۲۰ Best Coming Soon HTML5 Website Templates For Maintenance and Under Construction Pages 2017


Man is a social animal, psychology tells us—and both history and reality mirror this notion at every turn. We live and breathe among our brethren, and not just because people like being around people, but because everyone is exponentially more effective when surrounded by other of like minds. Life itself is easier with others around us, and as societies grew larger, only then did they produce cultures that were more complex. In other words, the reason we have gotten as far as we have is essentially that there are enough of us pushing!

This incredible characteristic of mankind makes it so that success in a venture, besides any factors relevant to actual performance in said venture, often relies more on a social marketability, a word-of-mouth ubiquity rather than any strict advantage or superiority. And in business, like in life, the early bird gets the worm. So the key to a successful venture in these times is to be the first to let everyone know what it is you are doing, even before it Is actually available to the public! You have to hit the ground running to make it in the online world. The following collection of website templates have been selected for their brilliance as HTML5-powered coming soon website templates. Have a look.



LEGEND is a technologically expansive, comprehensive and ambitious, pliable and endlessly flexible, easy to use and intuitive, extensively developed, feature-rich and function-dense, fast loading and search engine optimized, cleverly coded and developer friendly responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. LEGEND has been built to the definitive, end-all, be-all Coming Soon website template. To that end, it has been jam-packed with over 100 HTML5 files preconfigured and predesigned with polished quality for your utter convenience, saving you time and effort as you simply pick the pages that suit your project’s needs and aesthetical profile the best, and then start intuitively customizing the look and feel of your website with a powerful and easy to use configuration file.

LEGEND includes an assortment of 2 Navigation styles, 2 Homepage concepts, 15 Background concepts, 11 Color Variations, 2 Skins and over 1100 Font Icons for ultimate expressiveness, so your visual language is ample enough to communicate anything to your audience in an charming and visual manner. Functionality abounds in LEGEND, with standard features like MailChimp integration, countdown timers and PHP newsletter and contact form, on top of Multipurpose Sections, Cloud Animations, Bubble Animations, Origami Animations and tons of other in-house built, incredibly innovative and completely captivating presentations that will keep your users around until your project bears fruit.

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PHLY is a serious and professional, fresh-faced and luminously designed, bright and inviting, cool and serene, boldly understated and aesthetically minimalist, resourceful and feature-rich, technologically pliable and potent, simple and easy to customize responsive HTML5 creative Coming Soon website template. PHLY is a uniquely crafted Coming Soon template inasmuch as it not only incorporates every element required of a Coming Soon website, but it includes a distinctly business-friendly selection of attributes, styles and page templates that make PHLY the perfect Coming Soon template for all sorts of professional, business or corporate applications.

With five conceptually diverse styles, including Product Page, Portfolio, App Promo, Business and Personal Page, PHLY is both simple and universally applicable, with an open-ended structure that can seamlessly integrate itself into any thematic or niche application. With additional informational subpages, MailChimp, Google Maps and jQuery Countdown integration out of the box, polished CSS3 effects and cohesive SASS files included along with the cleanly commented code and the thorough documentation to make further development and customization effortless and powerful, PHLY really is the full value package for Coming Soon projects of all kinds. Touch enabled OWL Carousel included for utmost mobile friendliness. PHLY is an offer you simply can’t refuse!

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Woody is a purposefully constructed, carefully crafted, technologically competent and resourceful, feature-rich and expansively customizable, developer friendly and highly specialized, attractive and modern, engaging and vibrant responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template.Woody has been cleverly crafted with an eye for detail and an utmost focus on all things Coming Soon or Under Construction, eschewing the more superfluous to focus on delivering high quality layouts, page templates and style variations that are meaningful to a webmaster trying to establish an online home for a soon-to-be project of any kind.

Five different background styles are available, including Image, Slideshow, HTML5 Video and other sophisticated options, while two additional Content pages are included should your website require them—Contact Us and About Us, both fully preconfigured with functional features and plugins, such as portfolio or team member slideshows or carousels. Google Maps, MailChimp and Working Contact Form are all integrated out of the box for utmost convenience and time-saving functionality. Beautiful CSS3 animations are included with Woody and give the entire template a luminous glow and a polished, finished look, while handsome and deeply functional jQuery Countdowns make countdown scripting as easy as editing a configuration file. Uno really is the one template for you!

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Sven is an aesthetically conscious, fashionable and trendy, hip and happening, visually stunning, elegant and refined, developer friendly, conceptually unique, instantly recognizable yet infinitely customizable, technologically cutting edge and creative responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template.Sven has been designed with a strong emphasis on a cohesive, integrated, seamless and attractive aesthetic minimalism, permeatingSven with a streamlined, intuitive and highly navigable layout and interface throughout every element, page and template contained within.

Sven keeps things simple, with 3 very cleanly designed background styles, along with the necessary additional informational subpages, namely, About Us and Contact Us. Sven includes features like jQuery countdown timers as well as Google Maps functionality out of the box, MailChimp integration, and the smoothest running CSS3 and Canvas animation technologies deployed anywhere on the web. Sven is astonishingly easy to use while remaining endlessly pliable, so while setting things up might be easy and breezy withSven, the depth of customization you can achieve if you set your mind to it is virtually limitless, owing to Sven’s Bootstrap-based modular design, which is highly legible, thoroughly annotated and quite developer friendly, as well as 100% cross compatible with all devices, browsers, screen sizes and platforms. Be a little more cryptic!

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Five is a streamlined and simplified, polished and aesthetically conscious, serious and visually stunning, graphically well structured and highly customizable, functionally potent and highly flexible, resourceful and modern, clever and seamlessly responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. Five has been built to be an easy to use and intuitive solution for webmasters of absolutely any skill level to quickly and effortlessly produce professional-looking, minimalist and understated websites for their upcoming projects, events, releases or any other sort of Coming Soon website out there.

With handsome preconfigured styles for your Homepage, including Image, HTML5 Video Background and Slideshow background, among others, Five feels current and unique at the same time, with plenty of audio options and even Star effect options, as well as multiple color choices. Every bit of Five is easily modifiable via configuration file, meaning that all the power is in your hands every step of the way, and with Five’s nimble, fast loading, wonderfully responsive and highly human legible codebase and configuration files, no coding experience is required whatsoever to operate Five to its fullest potential. MailChimp and Save to File subscription forms are included for easy and breezy customer conversion. Let the world know what you have in store for them, with Five!

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City is a wide and vast, ambitious and extensively developed, cleverly coded and very efficient and fast loading, technologically accomplished and feature-rich, functionally flexible and quick on its feet, extremely customizable and professionally graphically designed responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. City is a beautiful and aesthetically gifted template that has been thoroughly developed and designed to seize its fullest technological potential in over 48 completely stylistically and conceptually diverse variations. From responsive image galleries to Ken Burns effect homepages and Full Screen Image or Video Background, to more sophisticated and unique presentations like Animated Clouds Background and Animated Snow, Rain, and Particles Background, and even Animated Film Grain, City is decidedly a smooth and beautiful template.

Powered by a technologically proficient deployment of a reliable HTML5 framework augmented by a modular Bootstrap design and styled through gorgeous and efficient CSS3 dynamic scripting, with handsome and polished Parallax effects to boot, permeating City with unique and memorable visuals at every turn that are sure to make a dent in your audience’s memory, increase conversion rates and simply attract far more eyes than any other Coming Soon website out there. When in doubt, go with City, and you will always be right on the money!

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ACRUX is a gorgeously creative, visually stunning and extremely flexible, technologically accomplished and thoroughly well developed, very intuitive and easy to use, both user and developer friendly, modern and engaging, dynamic and interactive responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. ACRUX has been specifically constructed to cater to the needs of webmasters seeking to establish attractive, handsome footholds for their upcoming projects or ventures online, and to exceed these needs effortlessly and in a stylish, graceful manner. To that end, ACRUX has been packaged along with a series of completely preconfigured, fully functional and entirely gorgeous HTML5 template files, readymade for deployment as standalone websites or individual pages, as your case may require.

Sophisticated designs include Slideshow Audio, YouTube Video with Audio Control, Dark Slideshow KenBurns Audio and more, always in an equally visually seamless, engaging and deeply mesmerizing presentation. Your visitors will find themselves bedazzled at first sight, and will soon be coming back for more of your Coming Soon website! You can easily convert visitors into subscribers with out of the box MailChimp integration as well as Save to File subscription form integration. ACRUX includes a dark and light style, and has been built with native responsiveness, displaying itself seamless across all devices, browsers and platforms.

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Pogody is an extremely technologically resourceful, deeply powerful yet profoundly intuitive, extraordinarily easy to use and very modern and attractive, well designed and visually cohesive, creative and professional, thorough and polished responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. It is a masterfully crafted and carefully thought out template that has been specifically put together to muscle the demands of the most discerning webmasters looking for a solid and versatile Coming Soon website template, while still being intuitive and simple enough to be easily and effectively deployed by webmasters without any coding skills.

Pogody incorporates a strong HTML5 framework that is expanded by clever management of AngularJS technologies built into Pogody, on top of beautiful, smooth running and extremely easy to customize SASS CSS3 dynamic stylesheet scripting, making Pogody a technological powerhouse that packs quite a punch in terms of compatibility, functionality and expansibility. Pogody is rather ambitious in its breadth, with expansive templates including KenBurns and variations, Parallax Image, 3D Clouds, Animated Gradients and Constellations, among many more. Pogody features unique element that truly stand out from the crowd, like a Special Typewriter Effect and AngularJS Forms, as well as out of the box MailChimp integration. Sit on top of the world, with Pogody!

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The Outskirts


The Outskirts is an incredibly visually refined, aesthetically mature and graphically well developed and customizable, technologically savvy and highly pliable, creative and flexible, functional and feature-dense, streamlined and fresh-faced responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. The Outskirts has been created to be a fresh and youthful, all-inclusive, one-stop shop solution to building modern and functional Coming Soon website that are as visually integrated and memorable as they are technologically refined and pliable.

The Outskirts includes handsome and powerful style variations in the form of individual HTML5 files ready for deployment as entire websites or individual pages, totaling in at over 50 different, dedicated variations to experiment with, each one entirely customizable in its own right to match your desired look and feel or perfectly assume your brand identity, as the case may be. The Outskirts includes 5 different, convenient Content Pages, including Home, About, Photos, Contact and Services, the last of which integrates a premium OWL Carousel Slider, for your convenience and for you to showcase your upcoming products or services in a smooth and modern style. The Outskirts has been built on top of a powerful HTML5 framework and incorporates CSS3 and jQuery visual animation and styling to great effect, making for handsome websites that are bright, luminous and colorful, with polished Parallax effects to boot.

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NC-Hold is a visually stunning and very attractive, vibrant and colorful, incredibly comprehensive and impressively flexible, cleverly structured and massively ambitious, pliable and malleable, easily customizable and very neatly developed responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. NC-Hold has been carefully crafted to be a highly advanced and polished toolkit that empowers webmasters of any skill level or background to easily and seamlessly produce the most handsome and attractive Coming Soon websites or pages in a matter of minutes, right out of the box. NC-Hold is very developer friendly and wonderfully time-saving, featuring five conceptually different design layouts with over 10 versions of each layout reinterpreted in innovative, creative ways.

NC-Hold is packing over 69 individual readymade HTML5 pages, full-featured and professionally predesigned for your convenience, featuring such a vast array of options and customization choices that there is virtually no Coming Soon website project that NC-Hold cannot outshine the competition in. With its powerful HTML5 framework and dynamic CSS3 scripting, along with continuously updated nature, business-friendly MailChimp and AJAX Subscription Form integration, dozens of exclusive, in-house built features and shortcodes, impressive hardware Parallax visual effects, dynamic Particle effects animations in multiple flavors, an intuitive customization process and extensive, legible documentation, NC-Hold really is a Coming Soon template powerhouse.

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Code is a uniquely pliable and extremely nimble, fast loading and quick on its feet, modern and technologically savvy, attractive and engaging, appealing and feature-rich, fluid and flexible, aesthetically polished and visually impressive, functional and powerful responsive HTML5 Coming Soon one page website template. Code has been put together over time with a very attentive level of development and design, in order to create an immersive product that is capable of producing gorgeous, adaptable and resourceful one page websites for a host of different purposes, though uniquely well suited for the design, development and maintenance of modern, smooth and high performance Coming Soon or Landing Page websites.

Code is very simple and well structured, making it very user friendly and easily navigable, with a visual language congruous with modern mobile design standards, making your website both Retina ready and highly intuitive. Code includes five different conceptual page styles or layouts, on top of several different color schemes, and it coordinates these reigns of choice with a simplified and easy to use style switcher and customizer. With expansive MailChimp, Working Contact Form and Working Subscribe Form based on PHP, beautiful Static Image styles, a developer friendly configuration file and a Bootstrap foundation that makes Code inherently responsive, there is very little Code doesn’t excel at!

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MOET is a deliberately specialized, purposefully constructed, outstandingly functional, superbly graphically designed, polished and professional, serious and reliable, intuitive and user friendly, functionally pliable and tastefully elegant, aesthetically conscious and highly responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. MOET is a template that has been constructed incorporating the latest and greatest web development technologies and standards, making handsome use of a strong HTML5 framework to deploy easily customizable, dynamic and cutting edge SASS CSS3 style scripting that renders any website a fluid work of visual design, all of this on a Bootstrap foundation that makes every bit of MOET entirely modularly coded and completely natively responsive across all devices, browsers, screen sizes and platforms.

MOET includes six different background styles and two additional information subpages for your utter convenience and to speed up your workflow, ensuring you hit the ground running with your fully fleshed out Coming Soon website within minutes after initial setup. MOET gorgeously deploys smooth, understated and minimalist CSS3 transitions and animations to great effect, keeping your visitors interested and engaged throughout their entire navigational experience, and of course, increasing your conversion rates—which do greatly benefit from the out of the box MailChimp subscription newsletter integration. Hop up on MOET!

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Birdman is an astonishingly creative, completely technologically cutting edge, aesthetically elegant and classy, seamlessly graphically designed and completely experientially immersive, attractive and engaging, enveloping and visually cohesive responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. Birdman is a truly comprehensive Coming Soon website template, as it packs a whopping 24 conceptually one of a kind variations, essentially, 24 Coming Soon websites in one, each even more elegant and debonair than the previous one.

Birdman includes 16 professionally predesigned color schemes to bring out the right mood in any website of any nature, and incorporates features like the Ken Burns effect, mobile and touch friendly responsive image galleries, Fullscreen Image, Video and Google Maps Backgrounds, gorgeous custom built Animated Backgrounds, and enough visual features to make your head spin, were they not so utterly gracefully applied. Birdman is also deeply resourceful and functional, with plenty of features necessary of a Coming Soon website, such as subscription forms, countdown timers, and MailChimp integration, five Content Pages for all sorts of additional information to your audience, including a gorgeous Services page with the premium OWL Carousel Slider integrated into it, a 4 column design, and total, inherent responsiveness across all devices, platforms and browsers. Fly away with Birdman!

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Bientot is a very beautiful and youthfully capricious, unique and highly creative, reliable and very solidly developed, technologically potent and functionally versatile, amazingly intuitive and entirely easy to use, comprehensively thought out and brightly colorful responsive HTML5 Coming Soon business website template. Bientot has been crafted as the ultimate solution for small to medium sized businesses, enterprises, ventures and projects to put their upcoming projects, services and products out there, to create a buzz, to viralize your upcoming indie documentary or high fashion line, sampling menu or any other kind of product capable of tantalizingly capturing the imagination of your audience with the right environment and stimulation.

That is what Bientot provides. An easygoing, accessible and relatable template, Bientot websites, while completely unique and customizable in every instance, are always incredibly intuitive, with a sort of worldly naïveté that is charming and engaging, and makes your users and potential future customers feel at ease and trusting. Bientot is ideal for soon-to-be restaurants, bakeries, creative design agencies, literary agencies, marketing firms and all sorts of similar, related, creative enterprises. With its powerful HTML5 framework and CSS3 styling, Bientot delivers a polished product that the most discerning audiences will find pleasing and moving.

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Mountain is a gorgeous and trendy, modern and hip, stylistically polished and creative, visually breath-taking and profoundly appealing, functionally refined and seamless, easy to use and customize, technologically resourceful and feature-rich, highly responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. Mountain is a very graphically polished Coming Soon website template that has been built with the latest and most powerful web technologies available, deployed in a streamlined, smooth and intuitive fashion that enables webmasters of any skill level to effortlessly deploy sophisticated HTML5 elements, dynamic CSS3 stylesheet scripting, and a wonderfully responsive Bootstrap design, right out of the box, with expansive customization capabilities for every element contained within Mountain.

Mountain has been packed to the brim with features like Flat Long Shadows, AJAXified subscription service, MailChimp subscription newsletter service integration, Working Contact Form and tons of custom backgrounds, hundreds of Font Awesome and Google Fonts, and much more. Visitors will feel relaxed and at ease, regardless of how far or soon your jQuery Countdown Timer is to hitting its mark, thanks to Mountain’s clean and pristine visual design. Mountain is a high quality template that can satisfy the most discerning of audiences, and thus, is perfect for all sorts of business Coming Soon website applications, or anywhere where quality simply cannot be compromised.

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Ticker is a highly innovative and completely creative, one of a kind and unimaginably engaging and immersive, graphically polished and flashily attractive, inherently dynamic and interactive, very user friendly and easy to customize, reliable and well built responsive HTML5 Coming Soon website template. Ticker has been built to be the ultimate Countdown Clock website, and to that end, it features a slew of styles and presentations that are centered on various gorgeous and very well finished visual representations of the passage of time. Yes, when it comes to live countdown clocks, nobody beats Ticker.

With incredibly precise backend resources that will always display countdowns with precision and smoothness while utilizing minimal resources, Ticker is a cleverly coded solution to webmasters that need to remind the world of the imminent approach of something—whatever that may be! Every element of Ticker, from its smooth JavaScript and CSS3 animations to its three infinitely cool layouts, its custom subscription forms, contact forms, Retina ready icons and modular, developer friendly, responsive Bootstrap design on an HTML5 framework, has been coordinated in such a way as to have the same result—you just can’t stop watching time tick away. Capture all that attention today and make it your own, with Ticker on your side!

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This is our first list on which we have showcased the best HTML5 coming soon website templates. If you are not familiar with HTML and CSS these templates might be tricky to setup and configure. Luckily we have got you covered and we have a wide selection of coming soon and under construction themes for WordPress that you can find here. WordPress themes comes with Theme Options that are more user friendly than trying to look into HTML source code.

If you are not a huge fan of HTML, WordPress theme style coming soon pages you might also consider WordPress maintenance plugins that you can use in combination with any WordPress theme. Here are some of the most popular WordPress plugins for that.


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