlider plugin and over 80 customized shortcode elements to further expand your website’s capacities. Over 24 entirely different conceptual layouts are available, capable of creating any imaginable website you could dream up, with unique, one-of-a-kind interfaces and pagination systems that will amaze and engage your viewers with your content in an intimate yet professional manner. Full screen image and video sliders, thorough social media integration, gorgeous icon font packages and extremely pliable typographical options on top of innate search engine optimization round off BRIDGE’s full value package.

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Lorem is a clever and carefully constructed, attractive and well developed, sleek and aesthetically seamless and elegant, modern and mobile friendly, easy to use and wonderfully customizable, extremely responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Lorem has been gifted with an incredibly ambitious capacity for adaptability and versatility beyond your wildest dreams, with a particular talent in deploying advanced technological features and resources in an elegant, stylish and seamless presentation that users can engage with and relate to, with wide appeal across a diversity of demographics. Lorem is uniquely well suited for the purpose of creating, designing and developing sophisticated technological websites of all kinds and purposes.

With Lorem, webmasters from absolutely any background and with or without previous development experience are empowered to craft gorgeous and effective websites to serve as platforms for their products, services, projects or business undertakings of any kind within the technological sector, ranging from software as a service platforms to technological news, blogs, gadgets or app development firms, among many more possible applications. Graphical customization is completely intuitive and astoundingly simple with Lorem on your side, and you’ll find that showcasing your works is a whole different ballgame when you are using Lorem. Try it now!

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NewsTube is a highly technologically advanced, visually stunning, seamlessly functional, interactive and captivating, polished and put-together WordPress responsive magazine, blog and video theme, built with the flexibility and raw power needed to effortlessly handle the requirements of news magazines, gossip blogs, video blogs, video channels, video playlist websites, video content aggregators and many other similar, related websites, making NewsTube an excellent fit for a technological and tech related website solution.

NewsTube has been crafted using the most advanced web technologies available, to produce an incredibly modern theme that is easy to use for webmasters of any skill level, and empowers all to generate the most professional-looking video magazines and tech blogs out there, using the powerful page builder in conjunction with NewsTube’s customized layouts for limitless visual possibilities. NewsTube makes use of a powerful frontend framework to easily process user-generated content, including posts, videos and more, with tons of special features for video content, including channels, playlists, video ads, user subscription, and front-end submission, all out of the box and at the drop of a hat. With tons of widgets to engage your visitors in social media feeds and trending posts, extensive social media follow and share integration and powerful advertising solutions, NewsTube is a full package for all the video tech websites you can think of.

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Matador is a highly pliable, incredibly ductile, robust and solid, minimalist and clean, intelligent and time-saving, modern and efficient WordPress responsive news, magazine and blog theme, uniquely built with the express purpose of making an innovative, creative, easy to use solutions for modern, style conscious blogs, magazines and news websites, rich with advanced customization capabilities and expansive, sophisticated widgets, tools and features that greatly augment the capacities of your Matador website.

That’s why Matador is such a great theme for technological news websites, tech magazines and tech blogs—the nature of the content and audience that dominates the technological segment is sure to appreciate Matador’s polished, functional layouts, incredibly customizable theme options, page and post options with thorough branding options, the handsome, customized MegaMenus for convenient, easy navigation, the limitless, smoothly animated sidebars, the incredibly helpful shortcode generator with its dozens upon dozens of amazingly on-point shortcodes that can take care of just about anything your tech news, tech blog or tech magazine website may need, from video posts to static Parallax backgrounds to contact blurbs, if you can name it, there’s a shortcode for it in Matador. Slay the competition in style, with Matador, while you make a killing!

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Chirps is an extremely communicative, highly expressive, visually eloquent, functionally sophisticated, polished and pristine, modern and vibrant WordPress responsive magazine theme, crafted with a wide set of powerful tools that empower it to easily handle the needs of websites ranging from blogs to portfolios, but especially potent when deployed for its true purpose, the design of highly stylized, modern and fresh-faced magazine websites, which is why it is also a perfect fit for tech magazine websites.

Chirps has an incredible, visually stunning design that is sure to get people talking, fully customizable from head to toe in terms of color, shapes, behaviors, sizes and layouts, includes truly remarkable article page layouts with a heavy focus on photography or on content itself, as you may desire, beautiful review page templates, and smooth, amazing title overlay effects. Chirps is a truly high tech magazine website for the new generation, with built in search engine optimization to boost your rankings across the board and drive more and more traffic your way, a fully integrated MailChimp newsletter marketing platform system, and modern AJAX pagination options, Chirps is a truly tech-savvy, one-stop shop solution your all your technological and tech related magazine needs. Make some noise!

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Apply is a fantastically modern, entirely hi-tech, incredibly intuitive, robust and reliable, aesthetically pleasant and visually sophisticated WordPress responsive mobile app related theme, designed with enough power and flexibility to house websites as diverse as landing pages and technology blogs, but especially crafted for the purpose of building and maintaining mobile app related websites, mobile app showcases, mobile app developer websites and other app related websites in general. Apply is powered by the latest and cross-compatible HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, on Twitter’s BootStrap framework for a natively responsive code that scales seamlessly from desktop and laptop browsers to mobile and tablet screens without skipping a beat or losing any legibility.

Apply websites are super easy to construct, starting with any of Apply’s many included homepage demos and page template designs, which are easily customized with the advanced theme customization options, advanced page and post options and the powerful Visual Composer layout editor. Apply also includes a series of specialized tools to ease the creation of your technological app related website, including a unique app mockup slider, where you can present multiple device mockups such as Nexus, iPhone and iPads scrolling about with displays of your apps, while a video background shows the full potential of your products. Nothing is as apt as Apply.

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Salient is an incredibly eloquent, visually impressive, functionally resource, feature-rich and graphically dense WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built to handle the needs of virtually any form of website, regardless of the nature of its content, users or data, due to Salient’s extraordinarily powerful framework that enables it to seamless handle diverse workloads at no added difficulty to the webmaster. Salient was built for websites that need to outshine the competition, in saturated markets, or in playing fields where you just can’t make it to the next level without a visual edge that makes you stand out.

This powerful versatility combined with such a deliberate memorability makes Salient a uniquely powerful theme for the creation and maintenance of handsome, professional-looking, functional, powerful and successful technological and tech related websites of any ilk, ranging from technological news magazines to iPhone rumor blogs, mobile app developer websites and software development firms, software support service firms and freelance technological consultants, all can greatly benefit from Salient’s unimaginably potent resources, including gorgeous, smoothly animated sliders, Parallax enabled headers, sections, footers and background, static video backgrounds, expansive MaxiMenus and intuitive visual builders—Salient is a technological paradise, for users and admins alike. Step up to the plate now!

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Ronneby is a superbly well-designed, incredibly thoughtful, amazingly style conscious, tech-savvy and modern, hip and appealing WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, designed with sufficient strength and pliability to lend itself to an endless array of different purposes in all imaginable categories and applications, though uniquely designed for the purpose of servicing websites that cater to a high end clientele, marketing high end products and services and thusly requiring a high octane, high performance theme that is both extremely, inherently handsome and equally, thoroughly robust and reliable.

Ronneby is thus equipped with incredibly well-coded, fast-loading, graphically enhanced, professionally designed widgets and tools that are not only delightfully polished but potently functional, making Ronneby a very suitable theme for the needs of all sorts of technological and tech related website applications. Ronneby’s unique assortment of masterfully crafted layouts offers a truly one-of-a-kind series of solutions for all kinds of pages you can require, including corporate blogs, tech blogs, product portfolios, and much, much more, in highly memorable, recognizable designs that can be easily customized to your heart’s content to reflect your brand identity. Ronneby’s exclusive, innovative demos will be amazing time savers when it comes to building your tech related website, and guarantee that you are dressed to impress.

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Unicon is an entirely unique, extremely impressive, visually iconic, appealing and recognizable, modern and distinct, functional and flexible WordPress multipurpose design-driven theme, built with the pliability and sheer strength to effortlessly tackle a whole host of different website typologies, needs and demands while simultaneously setting it worlds apart from the competition by virtue of Unicon’s extraordinarily innovative, conceptual layouts, templates, homepage demos and more.

Unicon is perfectly equipped to handle the needs of technological and tech related websites, as its design-driven interface flawlessly delivers cohesive websites that seamlessly integrate high end technological features like sophisticated Parallax visual effects and smoothly animated sliders, headers and footers with a site-spanning visual thematic identity that ties your entire website together into a memorable, iconic whole that is sure to resonate with audiences anywhere. Unicon is also fully customizable, so that not a single nook or cranny of your website goes unbranded, and offers both single page and multipage capabilities thanks to its powerful framework. WooCommerce integration is included out of the box, with tons of unique shop layouts that connect perfectly with your Unicon website. If you want a tech-savvy website that is capable of leaving a lasting mark in your visitor’s eyes and minds, Unicon is your theme.

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Avada is a truly mind-boggling, endlessly expansive, incredibly feature-dense, amazingly innovative, technologically advanced, constantly evolving, visually stunning and functionally polished WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the ambitious goal of flawlessly exceeding the expectations of any kind of imaginable website, whatever its content, audience or purpose may be. To that effect, Avada is almost impossibly flexible, with untold amounts of layouts, full-fledged demo websites and elegant page templates to fulfill any role you could possibly require when creating a website.

That’s why Avada is ideally suited for the purpose of running a technological or tech related website. Its uniquely evolving nature makes Avada constantly up-to-date with the latest developments in technology, making for a theme that is vibrant and explosive with possibilities. Static websites, Parallax visual effects, infinite, sophisticated content sliders, carousel sliders, smoothly animated CSS3 and HTML5 featured and trending posts sliders, unparalleled social media follow and share integration, extreme code optimization for utterly unmatched loading times and search engine optimization, all delivered in a stylish presentation that is easily modified with a visual drag and drop section and layout editor and advanced, powerful admin panel options and custom post and page options to boot. Avada is truly the full hi-tech package.

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