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Modern Internet culture is a quickly evolving beast, whose heart seems impossible to pinpoint but whose pulse is impossible not to feel, as it beats through the ol’ tubes and pipes, resonating with the world itself. And while no one seems able to put a finger on the heart of the beast, that hasn’t stopped us from trying. Enter Google’s Material Design concept philosophy.

Material Design is a complex idea that, when well executed, is almost imperceptible. Almost being the operative word here; Material Design involves subtle integration of increasingly powerful technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and BootStrap to provide detail oriented user experience enhancements, that are both passively and actively interactive, keeping visitors engaged and entertained even after they’ve lost their initial spur of interest. Material Design not only gives websites a polished, professional look to them, it lowers user bounce rates and improves revenue over time. And, further, it looks so, so strikingly beautiful!

The following collection of themes all include an inherent Material Design philosophy at their core, enabling many different kinds of websites and webmasters to make use of this powerful, conceptual approach to user experience and user interaction website design.

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a crisp and clever, tech-savvy and engaging, easy to use and user-friendly, highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Hestia Pro is a solid and reliable solution for webmasters from all walks of life and experience level to effectively and speedily craft youthful, colorful and modern websites for businesses and endeavors across a range of industries and corporations, particularly within the technological and startup sectors.

Hestia Pro is perfect for webmasters that want to appeal to a broad, massive and undifferentiated demographic, featuring a universally cross compatible modular Bootstrap design as well as an incredibly user friendly visual styling deploying Google’s own Material Design protocol, which furnishes your website with an intuitive and recognizable, adaptable and mobile friendly layout scheme with plentiful opportunities for graphical detailing. Hestia Pro includes an amazing visual interface for thorough and intuitive theme customization options that let you powerfully fine-tune the look and feel of your awesome one page websites with no hassle and in a matter of seconds. Convenient and functional features such as professional portfolio showcases, polished testimonials, handsome pricing plans and far more under the hood make Hestia Pro the winner’s choice every single time. Get Hestia Pro today!

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divi bright business theme

Divi is an outstanding, advanced multipurpose WordPress theme with truly limitless capabilities and astoundingly adaptability to any webmaster’s needs. Technologically sophisticated, engineered for accessibility and ease of use, powerfully pliable and resourceful beyond your wildest dreams, Divi can do it all, and stays classy and elegant while doing so.

With a module based design architecture, Divi page outlays can be modified and altered in a block like fashion, carefully selecting, shaping and sizing individual modules that can then be further hierarchized within a page or featured throughout the site as customized Mega Menus, sophisticated sliders, smart sidebars and carousels, all smoothly animated with gorgeous, Retina ready HTML5 and CSS3 visual effects and multimedia integration.

Featuring pre-designed modules and pages such as online storefronts, contact forms, galleries, catalogues, blogs, and an endless array of options, all in turn unfathomably customizable, Divi puts every webmaster in the driver’s seat of a very fast, very beautiful ride. There’s a reason Divi has satisfied nearly 300,000 customers—lightning fast loading times, native responsiveness, native compatibility with Google’s Material Design philosophy and standards make Divi an incredible value package for websites of all sizes, as countless successful businesses and individuals can attest to today. Divi is the theme that unites.

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zephyr material design theme

Zephyr is a bold, robust, colorful WordPress Material Design enabled theme, ideally suited for creative websites, projects of all sorts, portfolios, studios and agencies. Zephyr is continuously updated to newer and better versions, constantly expanding its stock of templates, features and tools.

Zephyr’s latest incarnation is a highly interactive, fresh looking theme, perfect for presenting very visual content to an attentive, discerning audience that appreciates a finished, professional look and feel to a website. Retina ready and responsive out of the box, your website will display glossy and gorgeous, regardless of viewing device utilized, from tablets to phones, from desktops to laptops, your users won’t miss a beat of your content. Customized headers and layouts, prepackaged page templates for specific functionalities, widgets and a design philosophy that permeates websites with simplicity, technology and passion, Zephyr theme websites are sure to turn some heads.

With an eye for detail, this theme packs smooth, delightful animations, visual effects and hover effects, owing to top of the line HTML5 and CSS3 code integration. Search engine optimization plays nice with crawler algorithms, translating into higher revenues for your website and higher traffic and exposure of your content to the public, as you climb the page rankings. Easy to use page builder tools will have your website up and running in no time, particularly considering the one click installation and one click demo importing systems in place. Zephyr is a theme that can make any website shine bright.

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appica - material design landing page

Appica is an attractive, polished WordPress Material Design theme, built for the purpose of showcasing mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. This elegant, inviting design is filled with HTML5, CSS3 powered visual effects that deliver a professional feel to your website, and by extension, all showcased applications.

Included are several mockups of mobile devices of all shapes, sizes and in all orientations imaginable, specifically for the purpose of adding your screenshots of your applications to show users exactly what your product will look like in their hands. iOS and Android inspired versions of the theme are both available, each with different demo pages offering different sliders, headers and footers to match any requirement you may encounter.

Customizable to a high degree, Appica allows for extensive use of customized shortcodes that permit in depth alteration of posts, content and layout to match your vision precisely. Built in BootStrap 3, an entirely HTML version is also available, though all across the board Appica is a responsive, mobile and desktop friendly theme that showcases current and coming soon apps like no other theme on the market. Custom sidebars and Mega Menus allow for even more control over your user’s navigational experience, and powerful Admin features make content management a breeze. Appica is a theme fit for any developer’s hive.

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POL is a charming and completely engaging, flat and minimalist, technologically sophisticated and articulate, dynamic and interactive, colorful and vibrant, elegant and aesthetically composed, tasteful and graceful, pliable and malleable, flexible and highly responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. POL is a carefully constructed theme that has been built based on Google’s Material Design philosophy, granting it a supremely intuitive and modern visual language that is both amply expressive and incredibly comprehensible across all demographics, making your website easily navigable to all users and giving it a palpably mobile-friendly look and feel, a clean and pristine design and incredibly fast-loading features, widgets and pages.

POL has been optimized through and through, from the codebase level to the front end user interface, ensuring a polished, finished trim that you and your audience will delight in, and with POL’s well commented code, developer webmasters will have an easy time fiddling with POL until it suits their every purpose or expectation. POL includes 16 gorgeous, predesigned layouts and an Advanced OnePage Builder with a slew of custom built sections for you to put your pages together easily and intuitively. POL is packing over 640 Google Fonts, as well as complete out of the box WooCommerce integration for your total convenience.

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StartIt is a technologically impressive and cutting edge, graphically stunning, colorful and vibrant, youthful and lively, professionally graphically designed and aesthetically flexible and innovative, flat and trendy, easy to use and very intuitively navigable, functionally sophisticated responsive WordPress startup business and commercial website theme. StartIt is a very complete and potent theme that has been gifted with a wide and vast set of tools, plugins, widgets and advanced customization options that empower webmasters from any background or skill level to seamlessly and quickly produce their own customized, incredible, engaging and professional quality startup business websites.

StartIt has been built taking plenty of cues from Google’s own Material Design philosophy, making StartIt websites a natural fit with the coming times and perfectly intuitively understandable to all demographical segments due to its simplified, streamlined, flat visual language and design. StartIt is also a technological powerhouse, with jaw-dropping MegaMenus, tons of hardware-powered Parallax visual effects, sliders and scrolling, impressive Fullscreen features and demos, powerful section-based page building and tons of expansive shortcodes for Particles Sections, Video Buttons and much more. With StartIt’s native Bootstrap modular design, every visitor can enjoy the depth and breadth of your website in a perfectly styled presentation. Get the ball going with StartIt!

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Haswell is a serious and professional, flexible and nimble, incredibly visually adaptable and highly customizable, wonderfully easy to use and convenient, full-featured and functionally ambitious, technologically accomplished and very developer friendly, fast-loading and search engine optimized responsive WordPress one page and multipage multipurpose website theme. Haswell is an extremely potent and malleable theme that has been jam-packed with a full set of powerful plugins, shortcodes and features that enable it to lend itself flawlessly to a whole host of completely different website archetypes and applications, from personal to commercial, business or corporate, it doesn’t matter—it certainly will look and work better with Haswell. Over 40 and counting demo websites are included with Haswell.

That is over 40 demo Home pages, and their respective and wholly visually cohesive Content Pages to match, of course, meaning Haswell has literally hundreds of professionally predesigned page templates for you to choose from and hit the ground running, all carefully built in compliance with Google’s Material Design philosophy, making for minimalist, clean and very visually expressive and intuitive flat designs that audiences react to, remember and easily interact with. Haswell is a perfect theme for professionals, creative agencies or firms, corporations and individuals who are looking to make a polished, bold statement on the web. Try Haswell today!

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Wizard is a gorgeous and completely visually stunning, memorable and fresh-faced, colorful and lively, youthful and vibrant, visually cohesive and coherent, very well structured and intuitively navigable, easy to use and technologically resourceful and comprehensive, fast-loading and nimble responsive WordPress creative fullscreen portfolio website theme. Wizard is a beautiful and feature rich theme that has been decked out with exclusive and potent plugins and features, professionally designed and readymade demo websites and page templates, and incredibly advanced portfolio capabilities, on top of amazing, engaging and dynamic fullscreen capacities at every turn, making Wizard a theme for webmasters that really need to catch the eye of their audiences with their attractive content under a most favorable spotlight.

Wizard provides such a spotlight, with a minimal, clutter-free visual environment inspired by Google’s Material Design philosophy that will make your users feel right at home from the instant they land upon your website, as well as helping them intuitively make their way around your content without getting in the way, and deploying effective, smooth and powerful mobile-friendly navigational tools that are completely responsive thanks to Wizard’s Bootstrap modular foundation. Truly stunning fullscreen home page demos and powerful jQuery plugins are waiting inside this full value package of a theme. Feel the magic, with Wizard!

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Creo is a colorful and stylish, modern and engaging, intuitive and easy to use, robust and reliable, highly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose and marketplace website theme. Creo has been jam packed with a series of amazingly resourceful elements, powerful and convenient widgets, handy shortcodes and some of the most adaptive, responsive visual layouts and graphical styles on the market today, deploying a polished, modern Material Design, which makes your website memorable and a visual standout among the crowded modern web.

Creo features tons of incredibly potent capabilities, especially for websites venturing into marketplace functionalities. With customizable submission forms, front end submission modules, availability calendars, group purchasing engine, Daily Deals marketplace ready to go out of the box, five different shop styles for diverse kinds of products and much more under the hood, Creo has the stuff to look good and work just right from day one, with a handsome facade covering a deeply resourceful platform. Complete with an assortment of subscription payment gateways, handling of both refunds and coupons and far more than you can think of, while always looking its very best thanks to the responsive, mobile friendly Material Design visual styling, Creo is the latest and greatest theme on the web! Try it now!

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kwoon - material design business theme

Kwoon is a versatile, flexible, sober looking WordPress multipurpose theme, designed as an all-encompassing, universally convenient theme that fits the needs of all webmasters with an understated elegance and an intuitive ease. Single page and multipage website modes are both handled with equal prowess and class.

Over a dozen different home layouts, multiple header and slider customization options, numerous blog and portfolio layouts, product grids, you name it, chances are, Kwoon has a template for it. It doesn’t stop there, though. Kwoon is out of the box enabled with WooCommerce AJAX frontend, including a beautiful custom automatically updating shopping cart.

Child theme support means you get all these benefits without even having to abandon your former theme, or ever abandon your benefits when moving on to a new one. Search engine optimization built into the code means every bit of your website will be indexed where it’s most relevant. Retina ready graphics and icons are included, as is a responsive compatibility with absolutely any device, even any device not currently on the market. If it’s got a screen, your website will look splendid on it, and arranged in a smart design. Kwoon, an intuitive WordPress theme that really carries the load for you.

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woffice - custom community theme

Woffice is an aesthetically pleasant, robust, powerful WordPress Intranet/Extranet theme, built specifically with the needs of corporations, offices, firms, institutions and related websites that need a flexible, powerful platform for professionals and customers to come together and distribute, share and view important content.

Material Design philosophy imbues your website with very powerful design responsiveness, making for gorgeous elements and details regardless of viewing device, platform or browser employed. Beautiful, understated animations, transitions and hover effects will make your website appear as polished and put-together as your business itself. Powerful security features mean you and your users can trust Woffice to safeguard sensitive information. eCommerce compatibility via WooCommerce plugin, included, means you’ll be ringing the cash registrar within 24 hours of setting up shop. Versatile demos expand possibilities to community based websites, with powerful organizational tools for both personnel and neighbors.

Prepared with WikiKnowledge, a frontend permits user based edition and creation, meaning you’re a one click installation away from making your own crowdsourced knowledge base website, or perhaps simply a dedicated niche community website. Wunderlist integration, time progress bars and frontend edit, comments and tool links make project management websites a breeze. Generally speaking, if you’re putting people together on the web, you’re just better off using Woffice.

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sility - resume theme for professionals

Sility is a smart, minimalistic, down to earth WordPress curriculum vitae and vcard management theme.  It is devoted to offering solutions for the most appealing, aesthetic and professional looking curriculum vitae presentation websites for freelancers and professionals from all walks of life. Regardless of your field, a beautiful, put-together vcard website facilitated by Sility will drive up your market value overnight.

Sility is brimming with tools and features to make managing your virtual curriculum vitae simpler, faster and easier, with minimal effort required to set up your website, so you can spend your time building your professional contacts rather than your contact page—a template that Sility provides with an elegant, modern design, and vcard download capabilities out of the box, ensuring employers can keep your information around for whenever your skills are called for.

A fully responsive, cross-platform-compatible BootStrap3 design offers interactivity and smooth reactions to user actions that engage potential employers and make your website both lively and intimate. Retina ready high resolution graphics and icons are included, and your own images will look fantastic on any device they’re rendered on. Sility is the one stop solution for all your career building personal website needs.

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tactile - corporate hipster theme

Tactile is a modern, sleek, gorgeous WordPress Material Design theme, both single page and multipage, with a strong suit in mobile device display. Responsive and well behaved on both PCs and mobile devices, Tactile is equipped with a series of features and tools that empower it in the mobile arena to ensure your website comes out on top in the most competitive of demographics; mobile websites.

Ajax frontend page transition, a customizable Mega Menu, Parallax images in sections, background video playback in sections, single vertical loop blog layouts, customizable smart swipe gesture recognition and reaction, several sophisticated blog and page layouts, with optional different logos, headers, footers and sections for mobile presentations available for added control over how your content gets displayed and where. Tactile ensures your website is delivered picture perfect every time, everywhere. WPML multilingual support eases language barriers, WooCommerce integration enables online storefront functionality out of the box within 24 hours of the single click installation process, and so many more perks, continually added via updates, that you’ll have more features and tools than you’ll know what to do with! Tactile is a new theme for a new world, and it gets a big thumbs up.

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voice - colorful magazine theme

Voice is a fresh, attractive, clean-cut WordPress theme designed to sate the needs of news & magazine websites, with a minimalist aesthetic and iconoclastic usage of images and titillating headline presentation to ensure your website is the belle of the ball.

Virtually endless color combinations and layout variations aggregate into powerful branding for your website, as Voice’s simple drag & drop page builder and extensive customized Material Design responsive elements conspire to make an indelible mark in your audience’s hearts and minds. Its sleek, gracious templates underline your content without attracting attention to themselves, leaving your readers focused and interested. Voice empowers small fashion news magazines as much as deeply intellectual journals, because Voice does one thing very well—make sure you are heard.

A plethora of included widgets and features can quickly mutate Voice into a pliable multi purpose theme, fit for any website, though peculiarly suited for communicational and content distribution based websites. A powerful Admin panel is packed with tools for tuning your website to your exact specifications. Voice’s smart modules will list your content by categories, tags, featured carousels, and infinitely customizable other options. Social media integration extends the sound of Voice into the confines of modern social circles. With Voice, there’s no place too far removed for your thoughts to resonate.

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runek - different ecommerce theme

RUNEk Is a powerful, malleable, modern WordPress Material Design concept theme, built with a deliberate eye for detail and a carefully crafted design that interweaves visibility, technological mastery and aesthetic accomplishment into a coherent, mutable theme that has a real digital soul to it. It is designed with communicational, commercial, business and corporate needs of all kinds.

RUNEk is elegantly constructed with visual leitmotifs reinforced in every possible aspect and element of each available page demo and template. The Material Design philosophy presents your website in a manner so homogenous the only thing there is to see is your content itself. The powerful Visual Composer lets you add your flair to all these designs to truly make your website your own and further your branding power. Out of the box WooCommerce capabilities turn any website into a cart-to-CRM enabled online store within minutes of installation, which itself takes a single click and under two minutes. Material Design provides gorgeous contact forms, WPML language switching is fully supported including RTL, eCommerce Wishlist and compare features will increase your conversion rate and maximize your revenue, while native responsive design plays along with all screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios imaginable.

RUNEk is a beautifully executed, wonderfully customizable WordPress theme fit for a new generation.

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Skillfully LMS

skillfully - online course theme

Skillfully is a thoughtful, warm, approachable WordPress Learning Management System theme, designed as an ideal tool for knowledge and course based education specifically, built for WooTheme’s own Sensei Learning Management System theme, which includes the Course and Lesson Management features.

Skillfully enables webmasters to quickly and painlessly set up an online marketplace where users can purchase or even offer courses and lessons of all types. Skillfully is built around Material Design, providing a stunning, cogent user experience, a Retina ready high definition display and special layouts for WooTheme’s Sensei created pages. Stylized Gravity Forms that match industry standards, coupled with WooCommerce integration either by individual course sales or via WooCommerce Tickets and your included Events Calendar, Skillfully is a veritable masterpiece of modern online learning management.

Built with HTML5 and CSS3, Skillfully loads at light speed, includes beautiful Flyout menus and social media icons, manages payment per lesson, per course or by subscription, or even combinations of the above, and it simply looks and feels like academia. Appealing, cool color combinations permeate the entire design, and the intelligent Material Design will make your custom color combinations look just as great and glossy as those included, with the added benefit of stronger branding for your website. Skillfully is a theme that will truly empower your learning management system.

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rare - material design blog

RARE is a customizable, visually stunning WordPress Material Design theme, built around the needs and necessities of personal, commercial and corporate blog websites. With gorgeous layouts, powerful masonry layout tools and interactive hover effects, RARE is a theme for the avant garde blogger that likes being on the cutting edge of it all.

RARE incorporates Material Design elements that subtly illuminate the user’s navigational experience all over your website, from subtle hover intent detection animation to ripples around clicks, elements come alive in RARE. These beautiful effects will be perfectly displayed regardless of whether they’re viewed in a tablet, a phone or a PC. RARE’s responsive design handles all mediums with equivalent dexterity. RARE can handle contributing authors and author cards, where author information and latest posts are a hoverclick away. Intelligent headers adapt to content and aspect ratio, and are HTML5 and CSS3 enabled, so your headers can be images or self hosted videos. A series of additional perks and benefits are afforded by the included JetPack WordPress plugin, setting you up with multiple attractive masonry galleries, portfolios, share links, carousels, and a myriad more goodies. Unlimited color combinations, Google fonts with enhanced legibility and SEO optimization complete the package. RARE is a theme that is truly something special.

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