۲۰ Best Versatile HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates To Improve Your Online Presence 2017

Mankind is a competitive species, science tells us, as much as it is a social one. Perhaps this is the reason why we have always been so driven to stand out from the pack, to differentiate ourselves and our identity from undifferentiated mass. People like to be noticed, to be acknowledged, and ultimately, to be different, to be noteworthy, to be better. The speeding pace at which technologically pushes humans through the grinding mill of history has not altered this ulterior nature one bit—in any case, it may have helped develop it more fully. Modern times have seen the social nature of man greatly catered to through the advent of the world wide web, and all the social ramifications therein, as the internet entered mainstream acceptance and use over time and more and more people found in it a way to satisfy their socialization needs. But as time passed, the web became a crowded, saturated place, where one can truly find almost everything, and usually, in several locations, presentations and flavors, mostly undifferentiated from each other in terms of quality or flexibility. The following collection of website templates, however, incorporates the latest and greatest version of HTML5 with a sheer well polished, highly developed nature. The cream of the crop. Enjoy the best HTML5 website templates available today!



Pages is a deeply powerful and technologically refined, aesthetically minimalist and very well structured, nimble and fast-loading, flexible and malleable, reliable and secure, clean and pristine, bright and colorful, tasteful and professional responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Pages is a potent and pliable toolkit that has been carefully developed to include a host of polished and seamless plugins, shortcodes, features and resources at your fingertips to aid in the construction of any kind of website you can think of, from personal blogs to professional portfolios, from business websites to corporate and more, Pages has the versatility and depth to deftly handle their needs and more.

Equipped with 20 conceptually diverse and entirely unique website designs right out of the box, Pages features an incredibly intuitive and easy to use visual customization process and a simplified and streamlined webpage construction process that is user friendly and requires absolutely no coding skills whatsoever—۷۰ sophisticated Content Blocks are at your disposal, to quickly build handsome pages that look and feel exactly the way you wish them to, and have all the resources and functionality you could possibly require. Pages incorporate a modular Bootstrap design, making it responsive and cross compatible with all devices and browsers. Get your Pages going!

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Cumulo is a visually stunning and completely dazzling, technologically articulate and efficiently coded, developer as well as user friendly, professionally graphically composed and extremely pliable and malleable, easy to use and highly intuitive responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Cumulo has been extensively developed and carefully put together to be a powerful and memorable template, decked out with a full featured set of tools that can empower webmasters of any skill level to create professional, polished and functional websites for a myriad different applications across a wide range of industries and fields with utter ease and dashing speed.

Cumulo includes 18 unique and gorgeous demo websites, complete with inner pages and dummy content, as well as over 80 impressively preconfigured and thoughtfully designed HTML5 page templates for applications general and specific, with all sorts of creative layout and style variations, and a deep-running customization capability that puts you in the driver’s seat of your website’s look and feel from the get-go. With Cumulo, building your website is easier than it has ever been, and with powerful HTML5 elements, CSS3 stylesheets and scripting, Bootstrap modular design and responsiveness and sophisticated features like the Working Contact Form, it really is no wonder Cumulo is one of the top HTML5 website templates around.

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Wolverine is an incredibly gorgeous and visually seamless, very well structured and wonderfully graphically designed, engaging and inviting, warm and welcoming, professional and polished, technologically articulate and highly modern responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Wolverine is a handsome and versatile website template built with lavish attention to detail and luxurious visual polishing in order to produce a consistently dashing template that is always dressed to impress. Featuring over 110 beautiful HTML5 page templates for all sorts of specific and general purposes alike, with endless variations, on top of 21 completely unique Homepages, continuously updated and expanded for your convenience.

Wolverine is notoriously pliable and reliably smooth, every page emanating the same enticing, attractive atmosphere that will make users delight in your content and engage with your website in a deep and meaningful fashion. Wolverine has been built with the latest and greatest web development technologies, ranging from an HTML5 framework to LESS CSS3 advanced stylesheet scripting and sophisticated modular Bootstrap coding, which makes Wolverine both inherently responsive and cross compatible with all devices and browsers, as well as very developer friendly and easily adjustable to your every need, with a widely annotated codebase and a thorough documentation to take you every step of the way to success.

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YAMEN is a thoroughly polished and very professional, extremely safe and secure, reliable and solid, visually impressive and inviting, bright and luminous, clean and pristine, easily navigable and very user friendly, highly developable and extraordinarily resourceful responsive HTML5 multipurpose business website template. YAMEN is a template that has been uniquely and purposefully built to meet the ample demands of a slew of diverse website archetypes, from blogs to portfolios and more, but that is uniquely and powerfully suited for handling the creation, development and maintenance of gorgeous, functional and potent business websites of any kind, industry or field whatsoever.

If you are a webmaster looking to establish a home on the web for your business venture, you need to look no further than YAMEN. YAMEN includes a whole bunch of useful, convenient and very trendy features and plugins that will captivate your potential customers and engage with them in a meaningful, intuitive fashion, from social media integration and Flickr streams to beautiful Parallax sections and smooth scrolling features. YAMEN incorporates a ton of amazing page templates for all sorts of business purposes, including functional and resourceful one page business website templates as well as multipage, Mega Menu-enabled website templates featuring beautiful and custom built eCommerce and Shop pages that are easily configurable to suit your needs. YAMEN is the full package!

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Marquez is a handsomely designed and visually attractive, modern and appealing, bright and colorful, serious and professional, fast-loading and very tidily coded, extensively resourceful and thoroughly clever, technologically cutting edge and highly responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Marquez is an engaging and dynamic website template, built with the most sophisticated technologies available and based on a pliable HTML5 framework that empowers Marquez to incorporate all sorts of advanced features, plugins and shortcodes that expand the functionality of your website to no end.

Marquez is wholly capable of muscling the demands of a wide range of website applications and archetypes. However, it peculiarly excels at handling the needs of creative agency websites in general, ranging from professional portfolios to corporate agencies, digital web designers, marketing agencies or any kind of business or organization dealing in the creative crafts and seeking the most sophisticated and polished presentation available for showcasing their works to the world at large. Marquez includes the custom built Avalanche Slider, as well as the premium Summit Lightbox to truly show off your media content in the most favorable light. And with its Bootstrap roots and deep-running responsiveness, no visitor will ever be left out of the party when visiting your website. Conquer the web with Marquez!

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Pivot is an incredibly powerful and amazingly customizable, visually expansive and easily navigable, graphically polished and functionally resourceful, user and developer friendly, technologically sophisticated and cutting edge, fashionable and aesthetically conscious responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Pivot is a truly plastic and pliable website template, capable of bending to your every whim and empowering you to create the website of your dreams within minutes, with a visual Page Builder framework that greatly speeds up your workflow and lets you create your webpages by simply selecting components from a pool of over 70 unique, custom built Component Blocks, and then placing them as desired on your page and customizing their look, feel and behavior as you see fit, with powerful, accessible options at your fingertips.

Pivot has the flexibility to handle websites across a wide range of applications, ranging from blogs and portfolios to eCommerce, corporate or business, and endless more—Pivot is simply unstoppably customizable, and regardless of the nature of your website or venture, you will find tools that work to your great benefit. Pivot incorporates HTML5 technologies and CSS3 styling to great effect and its Bootstrap modular design makes it entirely developer friendly as well as profoundly responsive with all devices, browsers and screen sizes.

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Massive is an amazingly vast and ambitiously comprehensive, powerfully customizable and deeply resourceful, cleverly coded and developer friendly, technologically accomplished and truly all-inclusive, functionally expansive and feature-dense responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Massive is a website template that is quite aptly named, as it packs a whopping  ۲۶۰ HTML5 readymade, preconfigured and professionally graphically designed page templates for all sorts of convenient applications and uses, narrow and wide alike, on top of over 50 different demo websites for every imaginable purpose, personal or commercial, business or corporate, with equal dexterity and proficiency.

Massive packs an overwhelming 150 shortcodes for you to plop right into any page you desire with ease and speed and without writing a single line of code at any point. Massive packs 85 different Portfolio templates, dozens of Blog templates, Gallery templates and much more, so you can put together the website of your dreams with a streamlined workflow that will have you churning out page after page of seamless, modern websites. Over 15 preconfigured, in-house built Sliders are available, along with 10 Page Titles, 900 Custom Line Icons, 20 different Menus, and so much more diversity your head will be spinning. The truly Massive website template is here!

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JANGO is a youthful and fresh-faced, vibrant and colorful, luminous and bright, very intuitively structured and highly navigable, developer and user friendly, visually impressive and attractive, engaging and elegant, aesthetically tasteful and bold, expressive and creative responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. JANGO is an extremely pliable and modern template that has been decked out with a sophisticated, cutting edge page creation interface, a Component based system with over 300 and growing custom built components with diverse and deeply potent functionality, right at your fingertips, without writing a single line of code. Building your JANGO website is as easy as choosing a header, stacking components, and choosing a footer.

It is truly unparalleled in speed and ease of page design, while sacrificing none of the power, smoothness and polished feel of the resulting websites. JANGO is perfect for you to mix and match components and build unique, one of a kind websites that look and feel exactly the way they should and which satisfy your every whim and necessity in a stylish, graceful manner. Incorporating a Bootstrap framework, JANGO is inherently developer friendly as well as conveniently commented at the codebase and thoroughly documented, on top of being natively cross compatible with all known devices, browsers, platforms and screen sizes.

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Rhythm is a handsome and charming, warm and trendy, hip and fashion conscious, trendy and engaging, dynamic and youthful, technologically polished and professionally designed, serious and cleanly designed, resourceful and feature-rich, well structured and user friendly responsive HTML5 multipurpose one page and multipage website template. Rhythm has been carefully and painstakingly constructed to be a full featured and expansive website template, packed with over 175 custom built HTML5 preconfigured and predesigned website templates for your utter convenience and to greatly speed up your workflow.

Rhythm will empower you to craft all sorts of amazing one page and multipage websites, from professional agencies to personal or corporate blogs, photography websites, online shops, you name it, Rhythm can do it, and it can do it in an impeccable, unforgettable fashion that is bound to make a dent on your audience, regardless of what it may be, though Rhythm is peculiarly appropriate for websites dealing with more creatively, aesthetically discerning audiences, as its refined visual atmosphere is appropriate and suited for innovative, bold and expressive websites that strike a chord among the most fashion conscious users. As far as mobile friendliness goes, Rhythm plays nicely with every device, platform, browser or screen size and orientation in the planet, so you can just sit back, relax, and work on your content!

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Foundry is a superbly resourceful and extremely technologically flexible and pliable, wonderfully clever and visually shape-shifting and nimble, fast-loading and search engine optimized, modern and cutting edge, powerful and highly customizable responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template with Variant Page Builder. Foundry is a uniquely nimble and feature-dense website template that has been designed to allow webmasters of any skill level to easily and seamlessly churn out endless amounts of polished and professional looking websites with a simplified, streamlined workflow that requires no coding whatsoever.

The Variant Page Builder will let you deploy any of Foundry’s 100 unique HTML5 template pages and fiddle with them as you please or start fresh with Foundry’s conceptually unique layouts, while 95 custom made blocks allow you to boldly and powerfully express yourself and augment the functionality of any page at the click of a button. Foundry is a template for the webmaster that wants total control over every visual and functional element of their website in a visual, coding-free interface, for those who truly wish to forge something new from a wealth of malleable, modern and sophisticated HTML5 elements, CSS3 styling and wonderfully responsive Bootstrap modular design for utmost cross compatibility. Ready for Foundry?

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Porto is a wholly expansive, wonderfully structured, bright and cleanly designed, seamless and unblemished, technologically sophisticated and powerfully flexible, resourceful and cleverly coded, efficient and fast-loading, highly advanced and responsive HTML5 multipurpose one page Parallax website template. Porto has been designed to be a fully decked out frontend solution for webmasters looking for an expandable, cross compatible user interface website template to furnish beautiful, functional websites with all the sophisticated features and functionalities that characterize modern HTML5, CSS3 and Parallax visual elements and environments.

From a thoroughly responsive design to a handsome grid and masonry system, blog and shop template pages, headers compatible with user accounts and login or registration, expansive composition and layout options with all sorts of powerful choices at your fingertips, and touch swipe support for utmost mobile friendliness, Porto is a full featured and graphically immersive and modern template that can lay a coat of fresh paint on any website archetype, bringing it right to 2015. The Owl Carousel and the Nivo Slider are exclusively customized additions for your convenience, allowing you to quickly deploy complex and interactive visual elements at your leisure. And with a solid Bootstrap foundation, Porto is responsive everywhere, out of the box. Try Porto, and Porto Admin, today!

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Canvas is a spectacularly ambitious, incredibly shape-shifting and malleable, visually comprehensive and extremely customizable, polished and professional, serious and deeply functional, unimaginably vast and endlessly resourceful responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Canvas is a website template constructed with the mission of producing a truly all-inclusive, all-in-one, one-stop shop solution for webmasters of any skill level to establish their online foothold with a sophisticated, polished and well structured HTML5 modern website of any nature, archetype or application imaginable.

Canvas is equipped to handle such diversity because it has been jam-packed with a whopping 75 readymade, professional predesigned Homepage demo websites for all sorts of general and narrow, niche and specialized applications, so webmasters from any field or industry can find just what they are looking for and hit the ground running with their website development. On top of this, Canvas has over 500 thoroughly well developed HTML5 page templates at your fingertips, with dozens upon dozens of variations of all the pages you could possibly need, from Blogs, Portfolios and Galleries to Contact, About Us, Coming Soon, Landing Page and endless more. If you can dream it, Canvas has a template for it, on top of hundreds of shortcodes for you to expand the functionality of any page at your whim and without writing a single line of code.

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Pillar is a professionally graphically designed, entirely colourful and luminous, bright and warmly inviting, technologically articulate and cutting edge, functionally flexible and deeply resourceful, innovative and imaginative, uniquely well-structured and highly responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Pillar has been built with an extensive development process that results in a high quality, high performance template that is perfect for creating, developing and managing sophisticated, complex and powerful websites of absolutely any niche or application imaginable.

Pillar has been put together with utmost care and attention to detail, so that its 31 included professionally designed HTML5 page templates are completely conceptually unique and one of a kind, making for sophisticated, custom built, memorable and outstanding websites that will make a dent on the web and will engage your users with a wonderfully dynamic interface. Pillar websites are intuitive and easily navigable, featuring an amazingly creative and very modern flat design that is quite responsive and mobile friendly, and makes use of a visual language that users across all demographics are familiar with and will feel right at home using. Pillar incorporates impressive Mega Menus and an expansively annotated coding, perfect for developers to fiddle with, which goes along nicely with Pillar’s thorough and thoughtful documentation, allowing you to get the most out of Pillar from day 1.

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Hasta is a beautifully colorful, amazingly vibrant and youthful, engaging and enticing, easy to use and very navigable, incredibly intuitive and easy to use, developer as well as user friendly, technologically seamless and visually stunning, graphically professionally composed and incredibly nimble responsive HTML5 multipurpose website template. Hasta is a uniquely conceptualized design, a website template capable of the most powerful and outrageously creative visual and functional features, easily deployed through dozens of handy, convenient shortcodes and preconfigured features and plugins, on top of over 30 unique multipage layouts.

Hasta theme has tons of inner page templates, functional, gorgeous and smooth Slideshows to show off your content in polished CSS3 animations, thought out color variations that can be easily customized and selected with a visual interface, and many more features that make Hasta an impeccably comprehensive template. 250 different, unique and incredible HTML5 page templates are included with Hasta for your convenience, allowing you to save tons of time as you set up your handsome blog, portfolio, creative agency or landing page, or pretty much any website project you have in mind. Hasta’s tasteful and elegant design permeates every page produced with it, and the results are consistently and superbly dashing. Take it up a notch, with Hasta!

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SIGNATURE is an ostensibly resourceful, serious and professional, cleanly designed and developer friendly, deeply functional and extremely reliable, soundly developed and carefully crafted, flexible and nimble, efficiently coded and very innovative responsive HTML5 multi-concept and multipurpose website template. SIGNATURE is a widely successful website template, a favorite for webmasters catering to a discerning, aesthetically conscious audience that expects the very best. SIGNATURE incorporates over 26 unique, conceptually imaginative and outrageously creative demo websites, each crafted to satisfy the demands of specific and niche applications ranging from designers, freelancers and photographers to artists, musicians, actors or DJs.

If you are a creative professional and you need to establish your online foothold in a stylish, clean and pristine presentation that can be extensively customized to suit your brand identity and particular specifications, SIGNATURE is the template you want. Built on a reliable HTML5 framework and with visual styling provided by efficient and customizable CSS3 scripting, SIGNATURE is capable of overwhelming you with over 300 custom built, unique HTML5 web pages, every one masterfully crafted with graphical acumen and seamless functionality. There is hardly anything a website could possibly need that SIGNATURE doesn’t offer a dozen choices of, truth be told. SIGNATURE—proof by exhaustion!

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Definity is a visually modern and dynamic, deeply engaging and technologically resourceful, serious and professional, polished and pristine, cleanly designed and very developer friendly, pliable and malleable, functional and feature-rich responsive HTML5 one page and multipage multipurpose website template. Definity has been carefully crafted with the strength and flexibility required to deftly handle all sorts of website archetypes and applications out there with equal grace and ease, from blogs and portfolios to freelance and photography, from business to corporate and from news magazines to travel journals, Definity can be everything you want it to.

Definity is so versatile because it includes a slew of diverse and specialized multipage and one page demo websites, totaling it at 10 and 11, respectively, filled with all sorts of inner pages, dummy content, expansive visual effects, engaging interactive features, smooth Parallax sections and scrolling and much more, as well as a host of powerful plugins and shortcodes to greatly augment the functionality of your Definity websites without having to write a single line of code. 38 such page templates are available, embodying a diversified set of possibilities at your fingertips, while handsome HTML5 features like the KenBurns Slider and HTML5 Video Backgrounds are readily available. When in doubt, definitely go with Definity!

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Vossen is an amazingly beautiful and indescribably refined, aesthetically elegant and polished, serious and professional, smoothly animated and amply enticing, creative and imaginative, boldly expressive and brazenly innovative, feature-rich and function-dense responsive HTML5 multipurpose one page Parallax website template. Vossen is a website template that is so silky smooth, you have to see it to believe it. Modern and versatile, Vossen is decked out with a sophisticated set of advanced web development tools based on HTML5 technologies incorporating dynamic CSS3 scripting, modular Bootstrap design and handsome, hardware-accelerated, in-house developed expansive Parallax visual features.

From Parallax Video Backgrounds and Parallax Video Sliders to mesmerizing Parallax smooth scrolling, Vossen is a template brimming with cutting edge visual elegance and graphic impeccability. Vossen is also overwhelmingly functional, including handsome AJAX Portfolios, the Revolution Slider jQuery plugin, a handful of gorgeous blog and post layouts, hundreds of Retina-ready, high resolution Line Icons and Ion Icons,  a clean and navigable flat design congruous with Google’s Material Design visual language philosophy perfect for the modern web, dozens of convenient shortcodes and an amazing responsiveness that is utterly unparalleled in terms of cross compatibility with all browsers, devices, screen sizes and platforms. Are you ready for Vossen?

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