۲۰ Simple & Beautiful WordPress Themes for Writers, Bloggers and Other Authors – ۲۰۱۷

Along with the rise of the online medium, many people began to worry that the ease of use, combined with the lowered requirement for proper grammar is eroding the younger generation. Although there is some fire that started all of that smoke, it is not as widespread as one would think. As it is with any other field, the success stories are often not remembered. It’s the same as with the news, they don’t report about the planes that successfully land; they only talk about the ones who crash.

It is true that the internet and autocorrect have spoiled some people, the vast majority remains as literate as ever. In fact, the one could argue that the world’s craving for well-crafted narratives and engaging content has increased. It used to be the case that in order for your voice to be heard you needed to sign a book deal or work for a publication. Also, your opinion would always be edited to fit the requirements and standards of others. The internet offers you a platform of free expression. As long as your content is appealing to someone, you won’t have any marketing problems.

WordPress is great because it has created both the needs, and the solution to the website customization problem. A thriving community of programmers has emerged, resulting in a diversity of plugins and themes that can make any website be a success. Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes:



If you are a writer and you want to create a professional website, look no further than Divi. This is a WordPress theme that does its job, and then gets out of your way. It provides users with the necessary tools, allowing them to craft a page that is worthy of hosting their well-written content. You do not need to possess a computer programming degree, in order to use Divi. In fact, this is one of the most accessible and user-friendly products on WordPress. Depending on your niche, you might want to appeal to a foreign audience. Divi enables you to target other demographics, as it is fully translatable. Currently, your site will be available in 32 languages, and there is RTL (right to left) writing support for languages such as Japanese or Hebrew.

Right from the start, users will gain access to 18 pre-designed site layouts. By loading these templates, you will be able to post immediately, without having to worry about site construction. However, for those who prefer a more personalized experience, the Divi Builder tool is available. This essential feature enables the manipulation of site blocks, making it easier to organize content. The layouts are responsive, and this theme has multiple typography settings.

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Social Blogger


Social Blogger is a recent and quite unique theme on this list. This theme combines a great blog layout, with a great writing interface, allowing your members, to manage their own blog and to participate in the main site’s blog. The theme integrates with BuddyPress, allowing you to build a community around your site. You can have members register and gain more engagement around your content.

Each member gets their own blog, and can create posts, using a Medium inspired interface that is simply terrific. Social Blogger is a great way to build engagement around your content and to leverage the help of other writers and bloggers to produce even more content. If you are serious about building engagement around your blog, this theme is for you.

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Morning Time


Morning Time is a refreshing addition to an ever-growing roster of quality WordPress themes. It can enhance any family blog, personal blog, or news web page. Given that the internet can be an ideal medium for those who wish to share relevant thoughts, Morning Time has become an indispensable ally to the writers among us. Customers can choose to buy this theme directly, or sample the content via the expansive demo. It will showcase everything that you need to know, in order to make an informed decision. Visitor’s attention will be unwavering, considering the various formats that are available for posts, and the stunning aesthetic design. You can even safeguard your most cherished memories with a distinct archive.

Morning Time is a very fast website theme. With a page speed grade of A96%, it is sure to reduce downtime, and improve any user’s browsing experience. However, if you encounter any issue, do not hesitate to contact the support team. Their representatives are friendly, professional, and eager to resolve all problems. Site visitors will get to enjoy your content, regardless of what device they are using. Tablet, laptop, and smart phones users can rejoice! Overall, this is a versatile and powerful site theme that can maximize your view count and improve every aspect of your site.

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Soledad is a cleverly constructed and visually stunning, well-structured and highly intuitive, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. Soledad has been designed to empower prospective blog website webmasters from all walks of life, with or without previous development experience, to craft the most diverse and uniquely imaginative modern blogs on the market today, in a matter of minutes, without so much as peeking at a line of code.

Soledad deploys not one, but two customized page builder plugins, the Live WordPress Customizer and the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page editor, which put hundreds of elements and configurational options within your grasp, with just a couple of clicks. Soledad offers up over 300 awesome, colorful and cleanly structured blog demo websites and page templates for you to get started with and customize to your heart’s content, and plentiful additional widgets for niche applications such as the marvelous Penci Recipe Plugin and the Penci Review Plugin for food bloggers, a gorgeous Video Background presentation for news and fashion magazine blog websites, and impressive Image Gallery capabilities for all your photography blogging website needs. Soledad is the perfect theme for the modern blogger. Let the world know, with Soledad!

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Family Blog


Family Blog is a wonderfully convenient, spectacularly user friendly, highly intuitive and superbly responsive WordPress personal blog website theme. Family Blog is a charming, unique solution for people with or without any previous development experience to craft beautiful, simple yet handsome, fully functional blog websites from themselves or their entire families, if so desired. Family Blog is equipped with a powerful but completely intuitive set of tools that let proud dads and mommy bloggers the world over chronicle their family adventures and daily happenings in a charming and delightful manner.

Post styles are available to handle all sorts of stories you may wish to share, including featured photos of important events, photo galleries for those family outings or birthdays, and lovely high resolution icons to make each post unique and memorable! A feature loved by Family Blog users is the custom user profile feature. This allows every single member of the family to have their own custom posting profile for the family blog, so that their voices can be heard in their own unique styling throughout your family blog. Users can be tagged in posts by others users, or even in whole albums. With Family Blog, you and yours step into the 21st century!

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genesis compact framework theme for bloggers

The genesis framework allows for an extremely user friendly experience, for anyone that wishes to set up a nice website. With billions of websites out there, search engines must adapt to the influx, and whatever page manages to optimize itself for those search engines, will gain a greater number of visitors. The genesis framework accomplishes this goal with flying colors, and gives you a plethora of extra features.

Genesis features a one column or two column design along with multiple sidebar options, and a custom background Custom menus and headers allow for even more personalizing effect. Genesis is by far the most popular WordPress theme and framework and there are hundreds if not thousands of awesome Child Themes available for this framework. This is the best theme for bloggers and writers looking to create unique and professional blog.

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A skillful writer can light up people’s imagination creating strong, visual images in the mind of the readers, detaching them from reality. In the online environment, a blog is successful if you succeed to help your readers focus on the stuff that really matters: the content and convince them to engage. The website should be uncluttered, with fewer flashy design elements. Usually, for writers, less is truly more! This is the golden rule used in designing Newsmag theme. The minimal, clean and elegant Newsmag ‘Classic Blog’ demo combines grid shapes and simple lines to create a more personal approach of your content, including aesthetically boxed featured images, and a clean easy to read font.

Newsmag is a flexible and powerful theme designed for news magazine and blogging. Due to its compact design, this template looks great with any type of content. The small width content area is a great advantage when it’s doubled by high performance. With 10 one click demos ready to be uploaded on your website, you don’t need to have coding skills to instal and customize this theme. It’s so easy! Newsmag is responsive and intuitive, allowing you to change everything from the top header to footer. Headers, post styles, sidebars, blocks and modules, colors, menus, can be customized with a single click. The content can be improved using tools like the custom made gallery, smartlist, video playlist and text format settings. The theme is also capable of adding lots of extra functionality using unique custom widgets, also with built-in social share buttons.

Newsmag is also optimized for SEO, helping your website to rank better on the search engine results page. This theme can make your website AdSense ready in a few seconds and it’s compatible with WooCommerce plugin, if you are tempted to add an online shop to your website. With such a powerful and flexible theme, you’ll only need to focus on writing your amazing content!

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The beauty of quality writing is that your content basically sells itself. Your theme does not have to be the flashiest thing around, in order to attract viewers. Subtle elegance is always the path to choose, and Appliqué is the theme that is capable of providing that. Check out the live preview for a more interactive experience.

This theme’s coding allows it to work well with any possible device, making it fully responsive. Retina ready icons were also included, along with a versatile theme options panel. A limitless color palette allows for streamlined customization, and it also includes powerful background customization options.

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Smart Blog


This theme manages to stand out when compared to other items on our list, due to the impressive number of features that it includes. It stands in contrast with the typical bare-bones designs of its counterparts. It incorporates 3 different layouts, a layout that is both retina ready and fully responsive, with unlimited colors and sidebars.

It has an amazing options panel, over 20 custom widgets, a full screen background and plenty of shortcodes. Overall, this theme expresses it quality through its diverse features, and it can turn any blog into an overnight success.

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Christina is a resourceful and creative, competent and capable, readily mobile-friendly and amazingly responsive WordPress fashion and lifestyle magazine website theme. Christina is the result of a deliberate design and development process aimed at crafting a perfect platform for webmasters with or without previous development experience to effortlessly craft engaging modern blog websites with advanced multimedia management capabilities powered by both HTML5 and CSS3 technologies deployed to make presenting your content to the world at large a seamless matter.

Christina packs several different homepage and template layouts for you to effectively construct your own blog websites in a matter of minutes, without having to write a line of code, complete with clever widgets, intuitive social sharing features for viralizing your content effortlessly, ripe with SEO enhancements and optimization that make monetizing your website a breezy, easy matter. Christina is a perfect theme for writers and communicators of all kinds, and everyone with a strong, concrete message they consistently need to disseminate to a massive online audience. With Christina’s amazing Bootstrap modular design, reaching across the globe to all platforms, devices and browsers is now easier than ever before. Let Christina worry about compatibility, and you just provide your valuable content. Try Christina today!

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The Reader


The Reader is a wonderful theme for WordPress sites. It has multi-colored sidebars, and a series of other practical features, each implemented in order to improve the customer’s experience.  On average, multilingual pages manage to gather more views, due to the fact that they can appeal to a broader demographic. The Reader has included WPML and RTL support. You are able to display your page in multiple languages, and your foreign visitors will certainly appreciate the extra effort.

This theme has incorporated a new gorgeous home page version, and an incredible left sidebar option. Six main color schemes will be available, and each color is safe for your eyes, soft, and restful. The layout will be completely responsive, capable of showcasing your content on the screens of hand-held devices. Smart phone and tablet users will not have to worry about any resizing issues.

The support system is excellent, offering to resolve any problem that the customer might encounter. If you wish to learn more about The Reader, be sure to check out the theme documentation source. It is well-written, and quite informative. It should also be mentioned that your site will be compatible with most major browsers and operating systems.

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Himmelen is a gorgeous WordPress theme for writer websites. It allows the users to create incredible posts, and attract more viewers to their page. With Himmelen, curious followers will quickly turn into die-hard fans.  In addition to being creative, your post must be well structured and organized. Thankfully, this theme has infinite layout possibilities and blog settings: 2 Featured Post Slider Layouts, 5 Blog Listing Layouts, and various header options. Also, the site logo can be repositioned at any time.

Himmelen has elegant and unique block post sections, which allow the user to showcase his most popular blog posts. This theme shines a spotlight on your well-written content, and grips the reader’s attention. Upon installation, you can choose between 12 distinct pre-designed color schemes. Personalized layouts with distinct color schemes are available as well.

Himmelen understands that a good writer’s time is always limited. Thanks to the One Click Demo Data Importer, you will benefit from a fully-functional page in a matter of moments. There are 5 designated areas for widget sidebars, and 9 premium WordPress plugins which were added for free.  If you wish to learn more about this WordPress theme for writers, be sure to check out the live preview.

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Wild Book


Wild Book is a lavishly designed and very aesthetically mindful, stylistically vintage and retro inspired, technologically modern and cutting edge while navigationally intuitive and simplified, wonderfully readable and relatable, engaging and attractive, creative and very responsive WordPress vintage blog or magazine theme. Wild Book is an amazing theme that has been expansively gifted with a full set of features for crafting the most professional looking, nostalgia evoking, vintage, stylish and appealing websites possible, specifically those websites that mainly deal with written or text-based media and sharing this media with a vast, undifferentiated massive online audience.

Wild Book is thus perfect for writers of all kinds and anyone who dares hold the pen against the blank page, and it very effectively evokes memories of days when pen and paper were in vogue. Wild Book knows those days are long gone, though, and instead it packs a ton of custom built page templates and demo websites with inner content pages, ambidextrous sidebar choices with tons of widgetized spaces for shortcode or plugin functionality, an extra readable design and carefully selected Google Fonts numbering well into the hundreds. Wild Book, a theme for vintage styled writers who want to stay ahead of the times!

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Evoke is beautiful and visually provocative, graphically centric and highly polished and stimulating, simply and efficiently structured, smoothly functional and very engaging and relatable, modern and deeply customizable, intuitive and easy to use, user and admin friendly responsive WordPress photo blog and writing website theme. Evoke is a very powerful and streamlined WordPress theme meant for webmasters rookie or veteran to easily and effortlessly solve all their photo blogging or writing website needs with one all-inclusive toolkit that lets them share text or image based content to with the world at large in a speedy manner and with a very attractive and appealing visual presentation.

Evoke is perfect for travel writers, journalists, photo bloggers, art critics, and all sorts of writers for whom visual media is an inherent or important element in their written work, including illustrated writers, but for whom maximized readability and optimum user processing of their written works is a top priority as well. Evoke comes with a widgetized homepage and seven different layouts for you to pick and choose, as well as the advanced WordPress Theme Customizer feature, which lets you intuitively change colors, logos, typographies and more in real time preview and with a couple of clicks at most. Evoke, a simple and clean solution for writers everywhere.

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Forte is a visually impressive and thoroughly thought out, graphically professionally composed and very readable and engaging, purposefully constructed and functionally resourceful and deliberate, flexible and intuitive, uncomplicated and streamlined responsive WordPress stylish blog or magazine theme. Forte is a theme that, while powerful and versatile enough to easily muscle the demands of all kinds of blogging or magazine websites you can think of, has been specifically built to meet and exceed the requirements of amateur of professionals writers.

Forte is a theme that has a way with words, so to speak, and its tons of custom layouts and template pages have all been designed with extensive written media in mind, while still structured around modern image-centric structural compositions with tons of optional features and functionality, including Hero Header sections, Jet Pack Tiled Grids, and tons of other incredibly powerful choices at the tip of your fingers, using the nimble and flexible Live Customizer tool to fine-tune the look of your writing blog website to your heart’s content. With the advanced and custom built Bean Framework, you can even add your writers’ roster, with the Bean Team plugin, or run a Restrict Content Pro membership website for people to enjoy your writings. Words really are this theme’s Forte.

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MyBlog is a resourceful and creative, imaginative and innovative, tech-savvy and versatile, rapidly responsive WordPress personal blog and online magazine website theme. MyBlog is a purposefully engineered platform for the quick and efficient crafting of sophisticated modern blogs or online magazines in an instant, without requiring previous coding or development experience. To that end, MyBlog deploys a series of powerful demo website templates and page templates for you to build upon and customize, with two different blog layout designs and dozens of post formats and option combinations that let you do just about anything with your content.

MyBlog has been packed with extensive customization capabilities through the advanced theme settings, while beautiful Featured Posts sliders keep your users engaged and interacting with the entirety of your content. Beautiful social media integration through customized feeds and buttons is available within a couple of clicks. Tons of powerful widgets greatly expand what you can do with each of your MyBlog pages, from useful About Me widgets to beautiful custom Tabbed Pagination widgets to seamlessly structure your content and navigation.

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infashion - clean fashion blog theme

If your fashion site is in a rut and you cannot think of a solution, look no further than inFashion. The layout for this theme is near perfect, as the developers have spent countless hours researching and developing it. This is definitely how a respectable site should look like. Just as the name implies, inFashion is targeted at fashion websites. However, the flexibility of its features allows for a wider range of applications. Feel free to use it on personal journals or travel blog sites. For those that require a more hand-on experience, inFashion includes a live demo, displaying all of the characteristics that you can expect from a great theme. Powerful theme options were added, resulting in more extraordinary customization opportunities. For example, there is a staggering number of Google Fonts and each font can be previewed before its implementation. Mailchimp Newsletter subscriptions are another important feature. If you use Mailchimp as your primary source for email, you will be able to gain more subscribers by dragging their subscription widget onto the sidebar of your blog.

Your blog will also communicate with Instagram thanks to theme built-in custom widget for that. If you spend a lot of time on that network, this website theme can take your latest photos and add them onto your blog’s footer. Customers are offered a limitless amount of color. You may implement any variation that you can think of. inFashion boasts a Facebook open graph which guarantees that all of your posts will include featured titles, images and excerpts, when shared on Facebook.

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blogify compendious bold blog template

The beauty of the written word is not in its layout or presentation; it is in its ability to rouse the human soul. Blogs do not require advanced degrees or fancy diplomas; they achieve their goal through openness and reliability. Blogify is the theme that you can be proud to call your own.

It is simple, minimalist, yet it retains an aura of elegance. It is streamlined to perfection, while featuring a clean and flat design. It does not overshadow your content or distract from it. It is here to provide a reliable launching platform.

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GraceUnderPressure is an excellent WordPress theme for writers. It seeks to accommodate those who lack programming knowledge, by implementing an intuitive well-designed layout. Regardless of your previous experience, you will be able to create an amazing web page.  GraceUnderPressure has many niche-specific features. It understands a writer’s needs, and acts accordingly. For example, it has an exclusive Screenplay Format option. Users can now style pre-formatted text by screen play standards.

Those who access the Google Directory will find a series of font options, each capable of improving your standard posts. As an author, you want to form a long-lasting relationship with your readers.  With the inclusion of an Author profile feature, followers can now learn more about you. You can even include a personal photo, along with some biographical information.

Thanks to GraceUnderPressure, all writer websites will be optimized for tablets. Your page contrast, typography and interface were carefully adjusted for hand-held device screens. This reduces eye strain during prolonged reading sessions. Also, resizing and compatibility errors were completely eliminated.  The customizer allows for instant feedback, given that you can preview all changes.  In order to sample this WordPress theme for writers, be sure to check out the live preview.

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nano simple minimalist personal blog theme

The subtitle pretty much explains it all. Nano shuns unnecessary complexity in favor of a more minimalist design and streamlined experience. Be sure to check out the live demo, for a glimpse of what this theme could bring to the table. It is fully responsive, and it is able to adapt easily to any device.

It incorporates social media support, it is optimized for search engines, and it includes responsive areas for Google Adsense and other ads. It is able to translate your page into any conceivable language, allowing you to broaden your viewer base.

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bliss epigrammatic writer theme

This WordPress theme’s only goal is to make your blogging experience as pleasurable as possible. The visual layout is extremely enticing and it can be displayed on any device, regardless of it is a desktop computer or a tablet or smartphone. Bliss constantly attempts to keep pace with your social media account, adding 10 custom widgets that will enhance your social experience.

Once you buy the theme, you will become a part of the developer’s inner circle. You will receive constant support for any issue that you may have, and 10 special short codes, along with a custom theme options panel.

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minimalia incisive blogger theme

Minimalia attempts to walk a fine balance between functionality and beautiful design, and it comes as no surprise that it achieves this goal with flying colors. It surrounds, displays and highlights your content. It is without a doubt, the best platform for its promotion. Plenty of customization options exist as well, with personal widgets and optimizations.

Take advantage of the powerful options panel, the translation ready features, and the SEO optimized layout. It includes limitless color options, a lightbox, unlimited backgrounds, and shortcodes. Full Google Fonts Library is included, along with social media compatibility and a personal dashboard design option.

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pureview crisp beautiful blog template

This is one of the most charming items on our list. It has a simple color scheme, and a dash color for good measure. Flexible, powerful, yet delicate and elegant, the developers show us how to achieve complexity by mastering the basics. It is fully responsive, and it can be customized to suit your every need. A demo was added, so you can experience this content free of charge, before making the decision to buy it.

Some other features include a great options panel, SEO optimized, shortcodes, custom widgets, a lightbox, limitless backgrounds and a plethora of colors.

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simpleton visionary minimal blog theme

Compatible with WordPress 4.1 and beyond, Simpleton can act as a standalone theme, or provide basic scaffolding for something greater. Its coding is so intuitive, that it can basically become raw material for other programmers. A demo is available, so you can check it out yourself.

Every single theme that you have grown to like in MyThemeShop, Simpleton includes it in the basic package. It is fully responsive, and it includes unlimited options for your background. There are plenty of shortcodes and custom widgets, along with lightbox and translation ready features. Premium support is included, along with Adsense optimization.

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blogbox blue sky minimal blog theme

BlogBox is a wordpress theme that makes it easy to set up an outstanding photography blog. It rewards creativity and doesn’t punish you by demanding a large portion of your valuable free time.

It is perfectly suited for artists and other creative individuals that are eager to create a page that is worth viewing. Using this theme, you will be able to distribute your content to the entire world, sharing your articles, photos or videos. A free demo is available, for those eager to experience BlogBox.

It is fully responsive as it can be displayed on virtually any device. It includes a theme customizer, social media icons, a responsive layout, retina ready icons, and support for your author box.

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You can rely on the Internet Marketing Blog theme (IMBT), if you wish to establish an engaging website. Its design is accessible and practical, with a charming minimalist layout. A page can be constructed in just a few minutes. This theme is very advanced and streamlined, yet it remains user friendly. You do not have to hire a third party web support company in order to build your site, because you can do it yourself.

The degree of functionality is staggering, as IMBT eliminates resizing issues and make your page fully responsive to smartphones and tablets. You get to tailor each aspect of your content, until you feel that it matches your high standards. This theme brings 8 distinct blog styles, and 5 blog page variations. Installation is both quick and easy, due to the One-Click Demo Install feature. Personalization is made possible by the intuitive and well-designed Customizer Panel. You are offered the possibility to expand your customer base and build a multilingual site. This can be achieved thanks to the WPML-readiness of IMBT. In addition, you can construct your pages with just a couple of clicks. Demo content can be used as a template for your future layout, or you may choose to design your site from scratch.

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judyblog clean unconventional writer theme

This is a WordPress theme that was developed for those with high aesthetic taste. Elegance is its primary virtue, as it includes a fully responsive layout, retina ready icons, 9 post formats, elegant design features, and a subscriber widget.

Getting high rankings on search engines is the primary concern of the modern website owner. Thankfully, JudyBlog is optimized for search engines, making it easy for interested readers to find your blog. A live preview was added, so you may sample all of its amazing features. The skin is reasonably priced, and it supports 9 different post formats including image, link, image slider, text, quote, YouTube, location Vimeo, and soundcloud.

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hemlock ingenious photography blog template

This is a nice looking, plain blog theme suited for anyone that desires a simpler skin for their beloved website. It loads very fast, and a live preview has also been added, so user can sample before they buy. Hemlock includes an elegant and responsive design, coupled with options for music, videos and galleries. You do not have to limit yourself to basic text.

The custom interface was designed with user friendliness in mind, and it allows you to change the color theme of your website. Although it may seem like a shallow decision, marketers have known for years that humans have very visceral reactions to color stimuli. Just look at today’s top brands, do you think that their colors were chosen randomly.

Sophistication is not about charging the interface with every particle effect and transition that you can find; it is about streamlining, simplifying and improving your design. Currently, Hemlock is in its 1.3 version, and the price is quite reasonable.

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reply inspired theme for writers

The developers from Mighty have not cut corners when designing this theme Reply is a simple, classy WordPress theme that is best suited for creative blogs. It is very rare to find a theme that has such a plain design, yet it manages to stand out as it demands to be remembered.

It shuns complexity for a reason; it does not want to take away from your content. It deserves the viewer’s undivided attention, and just like with a fine steak, you would ruin it if you added too much to it. Reply has a HDPI and Retina ready display, guaranteeing that your beloved work will show up in high resolution on a broad spectrum of devices.

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Simple Article

simplearticle impressive theme for bloggers

With a name like Simple, this theme barely needs any further description. It follows the trend of blogging themes, as it is designed for functionality and plain visual appeal. Not as flashy as multimedia sites, it lets your content to do all of the talking. A live preview was added, allowing users to experience the theme without having to commit to a purchase.

The Simple Article WordPress theme incorporates a Mega Menu option, a post slider, 4 blog layouts, Instagram widgets, and a scalable container. It is also fully responsive and it can work on any device, desktop or otherwise.

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buzzblog intuitive clean blogging theme

With a powerful admin panel and a fully responsive design hat can show up on any screen, Buzzblog is definitely the theme for you! It can be translated into any language, allowing for the user to seek a broader audience, and target previously unreachable demographics.

It the customer does not have time to customize his website, the developers have introduced 10 preset styles that can be integrated easily. It also features over 500 Google Fonts, and support for your social media accounts.

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Writer Portfolio

Simple & Clean Writer portfolio

Writer is a simple and minimalistic WordPress theme custom-built for published and writer who would like to promote their works online. This theme is very easy to set up and customize. In fact, this theme allows you to build a website without hiring a professional website developer. This theme is fully integrated with Cherry Framework, which provides a flexible and intelligible admin panel for your website. With their smart theme admin panel you can change the images in your header and background, choose the text that suits your marketing plan, play with colors and come up with a trendy website that you can use for promoting your work. The Writer WordPress theme from Template Monster has custom post types that you can use for publishing FAQ, Information about the Author, Services and Books Published. You can use its custom widgets for integrating a nice and organized comment system in your website and social sharing for promoting your books across all social networking platforms. This theme comes with a built-in theme customizer that provides you a live preview as to what the theme would look like after editing some theme elements. It has newsletter sign up form to help you quickly build your emailing list. People’s testimonials are featured in a slider at the bottom of the page. This theme is fully responsive and optimized for SEO from header to footer.

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MH Cicero

mh cicero flat blog them

MH Cicero is an elegant, modern and fully responsive WordPress blog theme well suited for writer, blogger and anyone else who want to share their writing with the world. The theme is easy to customize via user friendly WordPress Customizer which offer live preview for all changes you make on your website. MH Cicero comes with several awesome custom widgets to extend theme functionality. This theme is fast to load thanks to its clean code base. This is the right them if you are looking for simple yet elegant theme for your personal blog.

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Radiate Pro

radiate pro - parallax scrolling theme

Radiate Pro is a simple and minimalist blogging theme perfect for any types of website. Radiate Pro is a pro version of the well-loved free theme Radiate. You can give the free version of Radiate before you decide to update to pro version. This theme is bendy and very easy to customize to suit your needs. It comes with a functionality that lets you effortlessly change the color of each area of your website without touching a single line of code. It is fully integrated with over 600 Google Fonts that you can use for making an effective branding statement to your target readers or customers.

Radiate Pro offers multiple layout settings, it offers four layout settings right sidebar, left sidebar, No sidebar full width and No sidebar content center for each page and post. It allows you to choose between two uniquely designed header types. Radiate Pro also enables you to incorporate a WordPress header image in your site as you normally do but with the power of Parallax scrolling effect. Additionally, you can create cool-looking slider with the power of Parallax effect combined in one. This theme also supports the infinite scroll functionality powered by Jetpack plugin. The Pro version of Radiate also offers more sidebars than the free version. And lets you add widgets to left sidebar and three sidebars in footer. If you are experiencing trouble while setting up this theme, simply leave your queries on their support forum and they will help you get to the bottom of your theme installation problem.

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WPVoyager – Travel Blog Theme


oyager is a clean, fresh-faced, candid WordPress Premium Travel Theme. Built for the needs of true travelers, Voyager is equipped out of the box with Google API integration to enable the display of detailed, custom maps on your pages. Voyager comes bundled with the unique TravellerPress plugin, handing you all sorts of powerful tools for the webmaster that is constantly on the move. Voyager’s feet are as itchy as your own, and it wants your website to see the world.

The advanced theme options enable customization of pages beyond belief. Beautiful photography is displayed crisp and clear with Voyager’s Retina ready capabilities. Material Design concepts such as smoothly scalable imagery permeate the theme. Intuitive, extensive shortcodes expand the realm of what you can do without adding to the group of skills you need to run your website. HTML5 and CSS3 technologies combine to offer up impressive, customizable Parallax headers, interactive Sliders, KML support, fluid animations, and an overall top notch user navigational experience. Voyager’s incredibly flexible custom Footer widget allows for a site-spanning element that can be customized beyond your wildest dreams. Advanced contact forms are integrated, as are translation capabilities, so users across the globe aren’t left out of the Voyager experience.

If you know where you’re going, Voyager’s just the theme to get you there.

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