۲۰ of the Best WordPress Themes for Musicians, Singers and Artists 2017

WordPress is by far, the best online platform for building a website. Over the years, it has become a patron of the arts, aiding the development of blogs, musicians and young entrepreneurs. It provides you with the ultimate canvas, a blank slate that is highly customizable and user friendly. Here, the world is your oyster, given that you are creative enough to seize every opportunity.

In the online world, your internet profile has become one of your most valuable assets. Regardless of your actual occupation, your web page or blog will grant you a competitive edge. For many followers, this will be their first chance to interact with your material. The WordPress profile is today, what business cards were back in the 1990. Musicians cannot hope to ever commercialize their sound without a solid marketing strategy and a well-designed, well implemented, WordPress profile. You owe it to yourself and to your business, to maximize your chances by paying attention to every detail.

If you are not tech savvy, it’s easy to get lost in the details. It is not uncommon to see a musician that chooses a bland, default theme. Everyone must understand that the wrapping is also important, not just the candy. On WordPress, the interface is extremely user friendly. Basically, if you can read, you can set up your own profile. Then it becomes an issue of customization, and expressing yourself through an online medium. Thankfully, WordPress also hosts some of the best content theme creators in the world. They take pleasure in developing themes for musicians, and it is probable that one of those enticing themes has your name on it.
The sheer amount of variety guarantees success; you are bound to find something that you like. Try to choose a WordPress Musician theme that blends both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The design of your chosen page must be intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing. But, pretty themes are useless if their design obscures important details. Try to find a good balance, between design elements and info displays. That being said, let’s take a look at some excellent WordPress themes for musicians:



Music is about harmony, balance, and detail. Your website must reflect those qualities, and themes like FWRD promise to facilitate the site creation process. Its design is excellent, and its layout is fully responsive towards all platforms. You will not have to worry about resizing errors. You deserve a page that of worthy of hosting your art. It is possible to display one of your excellent music videos directly on the site, as FWRD supports Video and Parallax backgrounds. The theme has integrated a Music Album and Audio Player feature, allowing users to upload their tracks and MP3s. Of course, you will be able to create and organize playlists. Individual albums will have Lyrics and Review sections. It is possible to add these players on any page, due to the FWRD personalized widgets.

For your live performances, the Events and Gigs Manager toll was included. Musicians can show their future events, and provide as many details as possible. Thanks to WooCommerce, a personal online shop can be created. It is now much easier to distribute merchandise and equipment, thanks to this stable and accessible platform. If you want to sample FWRD without having to spend any money, be sure to access the live preview.

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vice fullscreen audio player

Vice is a perfect choice for those that are searching for an awesome WordPress music theme. You can use it to create an artful and inspiring website that is sure to attract plenty of visitors. If you are just starting out, the video tutorials are valuable sources of information. They can guide you through the installation process, explaining everything in detail.

Customers can set up a limitless number of sections, each with personalized backgrounds. You can also create as many One-Page pages as you need. In order to increase the aesthetic appeal of your website, a YouTube video can be set as your background. The design is set to mimic the look of transparent glass, giving everything a modern, stylized look. Visitors can view your content on high resolution Retina displays. There are a ton of color options, allowing you to design the website that you always wanted.

Vice comes with a dark and light palette, and it features a custom image for you background. Customers may also take advantage of over 120 personalized icons. The theme offers a 2-tier drop down menu, and 25 social icons. It is guaranteed to look amazing with any device, mobile or otherwise. In addition, it features the best Music Player on WordPress.

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Without a doubt, StereoClub is one of the best WordPress themes on the market. Time and time again, it was chosen by professionals because of its ability to save time and increase profits. Purchasing StereoClub is a solid investment, especially if your goal involves the construction of a musician website. You will be able to post Tour Dates, open graphs, and upload custom site logos. Threaded comments are available, along with 13 special widget areas. WordPress APIs are respected, and there are 5 custom post type variations. A nifty theme documentation source is available, for users who wish to learn more about their site.

There are StereoClub Standard and Developer versions, with different pricing models. Those who purchase Developer version can use this product for all project and clients, and they will gain access to HTML and Layered PSD files. The installation process does not require coding knowledge, and it only takes a few minutes. Followers will get to enjoy custom Share Buttons, as they can share content directly from your page. StereoClub also has an Advanced Theme Options Panel, which gives you control over every setting. Despite its power, the panel is accessible and easy to use.

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Uncode is an elegant and stylish, fresh-faced and youthful, bold and daring, fast-loading and readily responsive WordPress creative multiuse multipurpose website theme. Uncode is an incredibly popular and successful platform for the quick and uncomplicated creation and development of professional grade websites across all industries and interests by webmasters with absolutely any coding skill level or previous development experience. With the intuitive Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and LayerSlider plugins, Uncode empowers everyone to effortlessly design and craft unique visual statements for their website layouts, powered by dozens of custom crafted elements and shortcodes.

With impressive WooCommerce integration from the get go, marketing your wares directly off your website’s own online shop is now easier than ever, and a wealth of over 30 conceptual homepage demo websites and templates as well as a collection of fashionable and trendy Portfolio and Blog template layout styles are included, which, combined with Uncode’s deft handling of multimedia content, make it a favorite theme for up and coming musicians that want to share their musical portfolios with the world, market their albums directly off their website or even their branded merchandise, with no hassle and within minutes of initial setup. Uncode; what’s not to love?

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SONIK is a colorful and youthful, resourceful and modern, technologically cutting edge and highly responsive WordPress musician, radio, band and label multipurpose website theme. SONIK has been outfitted with one of the most potent and innovative collections of tools, plugins and widgets aimed specifically towards the musical industry. Built on a robust HTML5 framework, SONIK deploys the amazing Visual Composer premium drag and drop page builder plugin to empower webmasters from all walks of life to take complete creative control of the visual styling and behavior of your musical website.

With a number of incredibly advanced elements, such as native SoundCloud embedding features, an integrated unique Music Player with MP3 streaming capabilities, powerful Podcast and Music Album post types among a dozen custom post types. You can easily introduce your musical project to the world with SONIK, using the feature-rich demo website templates provided, which can be imported with a single click and intuitively customized, then simply add your tracks directly from your SoundCloud, upload them in MP3 form and make your own Playlists or Podcasts effortlessly, all through your SONIK website. With full WooCommerce integration, SONIK allows you to market your tunes to the world at large. Try SONIK today!

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colibri - fullscreen music theme

If you are a musician and you want to construct a cheap, yet effective website, look no further than Colibri. It is ideal for bands, singers, disk jockeys, guitarists or any other type of artist. In today’s marketing landscape, social media integration is essential for success. In addition, social networks can also fill content gaps when you are too busy to update your pages on a regular basis. With this theme, your site can be supplied with content from Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram and BandsInTown.

The Visual composer is the ideal tool for page construction. Easy to use and extremely versatile, it will provide you with a very large number of build options. If you want to keep it simple, the One Page feature lets you design a minimal yet charming site. The Redux Framework admin panel is powerful and user friendly. Navigation is very intuitive, making it accessible to everyone. Both programmers and newbies can enjoy its flexibility. There is an unlimited number of colors, along with video and photo album integration. Every single page can have its own Background Image, a feature that results in more aesthetic appeal for your website.

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remix astounding dj nightclub theme

Available in both Windowed and Full Screen options,Remix is an impressive music theme for WordPress. It seems that its greatest asset is its visual design. There is something stimulating about dark colors, adding a sense of mystique and class. Its writing is displayed in white with some violet highlights, in order to provide contrast with the black background. It avoids certain classical elements, aiming for a more modern look.

It has a responsive design, and the theme is compatible with Shoutcast or Soundcloud, allowing you to import and embed audio files. After you purchase it, the theme will also give you a Slider and Visual Composer for no additional cost. Niceroll, 7 layered PSD files, 17 custom widgets, and over 600 icons are also available.

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Croma is a colorful and youthful, intuitive and expansive, flexible and technologically feature-rich, rapidly responsive WordPress creative music multipurpose website theme. Croma has been created as a solution for webmasters of any background or skill level to quickly set up professional quality websites with a host of wonderful features that greatly aid in the dissemination of bold new musical content. Croma is an ideal theme for musicians, musical bands and projects that have an output of creative audio content that they need to present to a broad, massive online audience in a classy, sophisticated presentation that can connect with and engage their fans.

Croma includes such advanced capabilities as an HTML5-powered music player block for your visitors to enjoy your MP3s and tracks, with a full range of amazing functions such as customizable playlists, album management and much more, allowing for the utmost organization of your musical output right on your Croma music website. Croma also allows you to keep track of your events and gigs through a powerful Event Manager, ensuring your fans are informed of all your dates, locations and ticket prices. And with complete integration of the WooCommerce platform, marketing your albums and merchandise right off your Croma website is easy as pie. Try Croma now!

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vocal stunning dark musician theme

This is a Mailchimp Intregated WordPress theme for the professional DJ. Its design is simply beautiful, made to impress any potential patron. If you are a professional musician or club owner, it will help you pitch your event.

Aesthetics aside, this theme is also highly versatile, filled with features and ready for Mobile use. Vocal can act as an information board or poster, displaying ticket prices and venue location. Its color selection is somewhat limited, but it allows the customer to add mp3 tracks or link outside videos. Some of its other features include Custom Widgets, Bootstrap 3.2, and an Ajax Contect Form.

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Musisi is a marveliusly modern, highly stylized, eclectic and elegant, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose band and musician website theme. Musisi has been created as a simplified, streamlined platform where musicians, bands and related individuals or organizations in the music industry can easily and effectively create modern websites that can perform as a virtual soapbox for their music and works to get out there and be appreciated and recognized on a massive scale. Musisi is an amazingly complete package for performers in general.

Not only do you get professional quality musician websites in a matter of minutes, but you also get a classy way to hand out information about your project, such as upcoming live events, their location and time, additional customizable information fields and even newsletter reminders, or enveloping photo or video galleries of your band or yourself at live shows or recording sessions, jamming it out in private or in public–either way, it ends up being devoured by your soon-to-be massive following of hungry fans. With Musisi’s top of the line, top-down approach to SEO, your band or personal musician website will top the relevant rankings in no time at all, finally getting your music the recognition it deserves!

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While art is subjective, quality is not. Hugo is a WordPress theme that can facilitate the creation of your artist web page.  It has a large collection of innovative features, in addition to 8 gorgeous theme skins. Every skin was designed to cater to a different genre of music, and they can be further personalized by the user. Hugo is very easy to customize, given the inclusion of the Visual Composer plugin. This modern tool uses Drag and Drop technology, and it incorporates some essential content elements. With this theme, even novice users will be able to craft popular artist pages.

If your business plan includes the distribution of music, you are in luck. Hugo has incorporated WooCommerce, which enables site owners to open their own online shops. You can also use it to sell merchandise, music equipment, and so on. Of course, fans will want to hear some sample tracks. Your site will have an incredible custom music player that features playlist and library functions. The layout is responsive, and it has completely eliminated resizing errors. Even the screen sliders will respond to touch screen commands. For those who want to sample this theme before they commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.

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Oscillator is a fantastically creative, exceedingly pliable and highly technologically accomplished, user friendly and very intuitive, stylish and elegant, modern and conceptually unique responsive WordPress musical multipurpose theme, a spectacularly flexible theme that has been thoughtfully put together with the utmost care, in order to produce a polished and spotless theme with marvelous, sophisticated musical capacities out of the box that can be endlessly customized to suit the needs of all sorts of music and entertainment industry related websites, and peculiarly powerful as theme for musician websites, band websites, performer websites and all related fields. That is due to Oscillator’s potently adaptable and inherently intuitive customizing options, which, combined with features like sophisticated Streaming Audio Players, the Drag & Drop Homepage Editor, a huge amount of custom built shortcodes and widgets that can expand the functionality of any page without a single line of coding, and all-around gorgeous, aesthetically tasteful and professionally designed look. Musicians will feel right at home with Oscillator. Six exclusive post types will cover your needs, including discographies, gorgeous sliders and much more. Oscillator will let you reach your audience directly and show off your work in a flawlessly responsive, spotless and attractive presentation. What else could you ask for?

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session - simple music theme

Sessions is a WordPress theme that is compatible with all modern browsers and devices. Regardless of the size of your screen, your website will look amazing. This product is designed to facilitate the creation of art and entertainment websites. Functionality is greatly increased with the inclusion of personalized widgets. Sessions offers social networking capabilities with Flickr, Twitter, and more.

Extensive and informative documentation was added, offering to guide users through their first moments with the product. This theme will benefit from a constant stream of updates, guaranteeing that it will always work with the most recent WordPress versions. The update process is no longer a cause for dread, given that it is streamlined and efficient. The Theme Options cover everything from Google Analytics tracking codes, to custom logos and post setting. You may even alter your page’s color palette, tailoring its aesthetic design in order to suit your needs.

If you are sick of manually translating each line of text inside every template file, you are in luck! Thankfully, Sessions uses translation files. This simplifies the process, and reduces your workload. It is an airtight theme, with a staggering amount of user-friendly design and navigation options. However, should you encounter any issues the support forum can be easily contacted.

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nilltone beautiful wordpress musician theme

Pretty and effective, Nilltone is the WordPress theme that never disappoints. It has Tablet and Mobile support, and its impressive interface is in full High Definition. It offers a Simple and Flat System, an intuitive admin panel, and it is Retina ready.

The color pallets are not restricted, as Nilltone features plenty of customization options. This allows the user to generate a distinct page, different from any other. Music is all about expression, one should expect the same from their online page.

Nilltone is compatible with WooCommerce, and takes only 1 minute to complete its installation.

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 speaker imaginative music event theme

Promoting your content online can be tricky, for those that are not tech savvy. Speaker is a WordPress music theme that offers a solution to that problem. Its design is simple and easy to use, perfect for professionals and beginners alike. The user friendly experience is further aided by the code, allowing for easy modification.

Speaker’s support system should also be mentioned, as it employs well trained, well-mannered professionals.
This theme is very easy to install, and it is Retina ready. If the customer wishes to sell some of his/her product, Speaker is able to support online shops through WooCommerce. Its background can be modified by using the Media Library, as they also offer video backgrounds. The theme is translation ready, with many layout options and Google fonts.

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lush innovative multipurpose musician theme

With music as its general theme, Lush tries to accommodate all genres and styles. It includes a page builder and a visual composer, aiding users in constructing their personalized online pages. Its menu features a 3D display, which can be rotated, pushed and scaled. Event and gig countdowns have been added, allowing you to build more hype. It is retina ready and extremely user accessible.

Lush is compatible with WooCommerce, giving you an opportunity to sell your product and make money out of your passion. The theme offers customers many colors, fonts and layout, Lush further enhances the experience.

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jamsession clean music band theme

Inspired by masonry architecture, JamSession is an attractive, charming WordPress music theme. It has custom posts for events, discographies, videos and photo galleries. Intuitive and easy to configure; JamSessions tries to satisfy all customers, not just the tech savvy. It may also be used any type of device, increasing its accessibility rating.

The menu’s properties can be easily modified, as users can alter its opacity, colors and position. When a setting is changed, a preview option appears. External videos can be linked or embedded in the main page, and the admin section has a drag&drop feature. Also, the beautiful masonry layout is interactive.

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noise explosive musicians theme

Optimized for speed and compatible with multiple browsers, Noise is a great WordPress music theme. Designed for Disk Jockeys and bands, it supports social media sharing, multiple music players, Retina ready graphics and icons.
It is a One-page theme that included Parallax Backgrounds.

The developers often take the customer feedback into consideration, including modifications for the top slider. Small changes like the inclusion of volume control go a long way towards establishing community trust.

The animations are crisp and enticing; while the spectrum analyzer lets you visualize any track. The theme has also included its own internal rating system.

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Music Club

music club attractive wordpress music theme

This WordPress music theme is designed to benefit all music enthusiasts. One of its trademark features is the inclusion of a floating music player. It is displayed in the lower half of the page, and it can be changed to a standard, static design.

Users can choose between 3 distinct versions of list style. The theme also features a Fullscreen or Boxed layout, and a nice GoodLayers Importer. It has fully customizable sidebars, great shortcodes, and an unlimited color palette. Music club is compatible with WooCommerce, and it can be used on all devices, making it fully responsive. It may be customized in almost every way, and it is retina ready.

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flycase swag music theme for artists

Flycase is great for those that are trying to establish a strong online presence. It is optimized for any device, it’s easy to use, and features plenty of customization options that allow you to express your individuality.

Flycase is e-commerce compatible, facilitating all types of online transaction. As soon as you download the WPML plugin, you will be able to run its translation feature. Fans from across the world can now enjoy our content.

There is a preview option for the customization tool, making it easier to pick one of the various settings. This theme is retina ready, and also has photo galleries, multiple backgrounds and several playlists.

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If you couldn’t find the right theme for you on this collection you might want to check our other theme collections. For example here are some general music related WordPress themes or something more specific such as themes for artists. We are doing our best to provide selections of the best WordPress themes in any category and we hope you find this resource useful. Thank you for browsing!

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