۲۰ Creative HTML5/CSS3 Website Templates To Create Unique Websites 2017

Building a website is perhaps one of the activities that has changed the most in nature and in execution, and perhaps, grown the most in significance and overall influence in the success of all sorts of enterprises. As the World Wide Web has become older and better established, refined web development technologies have continued to spring forth from the well of innovation. As hardware continues to become sharper and faster and cheaper across all segments, technology has to scramble to play catch up, and new and better protocols and standards are introduced to make use of all the modern gadgets in the most handsome ways.

Successful websites must also be unique, built with the possibility for open, bold and brazen expressiveness incorporated into the architecture of every single element within themselves, with plentiful customization options and capabilities to boot in order to allow you to make your website suit your branding needs. To achieve this, modern websites should be built on a strong and reliable HTML5 framework expanded with attractive CSS3 scripting stylesheets. The following collection of website templates are all powered by HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, and have all been designed with a creative spin that is bound to make any website stand out from the crowd. Enjoy this awesome list of the best creative HTML5 website templates for any creative website such as portfolio, agency, business, landing page, sales page or any other website style.


Stash is an all-in-one premium quality WordPress tool. It is highly flexible, based on Bootstrap framework and built for Visual Composer. You will get it the most amazing library of demos and builder blocks available to ge sassy and inventive. Stash provides 48 specialized demos with their own homepage and a set of inner pages. It is a strong trustable instrument to create a webpage fast. You will also get +260 blocks and 80+ page elements.

No matter what your business is, it has a unique layout for you. Go from corporate and business to artistic if you want! Multiple inner pages for services, FAQ, contact and such are also provided. Stash is fully customizable, with unlimited colors and fonts to choose. It has several headers and optimized searched engines. Video backgrounds and Parallax to play with are also available. Stash relies on WooCommerce for selling aspects and is translation ready with WPML. Clients, readers and general public can be reached with Contact Form 7 forms. Stash is built with advanced Google Fonts typography and Font Awesome iconography. With Essential Grid, you can set one-page, multi-page, or combined designs. Backgrounds are also customizable with videos from Youtube or Vimeo. Get this amazing multipurpose 5-star rate design! Stash is retina ready and optimized on code to perform the best in all environments. Try it now with documentation and support! Take your website to the next level with Stash!

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Pivot is an incredibly comprehensive, smoothly designed, colorful and vibrant, luminous and accessible, cleanly designed and well structured, technologically accomplished and highly modern, user friendly and intuitive responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose website template. Pivot incorporates out of the box the impressive Variant HTML Page Builder in its latest version, for comfortable and speedy website construction, right from your browser and without having to type a single line of code.

Pivot accomplishes such feats by effectively deploying a polished and resourceful HTML5 framework, further augmented by a modular Bootstrap design and sophisticated, cutting edge dynamic LESS CSS3 scripting for the smoothest and most efficiently animated transitions and effects on the web. That makes Pivot a fantastically creative website template, capable of seamlessly handling complex graphical needs, gorgeous Parallax visual effects and much more, right out of the box. Pivot is also packed with useful and convenient plugins, such as MailChimp integrated forms, working Campaign Monitor forms, Twitter and Instagram feeds, stunning Lightbox galleries and inventive layouts of all kinds, designed for utmost elegance and sophistication as you present your content to a wide and vast online audience. Pivot is naturally responsive across all devices, browsers and screen sizes, greatly maximizing the exposure of your content. Try Pivot today!

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Park is a creative portfolio HTML template. It’s a perfect fit for photographers or any kind of art producers. You can show your portfolio in a beautiful and profitable way and help your theme design. You count with a simple image slider and simple gallery to display your work. Google Web Fonts are available to perform an elegant site. Park has 12 HTML pages including Index (home), about and contact. You also have six portfolio-items to choose according to your preferences. This is definitely a responsive design adaptable to both devices and browsers formats.

Park lets you decide between two gallery options and offers tons of plugin add-ons. PHP Contact Form is available to offer the opportunity of being in touch with your customers. Park is the easiest way to get a site running smoothly with short effort and time investment. You count with PHP files, CSS files, and JS files. It means that you can create dynamic images and content fast. Everything in it makes it fully interactive and offers visual appeal. To launch your site, Park offers a detailed documented and a high-profile support 24/7. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today! Get Park!

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Massive is a truly enormous, impressively expansive, vast and ambitious, technologically feature-rich and incredibly convenient and time-saving, easy to use and developer friendly, all-inclusive and thoughtfully designed responsive HTML5 CSS3 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Massive is a creative and innovative website template that has been constructed to effortlessly lend itself to an endless slew of website archetypes, applications and needs profiles, owing both to a flexible, tech-savvy and powerful codebase as well as to an unparalleled in depth collection of demos and template pages, totaling in at over 50 exclusive, one of a kind demo websites, fleshed out with inner pages and content, as well as over 260 exclusively preconfigured and professionally designed HTML5 pages for every need you may encounter.

Let your creativity run wild, with Massive’s over 20 different menu styles, 85 different portfolios, and hundreds of custom built shortcodes you won’t find anywhere else, adding useful and convenient features to any page of your website within instants, with complex customization capabilities for utmost personalization without ever having to write a single line of code. Massive is fit for all webmasters and websites, and its HTML5 framework styled in gorgeous CSS3 animations and transitions will responsively render with total visual perfection across all devices, browsers and screen sizes.

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Pages is a gorgeous and functional, much diversified and extremely strong, reliable and secure, safe and technologically sophisticated, intuitive and easy to use, clean and fresh-faced, attractive and engaging responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose website template. Pages is a completely full featured and resourceful website template, designed to service an enormous selection of websites across a vast range of industries and fields as a feature-rich, open and creative website frontend that will allow you to create the most advanced and impressive HTML5-based CSS3-styled websites possible today.

Pages HTML template will help to create and awesome website within minutes, out of the box, and with absolutely no coding skills required, all the while offering you a wealth of imaginative and expansive customization options that make Pages websites incredibly unique and one of a kind and completely suited to your needs. Pages is developer friendly, incorporating Twitter’s Bootstrap modular design for utmost ease of development and adaptation as well as code legibility, with extensive commentary and all-inclusive documentation that will let you drain every ounce of potential out of your Pages. Pages features an exclusive block-based website building process, which is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, including over 70 custom built blocks with all sorts of impressive functionalities at your fingertips. Try Pages today!

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LeadGen is a creative and responsive HTML marketing multipurpose website template. LeadGen is the perfect solution for webmasters looking for a full-featured website builder. Deploy artful slideshows and engaging carousels. Customize your layouts and build your own unique pages. Make yourself at home with over 32 different demo websites to fiddle with. Fine-tune them to your liking through extensive admin panel customization settings. You don’t need to write a line of code to get professional quality results with LeadGen. You can let your creativity run wild with LeadGen.

Tons of options let you customize the way the world faces your content. With sticky and static headers and footers, you can present yourself as you wish to the world. You get access to unique, enticing blog, portfolio and gallery page templates. Setting up shop online with LeadGen takes you mere minutes and always looks flawless. Optimized for SEO and marketing performance, LeadGen lets your creativity get noticed. Express yourself through custom fonts, awesome icons and beautiful animations and transitions. You can rely on LeadGen to let your website reach broad audiences across the board. Bootstrap technology ensures your LeadGen pages adapt to every device and browser natively. Check out LeadGen today!

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Foundry is a wonderful and unique, resourceful and capable, very modern and extremely well-polished, serious and professional, shapeshifting and colorful, easily customizable and very user friendly, technologically advanced and deeply responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose website template. Foundry has been designed to effortlessly function as a toolkit that allows webmasters of any skill level and background to churn out powerful and impressive, professional looking websites with ease and speed. Foundry is equipped with plentiful resources and sophisticated capabilities such as Advanced Modals, which support HTML5, forms and frames with autoshow and delay-show options that make for an interactive, immersive navigational website experience.

Foundry is packaged out of the box with over 20 different Home concepts, completely unique and differentiated from one another and truly creative and one of a kind, which will greatly help your website to stand out from the masses and make an impression on your audience that is indelible and long-lasting. Tons of different menu styles allow you to aid your users find their way around the hierarchy of your website in different, specific styles to match any website, while a completely responsive, Bootstrap-based modular design makes Foundry both developer friendly as well as entirely mobile responsive, cross compatible with all devices, browsers and screen sizes. Power up with Foundry!

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Jango is a highly sophisticated and cutting edge, modern and well designed, luminous and clean, fresh-faced and youthful, warm and inviting, professionally developed and continuously updated, beautiful and engaging, extremely responsive HTML5 CSS3 and Bootstrap multipurpose website template, an amazingly avant-garde website template that has been carefully put together with the utmost dedication and attention to detail in order to create an impressive, visually stunning and professionally graphically designed template that is fit for websites across a huge expanse of diverse industries and fields.

Jango is peculiarly well suited for the creatively inclined webmasters and businesses, as it includes a uniquely potent set of tools and customization options that empower you to truly be in the driver’s seat of your website’s look and feel, every step of the way, with unendingly deep and resourceful ways to make every Jango website your own, within minutes, with absolutely no coding required. Jango incorporates expansive eCommerce functionalities as of the latest update, debuting 28 unique and one of a kind eCommerce pages, with 2 new eCommerce footers, 3 sidebars menus and plenty of JavaScript functionality to boot, in addition to its preextant Components system and dozens of templates and layouts. Jango never stops growing for you!

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Rhythm is a deeply interactive and powerfully tech-savvy, impressively well designed and gorgeously constructed, polished and refined, professional yet lively and vibrant, colorful and highly customizable, visually pliable and modern responsive HTML5 CSS3 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. It is the result of the ambitious task of building an expansive, hip and trendy website template that is jam-packed with amazing, functional and elegant layouts and page templates, which total in at a whopping 175 different, unique HTML5 files, with dozens of amazing, convenient, customized demo websites, fully decked out with inner pages and dummy content, ready for you to deploy within minutes so you can hit the ground running.

Rhythm is very well attuned to the taste and necessities of the modern consumer across a huge slice of market segments and audiences of all natures, so that regardless of your business, industry or venture, Rhythm includes time-saving, convenient layouts, pages and elements that will help you create incredible websites with no coding required. MailChimp subscription newsletter plugin is integrated out of the box, for simplified customer conversion. Don’t worry about the framework or development, Rhythm has you covered, so you can just focus on letting your creativity run wild with deep customization capabilities. Feel the Rhythm?

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Porto is a uniquely powerful and extraordinarily fresh, cleanly designed and luminously bright, incredibly popular and successful, endlessly customizable, nimble and flexible, modern and polished, smooth and attractive responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose website template. Porto is an extremely thoroughly developed and continuously updated website template that has been deployed to great effect on thousands of gorgeous websites across the web, and which can be easily and seamlessly visually customized to make it your own within minutes, with no coding required, and one of a kind, professional and enticing results every single time.

That is why Porto continues to be a runaway hit as a website template. Its dozens of page templates and multiple homepage styles are only amplified in flexibility by functionally limitless headers that you can easily put together through a series of pliable building options, with boxed and widescreen layouts available at the flick of a switch, dark and light styles as easy as changing a class, and an exclusive style switcher to visually select any color scheme you wish to create. Porto is of course integrated with Porto Admin out of the box, for the ultimate power package, and includes useful features such as functional Contact Form for easier customer conversion and extensive documentation to make sure you get everything out of Porto right off the bat.

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Canvas is an unimaginably vast, unendingly imaginative and expansive, visually thought out and extremely well-polished, serious and professional while fresh-faced and vibrant, technologically sophisticated and aesthetically flexible responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose website template, a truthfully comprehensive website template packed to the brim with over 75 custom made, fully fleshed out demo websites, over 500 individual, unique, custom built HTML5 page templates for all imaginable uses, applications and purposes, and hundreds of reusable shortcodes, elements, features and widgets to offer webmasters of any background or skill level a complete full set solution for website construction across all fields and industries in existence.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a creative agency, a wedding planning office, an eCommerce venture, a travel website, blogs, portfolios, professional, business or corporate websites, Canvas has everything you need out of the box for you to quickly get started with your HTML5-powered, CSS3 styled website. Plenty of powerful one page and Parallax demos are included, as well as narrow, niche application demos. Canvas is simply impossibly convenient, and extensively customizable to your every need. Let your creative juices flow with Canvas, and enjoy the ultra-responsive, Bootstrap-powered modular design that makes Canvas a mobile user favorite.

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Pillar is a fashion conscious and very hip, visually stunning and modern, graphically polished and highly customizable, fast-loading and efficiently coded, technologically versatile and carefully designed, well-structured and deeply resourceful responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose website template. Pillar has been masterfully crafted with painstaking care and attention to detail, in order to produce a completely seamless and profoundly functional website template that has a number of polished and professional tools that are easy to use and intuitive. Pillar template enable you to easily and effortlessly produce your own custom built, gorgeous and vibrant HTML5 websites with gorgeous CSS3 visual stylings within minutes, right out of the box, with absolutely no coding experience required.

Pillar incorporates over 100 preconfigured and full-fledged template versions for all sorts of specific or general applications, with smooth running MegaMenus to guide your users around your website and a very creative, open-ended, flat design, a perfect fit for the aesthetics of the new web. Pillar is built on top of a Bootstrap framework, which makes it modularly designed by nature, rendering it very developer friendly and legible at the codebase, as well as inherently responsive and cross-compatible with a slew of devices, browsers, platforms and screen sizes, so no users are left out of your content.

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Hasta is a deeply visually pliable, wonderfully intuitive and easy to use, extremely customizable and highly developer friendly, graphically flexible and visually vibrant and luminous, colorfully designed and technologically resourceful responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose website template. Hasta is a wholly purposeful and deliberately put together template that includes powerful features carefully selected and customized to integrate a cohesive and professional all-inclusive solution for creating powerful, amazing websites with little or no coding required.

Hasta is built on a potent HTML5 framework and styled through dynamic CSS3 scripts for smooth visual effects, incorporating a responsive and modular Bootstrap design across 30 different demo websites and over 250 sophisticated, preconfigured webpages with amazing jQuery enhancements, such as the impressive Master Slider plugin and Video Background support out of the box. Hasta includes Contact Forms, hundreds of convenient and time-saving shortcodes, imaginative header styles and pliable elements that empower you to create engaging and dynamic, modern websites for all sorts of professional or personal purposes easily and effortlessly, always in a deeply unique and highly polished visual presentation. Hasta is perfect for the creatively inclined, and includes expansive Layered PSD files for utmost customization capabilities for designers and developers, so your Hasta website will truly look just the way you always dreamed.

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SIGNATURE is a wholly all-inclusive, vastly powerful and incredibly resourceful, cleanly designed and very professional, serious and sophisticated, elegant and aesthetically polished, graphically articulate and technologically advanced, modern and well designed responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose and multiconcept portfolio website template. SIGNATURE has been equipped with the sheer strength and raw flexibility to seamlessly and effortlessly lend itself to whole host of different applications and website archetypes, but that has been uniquely and powerful custom built for the purpose of producing clean and fresh-faced, modern portfolio websites.

SIGNATURE is equipped with 26 different demo websites for all sorts of niche portfolio or general applications, but it truly excels at showcasing your professional, creative works to the world at large and to professionals, employers and clients in an impressive, vibrant and accessible manner that is highly expressive and communicative, allowing you to fully display the length and breadth of your experience in a stylish and memorable fashion. SIGNATURE is always dressed to impress, and with over 300 HTML5 page templates included, 50 portfolio layouts, limitless grid options, tons of project showcases and much more, SIGNATURE can satisfy your every need with ease and grace. Move on up to SIGNATURE, and feel the difference!

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Definity is a visually sophisticated, deeply customizable and technologically refined, visually modern and fresh-faced, very neatly structured and intuitively navigable, serious and professional, innovative and cutting edge responsive HTML5 CSS3 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Definity has been built to be a truly all-encompassing multipurpose template, perfectly capable of operating smooth Business, Corporate, Freelance, Portfolio, Photography or Blog websites with equal prowess and creative potential. That is because Definity has been modularly designed to seamlessly adapt itself to every necessity with smoothness and proficiency.

Solidly founded on HTML5 technology and gorgeously styled through SASS CSS3 scripting for visual polishing and efficient, fast-loading visual effects, Definity is also MailChimp integrated out of the box, providing a flexible newsletter solution, and packs a wealth of convenient, creative and customizable shortcodes are at your fingertips, ready to be deployed on any of Definity’s numerous, fleshed out demo websites, page templates, or your own custom made pages. Definity now includes multiple mobile app templates, perfect for mobile developers to showcase their work in style, within minutes, and with many time-saving features. Definity includes the Working Contact Page, the KenBurns Slider, handsome and professional Parallax visual effects and SASS files for easy and breezy visual edition. What’s not to love about Definity?

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Vossen is an extremely elegant and deeply refined, visually polished and aesthetically minimalist. It is sophisticated and fashion conscious, technologically accomplished and deeply customizable, flexible and functional, subtle and understated responsive HTML5 CSS3 one page Parallax multipurpose website template. It is a uniquely designed, professionally composed and very graphically articulate website template that has been designed in order to permit webmasters from any background and of any skill level to quickly and easily produce expansive and impressive, polished and professional HTML5 one page websites dressed up in sophisticated CSS3 scripts and featuring smooth scrolling, impressive and powerful Parallax visual effects to amaze and engage your audience to no end.

Vossen has been professionally graphically designed to reflect a subtle, soft-spoken and understated design philosophy and visual language, making it highly intuitive to all users and very navigable. Numerous functional plugins are included out of the box, such as MailChimp subscription newsletter integration and Working Contact Form, Google Maps, over 100 Ion Icons and another 100 Simple Line Icons, all Retina-ready and beautifully crystal-clear, the amazing Revolution Video Background Slider, and much more. AJAXified portfolios are readily available, as are tons of shortcodes, responsive video functionality and extensive documentation. Vossen is a classy website template for upscale websites. Dress in style!

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Cumulo is a beautiful and dynamic, deeply customizable and highly technologically savvy, well developed and flatly designed, modern and cutting edge, inherently flexible and marvelously pliable, clever and resourceful responsive HTML5 CSS3 multiconcept, multipurpose website template. Cumulo is a tumultuously creative, endlessly imaginative template that is fit for all sorts of imaginable uses and applications, owing to a profoundly customizable nature that can seamlessly adapt its color scheme, layouts and styles with easy to use and intuitive options that can truly put you in the driver’s seat of your website’s look and feel.

Cumulo includes the Slider Revolution and LayerSlider premium plugins at no extra charge, out of the box, as well as tons of useful, convenient shortcodes that will save you time and effort as you craft your custom websites. The MegaMenu functionality lets your users easily browse your entire site at a moment’s glance, with wonderful responsiveness ensuring every element in Cumulo is rendered in its full visual perfection across an enormously wide range of devices, browsers, and screen sizes, as well as every platform out there. Every webpage made with Cumulo permeates a gorgeous, modern, flat and beautiful visual interface. Once your website is riding high on Cumulo, you will never want out!

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Wolverine is an aesthetically polished, visually minimalist and understated, warm and inviting, engaging and intimate, deeply interactive and wonderfully designed, well-structured and firmly built, secure and reliable, technologically articulate and entirely unique responsive HTML5 CSS3 multipurpose website template. Wolverine is a sophisticated template that has been jam-packed with the skilled features and resourceful elements required to handle a wide range of diverse website archetypes, needs and applications, from professional portfolios to personal blogs, with equally proficient, deft handling and explosive creative potential brimming under a quiet, unassuming surface that is easy on the eyes and very relatable, making audiences feel at ease and comfortable in your website at all times.

This, in turn, greatly increases customer conversion rates, making Wolverine a great template for eCommerce, Corporate and Business applications as well. Wolverine incorporates cutting edge LESS CSS3 styling scripts on top of a powerful HTML5 framework empowered by a Bootstrap modular design, Gulp and the Node Template Engine, for a truly overwhelmingly varied website building experience that requires absolutely no coding skills yet is entirely developer friendly and highly modifiable, with an extensively commented codebase that is thoroughly documented for your convenience. Make Wolverine your own today, and see your website climb to new heights!

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YAMEN is an extremely convertible, incredibly adaptable, deeply resourceful, visually ambitious and expansive, functionally all-inclusive and flexible, graphically polished and pliable, professionally designed and very modern responsive HTML5 and CSS3 multipurpose business website template. YAMEN is a colorful and vibrant website building toolkit, a comprehensive set of HTML5 page templates, complex features, custom built shortcodes and outspoken, bold and luminous widgets that can add all sorts of layers of usability to your pages, while always retaining a professional and trustworthy appearance that is perfect for serious webmasters seeking to establish an online foothold for their businesses, projects, corporations or ventures of any kind.

YAMEN includes a massive 250 HTML5 readymade template pages for your utter convenience and maximized speed of development, with a slew of multipage and one page demo websites which can be imported with a single click, all decked out with inner pages, content and resources to structure your website on the fly. YAMEN is very clever and social media friendly, incorporating Twitter API integration, Flickr Stream integration, Instagram Feeds and a gorgeous and functional jQuery Sharing Plugin. YAMEN is integrated with MailChimp out of the box as well, for easy customer conversion, and packed with premium plugins such as the Revolution Slider for impressive visual performance. Just YAMEN.

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Marquez is an elegant and refined, visually stunning and impressive, functionally feature-rich and thoroughly resourceful, versatile and innovatively structured, reactive and amazingly dynamic, tech-savvy and aesthetically tasteful responsive HTML5 CSS3 creative multipurpose website template. Marquez has been crafted with utmost attention and detailed care to every nook and cranny, with the desire to produce a cohesive and visually integrated template capable of empowering webmasters with no previous coding experience to efficiently and effortlessly generate jaw-dropping, stunning, polished and modern websites that are fresh-faced and cleanly designed, with an open-ended creative edge that allows you to easily and thoroughly customize the look and feel of every page to perfectly suit your every need, right out of the box.

Hit the ground running with amazing Avalanche Slider sliders, showcase your works with total elegance and grace with the Summit Lightbox, present your portfolio or catalogue in beautiful, modern grids or masonry layouts, save time and effort by deploying any of the 25 custom made, unique layouts included, or play around with the highly customizable 20+ unique Marquez components packaged in with your purchase. Marquez is built on a Bootstrap modular design running on top of an HTML5 framework, making it natively cross-compatible and responsive. Try it today!

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