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HTML5 makes your website smarter and faster. The use of mobile devices has increased a lot in the last few years. In 2017 nearly 30% of the website traffic came from mobile devices. HTML5 website templates help you to make responsive websites easily.

The HTML5 has a lot of user-friendly and developer-friendly features, here are some of the unique features of HTML5.

  • You can get your user location easily with the Geolocation features.
  • Reduced Cookie size.
  • The most important feature you get in HTML5 is now you can make elegant forms and interface enhancement with reduced use of JavaScript.

In one word HTML5 websites are light and mobile responsive, that meets all the website need in this millennial era.



AirOnePage, as the name implies it is a one page HTML5 website template, with modern website design standards. With a lot of white space, the website template looks very professional and clean.

In this website template, you get the sections like; service section, testimonial section and a map with geolocation features.

The usage of CSS3 and light use of Javascript make this website template light and load faster, than other non HTML5 website templates.

This website template best suits for business sites, personal portfolio websites. The use of icons on the price cards looks elegant on this professional single page website template. With interactive map section, people can quickly get a geographical idea of your office location.

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Radius is a responsive HTML5 website template. This website template best suits for a photography website. The collage-like album interface makes the images look beautiful on the site.

The spaces between the images are artistic. Especially the home button and the about button at the top and the bottom looks like a cutout on a white space; it looks elegant between the images. When you click on a picture, it takes you to the particular image description section.

As soon as you land on the homepage, you will be welcomed by a red color circular board, when you click “Let’s Go” it elegantly fold up to the top of the website and stays there throughout the website navigation part.

In the about section, you can add social media profile links and about you. All this small detailing makes this HTML5 website template a perfect pick for a photographic and personal portfolio websites, some of the travel bloggers may also find this website template interesting.

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Savory is a multi-page HTML5 website template with standard sized right side navigation menu options and grid layout. The website template is clean and minimalistic with lots of white space.

The website template is designed by keeping the food website as the theme, but it also suits for portfolio, studios and creative agencies and bloggers who like modern layouts.

The light pink shade used for buttons on the white background looks artistic, and it also differentiates button easily from the background. Since it is an HTML5 website, the usage of javascript is reduced; which makes this website template light to use.

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Riba Lite WordPress HTML5 Website Template


Riba is a free WordPress HTML5 website template, the best option for the bloggers. The header section includes social media icons and the search option, which most of the bloggers prefer to have.

You have a featured post section on the top, and the main page displays the blog post’s featured images and titles in the masonry website layout. This WordPress blog theme best suits for travel bloggers and bloggers who use real-life photos instead of stock photos.

There is also a pro version of this WordPress website template, in which you get more advanced features and premium support from the theme authors.

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Paper Blog HTML5 Website Template


Paper is a perfect HTML5 website template for women. The use of blush pink color throughout the website makes this website a preferred pick for women.

Paper is a free HTML5 website template with almost all the premium features for a blog. It is a multi-page website template with neat layout design, Instagram feed integration, and social sharing option. There is also a separate contact page with an elegant, simple contact form, which enables the user to reach you easily.

With the white space as the background, the texts on the website are easy to read. The right-hand side widget area is also filled with all the necessary features like; clean about section, latest posts, and category options.

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The story is a box style layout HTML5 website template, which has new HTML5 and CSS web elements. The box style segments with alternate image and text layout on the white space make it look professional.

The automatic carousel sliding when you hover over the arrows is a well-thought design idea. If the sliding speed rate is reduced a bit, it would be better.

The service segments are made simple with no animation or transition effects. It is designed like a table with corresponding icons on the top of each cell.

Black buttons on the white space background is a good design idea, but it feels little bit outdated. If you are not a person who is so picky about design, you can use this website template. It is still a good option for a free HTML5 website template.

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Blaskan is a simple WordPress blog HTML5 website template. It is a minimalistic blog template with all the necessary website elements you need to make a professional blog.

The WordPress template is designed on the base of updated HTML5 and CSS3 code standards, which make this website meet the modern browser requirements and device requirements.

It is also a responsive website template so that users can see and read your blog easily on mobile devices and other handheld devices.

The right-hand side widget space area is provided with all the necessary blog elements like; about, search, recent post, and tags, to make the blog more interactive for the readers.

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Apex App


Apex App is a free HTML5 website template for app landing pages. The unique thing about this website template is you can change the whole color of the website. You can preview the website with the color you want, and you can download the template.

Other than that the website template follows a simple design. It almost has no transition effects or animation effects on any part of the website, which makes this website template less interactive among the modern (CSS website templates).

This website template best suits for app landing pages and other professional type landing pages. If you are looking for a simple straight forward website template, then ApexApp website template is for you.

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JustIce is a quite the opposite of the ApexApp website template; it gives you a premium feel one-page HTML5 website template. This template has all the general web pages needed in a professional website.

Bold shadow texts appearing on the white space background, makes this website template feel like a trendy looking website.

The transition effects are neat and simple. This HTML5 website template is designed by taking law firm business services as the theme. You can also use this template for other professional websites.

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ShopIsle WordPress Website Template


Shopisle is a free e-commerce WordPress Website Template. This template is one of the best free e-commerce website templates you get. You have all the necessary website elements needed for an e-commerce site like; five-star review, sales and offer page and top rated products.

When you move the cursor towards the end of the carousel image, you will find the cursor turning into a big arrow; not that useful effect but it is a cool effect, sometimes make the users raise their eyebrows.

The single product page is also designed very well; you get necessary features like adding to wishlist, increasing item count to buy and related products at the bottom.

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HomeState is a full featured modern real estate HTML5 website template. The unique point of this website template is, it includes all the web elements and features you need in a real estate website.

It includes features like;

  • Advanced property search options with filters
  • You can mark the property for sale and rent easily with a small badge over the property image
  • Below every image, you can add the corresponding property address
  • Apart from the property description, you can also make a note of the property features on the image.

This template is a multi-page website template, all the animation and transition effects are clean and are added at the right spot.

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Ethereal is a modern horizontal scroll website template. The unique point of this website template is the navigation. Some may find this interesting; others may not like this interface. But on mobile devices, it acts as a horizontal scrolling website template only.

Other than the horizontal scrolling interface, it is a bright colored website with modern, trendy color gradients as the background.

It is a single page HTML5 website template. The template has segments like; about, services offered, gallery and contact page. This template best suits for personal portfolio websites. The contact form is clean, with the social media buttons on the side; users can reach you quickly through your website.

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Asentus is an architecture type website template. But its clean design and professional look make it suitable for any business website. Once you change the images, you can start your HTML business website right away.

It is a multi-page free HTML5 website template. The transition effects and animations are simple and clean; the CSS works also follow the modern design trends. So you can assure yourself that you are getting a modern website template for your website.

Notably, the gallery designs are excellent, and the use of simple icons for the pricing cards looks elegant on the website template.

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Forty is a portfolio website template in a masonry style design layout. It is a bright, eye-catching website template and the best design to showcase your work. The masonry style layout makes this website template the best pick for the photography website.

The use of HTML5 and CSS3 makes this website light and also loads faster. The use of unnecessary javascript is reduced to make this template weigh less on the server.

The single pages of the Forty website template is also neat and colorful. The designers have taken efforts to make the pages colorful and also to make the texts look clean and legible to read. At each post, there is a neat, simple comment box. The contact section is made available on the home page itself, to help the visitor reach you easily.

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The Factory


The Factory is a single page, startup agency type website template. This website template has modern website fonts; which is bold, creative and clean. It has sections like; about, services and contact.

If you are intended to use this website template without any changes, it can be used as a landing page. If some tweaks are made, then this template can be used for a website. You can also use this for a modern agency website if you like to keep your website simple with modern designs and without any animation effects.

Use of bold dark icons easily gets one’s attention, overall a simple website template which has only essential features.

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Beryllium is also an architecture website template like Asentus. It is also a multi-page website template with all the web pages a business website will have in general.

As you land on the website, you can see a slider changing. Since it is an architecture website, you can get user attention immediately with your cool architecture design project photos.

The bold, clean website font, makes reading content on the website easy. Apart from the slider you only get hover effects on this website template. The icons used to describe the services are neat and also blends well along with the website template design. Beryllium is a simple, straightforward website template for professional and business websites.

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Multiverse is a photographic website template. The grid layout helps you to display tour pictures elegantly.

The website template is developed on the HTML5, CSS3 and has minimal use of the Javascript which makes this website light and load faster. Since it is developed on the HTML5 base all the images in the photographic website template made to fit on any display size, i.e., this template is responsive by default.

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Karmo is a multi-page website template with parallax effect. All the graphical elements and animations used are clean and simple, which makes this website template a perfect for creative agencies, studios, and business sites.

As you land on the website demo, you will note that the header image text will be changing periodically, with subtle animation effect. Even minor details are taken care on this website template.

You get all the necessary website elements for a business website like counters, gallery, and services. The level of detailing in this website template is awesome. For example; when you hover over the gallery the cursor turns into an eye, and when you hover over the portfolio, the cursor turns into a reading icon. Overall an excellent website template for free.

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Mh Magazine Lite WordPress Website Template


As the name implies, Mh Magazine is a magazine WordPress website template. Despite being a free WordPress theme, it has all the basic functionalities and website elements you need in a magazine site.

You have a categorized sections which display recent related posts in each category. The widget area is also provided with all the options you need for a magazine website. The choices you get in the widget are; search options, banner space for ads, related articles and category tags for easy navigation between the articles.

There is also a pro version of this website template, in which you get advanced features and the premium support from the theme authors.

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Coni Business WordPress Website Template


Coni is a single page WordPress business website template. It is a clean looking WordPress website template with all the necessary website features needed for a business website.

The transition effects are neat and elegant as you scroll down. The icons and the text font used are clean; visitors won’t find any difficulty in reading the texts on the site. Some marketers feel that highlighting a featured price card induces people to check it more often; keeping this in mind a price card is highlighted in the price section of the website template.

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Select The Best Website Template You Want

Frankly speaking, WordPress templates are more useful and easy to use than the raw HTML template. Though HTML5 has improved a lot, it is not so user-friendly than a CMS. You can easily manage your contents, extended your features with a plugin. But in raw HTML website template updating website content and maintaining it is a difficult task.

Anyway, the option is open, and the choice is yours. Select the best HTML5 template you want. What’s your favorite HTML5 website template? Let us know in the comment section below.


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