21 Free Box Mockups For Striking Packaging 2018


You will be amazed and astounded by these best free box mockups which you can utilize for a broad specter of intentions. Whether you are dealing with packaging and logistics, you are a fresh clothing brand, need to sort out new pizza boxes or require a gift box, whatever the case, we have you covered.

We made sure to bring you a wide collection of different box templates so you do not need to look elsewhere to find some more. With mockups’ versatility and ease of use, you can quickly create your own box in a photo-realistic way. In other words, download the PSD files and bring all your ideas to life within the snap of a finger.

Obviously, if you are using the same old boring cardboard packaging for your services, it is time to freshen things up. You need to present your brand uniquely and originally as a whole, and this includes packaging as well. When the packaging is right, there is a high chance your box will not end up in the trash bin. The owner might even store it somewhere for everyone to see. And then, when, friends and family visit them, they see the box and instantly get intrigued. You see, that’s how marketing is done the right way.

When using box mockups, you can quickly find the right look that you would like to rock. That said, with a simple thing as solid, enticing and vivid packaging, you can easily stand out from the masses and go against the norm. Make things your way!

Useful Packaging Box PSD Mockup

free modern packaging box mockup psd

Depending on what your long-term plans are with your branding, you definitely need to consider investing in decent packaging. It might cost a little extra but the results might end up being absolutely phenomenal. It’s because of the creative package why your products might get shared on social media. People will be happy to spread the word out and do the marketing instead of you. Yes, all due to the packaging! If you would like to design your own, here is a box mockup that you can use free of charge. It is entirely editable via smart object layers, and you can change the background, too.

Cardboard Packaging Box Mockup

free packaging box mockup psd

If you would like to have branded cardboard packaging, this box mockup is a great option for you to get things moving forward. Of course, you do not want to send the design out for print without testing it. That said, download this free template and use it with Photoshop. In a simple breeze, you can have a few different combinations ready to decide later which is the most appropriate. It could be something super simple or you would like to make it more attractive to grab other’s attention and get them interested in your company. With this mockup, you can create custom sides of your fresh boxes thanks to the two different views.

Packaging Box PSD Mockup

free empty packaging box with cap mockup

You can make a simple cardboard packaging beautiful and interest sparking as well. To achieve the best results, you should download a free box mockup and utilize it with Photoshop. The whole process to edit the template is quick and straightforward. All you need to do is to find the smart object layer and drag and drop your designs to appear on the box. For a lifelike presentation, we have numerous different alternatives here for you and your branding needs. And if you work with different clients, you can quickly create custom boxes for each without running into creative blocks.

Box Packaging PSD Mockup

free wonderful box packaging mockup

Designing a box for a client can be a lot of fun, especially if they give you complete creative freedom. But when finding the best way how to present them the final idea you have, you might find yourself lost. However, since you are already here, you know that you will do it with a cool, professional and modern free box mockup. By all means, download all from this list or just a few and boost your workflow through the roof. This particular mockup gives you front, side and top views of the box with various tempting details. Indeed, you can change the colors, the texts and import your own custom designs at free will.

Gift Box PSD Mockup

free craft paper gift box mockup psd

You will definitely dig this free gift box mockup during the process of finalizing your beautiful packaging design. First and foremost, for a photo-realistic demonstration of your artwork, use a mockup template and forget about all the rest. Not only is it insanely simple to employ, but you are also guaranteed that the end product will wow everyone. With Photoshop and smart object layer, you can now swiftly create a custom gif box for your client or even for your brand. If it is the holiday season, tailor the look accordingly and get everyone excited after receiving this exclusive box from you.

Bakery Box PSD Mockup

bakery box packaging mockup

If you own a bakery or you design for a bakery, chances are, you will want to have your own branded boxes. To avoid the dull, one-color style packaging, step things up with something, sweet, tempting, even mouthwatering if you will. Once you have this design ready and set, do not realize it just yet. First, download this dedicated bakery box mockup and see how it would appear in real time. If it needs any additional editing and improvement, you can do them now and feel 100% comfortable that all will work out perfectly after you order your first one hundred boxes.

Beautiful Perfume Bottle & Box Mockup

free download perfume bottle packaging mockup psd

No doubt, if you are a company offering beauty products, you surely want to have your packaging sorted out entirely. For instance, if you offer perfumes or you are releasing a new line, make sure both the bottle and the box are in tune. To make it a reality without hassle, here is a free box mockup that includes a bottle of perfume for your convenience. The mockup comes with black hearts pattern printed box with a pink bottle and details. Go ahead end edit it according to your preferences and have the final design ready to go live quicker than you imagined.

Cosmetic Bottle Dispenser Mockup

cosmetic bottle packaging showcase mockup

If you are looking to create a bottle dispenser or you are looking to fine-tune your current branding, we bring you the perfect mockup template. The mockup includes both a box and a dispenser which you can tailor to your needs and brand demands effortlessly. In other words, drag your branding to the label and create an interest sparking packaging and get your product to stand out a mile when on a shelf. The final mockup design will be very clean, minimal and polished. Download the PSD file for free and start using and improving it with your creative spirit.

Cosmetic Product Jar Mockup

free cosmetic jar box mockup psd

To complement the previous dispenser mockup, this one features a similar style, but the product is different. A cosmetic jar with a box mockup is ready to serve your right. Get your design ideas on both the product and the packaging and see its exact version. With a mockup, you can try all sorts of different combination before you settle with the last final version. And the best thing? You will need to spend no dime. All it takes you is to download the mockup now, and you can already start working on your craft immediately after using Photoshop. Impress everyone with the hot new beauty product you are bringing to the masses.

Cardboard Box PSD Mockup

free box mockup psd

When creating a design for a client, one of the best ways to present it to them is on the actual product the artwork is for. Of course, that does not mean to buy the actual item and decorate it with your work. In our case, you need a free box mockup to get things done quickly and reliably. The whole process is so simple, it will only take you a few clicks and you are done. Go ahead and do your thing with style and fashion and have your client hooked as soon as they see what you have been cooking over at your end. They will have a much better idea of the final product and even make any additional corrections.

Wonderful Wine Bottle Mockup

free wine bottles mockup psd

The modern era, we live in, allows you to create photorealistic presentations without the need to have the actual product on hand. With the use of free mockups, you can add your artwork to the item with a simple process of dragging and dropping. Even if it means crafting a design for a wine bottle and a box, with the right mockup, you can achieve extraordinary results pretty damn quick. This mockup gives you all the necessary to forge a custom wine bottle and a box. Introduce your client’s branding to it and give them a peek at how the outcome could look like.

Pizza Box PSD Mockup

Free Man Holding pizza box mockup for packaging presentation

Pizza deliveries require boxes, period. But these boxes could be way more than just your normal pizza box. With a mockup of a pizza box and a delivery boy dressed in white, you can quickly figure out the right design you want to rock. Make it so hot and tasty so when people see it, they will want to order it, too. The default design is bright, colorful and fun but there is no need for you to stick with it. You can make adjustments via smart object layer and make this box mockup follow your branding to a T. Delivering a photorealistic presentation to your client is almost too easy to be true.

Free Pizza Box Mockup

free download pizza box mockup

Would you like to have a pizza box so spicy the receiver will admire it for so long the pizza will get cold? Obviously, you do not want that. However, there is no way one can resist pizza no matter how incredible, innovative and out of this world the packaging is. Then again, even while wolfing down on the pizza, receiving it in an amazing box will definitely get the conversation going. All that said, with this box mockup, you can comfortably do the right thing and create a box that will go against the norm. You can not only change the entire box, but you can also alter the background to make it as congruous as possible.

Free Cardboard Box PSD

cardboard box mockup psd

While you are busy coming up with the best fitting artwork for your client, you might be running out of time for showcasing it in a lifelike way. No need to worry about that. If you came here, you know it will take you close to no time to stick your design on an actual box and see it’s “live” version. It is a cardboard box mockup which offers full top and side views for you to add originality to it. It is a free PSD mockup which you get a chance to edit and enhance via smart object layer. With very little work and time invested in the process of realization, your outcome will be cutting-edge.

Free PSD Wine Bottle Mockup

free download wine packaging mockup

It’s the quality of the wine that everyone strives toward, however, the visual presentation is crucial, too. This is especially important if you are working with a new brand that needs all the extra attention to capture wine consumers’ attention. To make an enticing display, this mockup offers you to create a label as well as a box. The two you can couple with custom wall and background. Besides, you can also create a paper wrapper for the wine bottle to create a more exclusive appearance. Whatever your heart desires, you can now append it to the free mockup and ease the process of completion.

Cosmetic Tube Packaging Mockup

free download cosmetic tube mockup

A complete cosmetic tube and box mockup in three different views for you to take to your benefit. Let’s face it, when you are in a cosmetics store, the first thing you notice is the packaging that stands out and grabs your attention. Even if you are already using one brand over and over again, if there is something new on the shelf that sparks your curiosity, there is a chance you might try it out. All because of the packaging! It is important to have it all in line, from the product quality to branding and all the rest that comes along. Get yourself appropriate free mockup and increase your potential.

Vertical Package Boxes PSD Mockup

vertical box package mockup

Boxes can be of all shapes and sizes. There are the standardizes sizes but you can also come up with your dimensions if your budget allows it. That would cost you extra but the positive impact it could have on your overall brand appearance could do you really well. Anyhow, if you are in search of a vertical box mockup, this one is perfect for a number of different projects. A box for a wine bottle might come first to your mind but you can use it for gadgets, other liquids and even sweets. Do not be afraid to go against the norm and use it for something entirely different.

Shoebox Packaging Mockup

free download shoe box mockup

There’s no shoe brand out there that does not use a box to pack shoes, sneakers, sandals and other footwear. And if there is, please, share it in the comments section below, we would love to know about it. However, if you are taking the traditional path, you will definitely have your shoes wrapped up in a shoe box. To create the right design, you need to download this free box mockups. It allows you to edit pretty much everything regarding the box. The cover, the main department and the inside, it gives you the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind shoe packaging no one has ever seen before.

Square Box Mockup

square box mockup

Simplicity defines sophistication. Maybe that is a statement I just came up with but you know it’s true. If you find yourself in a solution where you do not know what design approach to take, keep things simple and do not overcomplicate. It will help you win over new clients and customers and keep your professionalism intact. This square box mockup is a perfect example of the beauty that minimalism brings. You can stick with a similar look or you can add your two cents in the form of tweaking and improving it with your creativity. For your information, the template actually includes three different mockups for you to create a lifelike presentation that will blow everyone away.

Rectangular Box Packaging Mockup

free box packaging mockup

Of course, it is the item you purchase that matters most, but everyone enjoys good, quality and artistry packaging as well. For a rectangular box, we bring you an ideal mockup in three different perspectives. Aside from the bottom, the three views give you all the needed space to design the ideal cardboard box for your brand or your client’s project. You replace existing artwork via smart object layer in Photoshop for an instant, real-time results. If you have the content ready, you could be done designing a box in a breeze. You can also use it for personal use, when building your online portfolio.

Gift Box Mockup In PSD

free gift box mockup

Receiving and giving gifts in a beautiful box only shows the appreciation to the other person. When creating your own gift box or if helping out a client, with a free box mockup you can ease the process and save time. By using a highly customizable template, you can change quite a bunch of stuff and create the exact look you fancy. In this case, you can remodel the top and the visible sides of the box, the ribbon and even the background. Let both the box and the background complement each other for a striking presentation that will turn heads.

Juice Box PSD Mockup

fruity juice packaging mockups

A box can also be used to store liquids. Whether fruit juices, aromatic milk or other beverages, if you are designing a packaging for a brand, you can utilize this exclusive mockup and have multiple versions available in a snap. The mockup offers five different packs with a straw but you can take the extra step and create your own variant as well. It comes as a PSD file with smart object layers which simplify the act of adding your creation to the box mockup. Lift it up with a custom background and spice it up with novel designs for the highest chance of succeeding.

Gift Card Box Mockup

gift card box mockup

Instead of presenting a gift card in an envelope, you can go the extra mile by adding it in a box, similar to what luxury brands do. If you do not know what to buy someone for his or her birthday or Christmas, a gift card is a fantastic present you can give. Everyone likes shopping! As a brand offering gift card, it is also a strategic marketing move that makes a customer purchase more than originally planned. To craft the neatest and most shipshape gift card box, the mockup is her to make it a reality for you. And you do not need to be a pro designer to use the box mockup and apply your creatives to it.

Cardboard Box Packaging Mockup In PSD

open cardboard box mockup

Normally, you would not want to put a raw item into transportation package. First, you create an amazing product packaging that you later add to the heavy duty cardboard box. The latter need to be well-made so the product arrives at the recipient’s place undamaged. As a brand that does things the right way, you would want to have these transportation boxes your own as well. When designing one, you need to consider using this box mockup and make it stand out with a timeless design. It is no different than others, a simple to use PSD file with the smart object which you use to attach your artwork.



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