۱۹ Top Advertising & Marketing Website Templates 2018


You will achieve even greater results with your advertising agency when your construct a website using one of the best marketing website templates. Just like your work should be of the utmost quality, so must be your web presence. If you are a marketing agency that helps other companies grow beyond expectations, your should appear professional across all sectors of your business. With a powerful website, you can expect new business deals to happen regularly.

Promote your services using the valuable features and carefully put together sections. Add testimonials to build customer trust and showcase your completed project with a gorgeous portfolio. On the side, you can even start writing a blog and get potential clients persuaded with a look behind the scenes. Not only that, you can use the blog for content marketing and grow your agency or freelance business organically.

Contemporary web design, innovative features, great UX and easy to manage and maintain, that’s what you get with our marketing website templates. You can start using the advertising website template right off the bat and have the website ready swiftly.

Without further ado, let’s get your online (and offline) marketing project sorted out with the must-have tools. You pretty much have it all here, you only need to turn it into a functional website. “Do not wait for the opportunity. Create it.”


faulkner website template

Faulkner will get your marketing agency set up with a fresh or redesigned website with little to no effort involved. Potentially, you will also need to spend barely any time on coming up with the exact design you fancy. Plus, the features your service requires to be presented in the best light are already available. To sum it up, with Faulkner template, you only need to have the basic coding knowledge to edit what is predefined. However, even if you are new to site development, folks behind the template are happy to help.

To get yourself or your client sorted out with a new website, Faulkner’s features come exceptionally handy. The product comes with over 150 pre-built content blocks, twelve home pages, stunning footers and headers and all other necessities. To capture visitors’ emails, Faulkner has a functional MailChimp subscription form.

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minipro website template

MiniPo is a minimal portfolio website template for marketers, digital agencies and everyone else who needs a clean and elegant web presence. You will make it happen swiftly with MiniPo template. If that is something you are after, it only took you this little time to find the ideal item. Is that luck? Or did we know exactly what templates to put in the collection of the best marketing website templates? You be the judge.

For the quickest website launch, benefit from MiniPo’s many remarkable features. Eight homes, twenty-five portfolio and twelve blog pages but a total of 52 HTML pages is what you are treated to. MiniPo is mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible, ready to take any redefining challenge and optimized for search engines. Promote your marketing services to a wider audience and grow accordingly.

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camel website template

To display your projects and services online and make visitors intrigued by your offersings, a solid website is a must. Create one with any of the marketing website templates and boost your advertising agency to new heights.
Camel is a professional website template that enhances your expertness and absorbs everyone visiting it. Of course, it is your skills and talent what matters most but a compelling web design is crucial, too. Every area of your business needs to be first-rate in order to see the best results and achieve the set goals.

The modern design of Camel template along with parallax sections, Slider Revolution and animated stats and skillbar grab everyone’s attention easily. Filterable portfolio, modifiable Google Maps, advanced typography options and search engine optimized, Camel follows all the latest practices. Your site’s performance and UX will be the best.

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aseo website template

For digital marketing and other types of tech startups, ASEO HTML template comes super advantageous. You can use it for advertising in general or for more niche-related agencies that specify in SEO, SEM, social media marketing, etc. ASEO is optimized for performance and fast loading speeds to deliver a great experience to each of your visitors. Moreover, the template itself is optimized for search engines to help you rank better for particular keywords. It is responsive and retina ready so mobile and tablet users can, too, greatly benefit from your website.

ASEO has seven stunning and up-to-date home pages at your service. On top of that, the marketing website template has several grid, fluid and masonry portfolio layouts, blog system and online store. Blend together the necessary and in the shortest space of time, you will have a website live.

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walsall website template

Sometimes, less is more. Keeping it simple and straightforward can attract a wider audience and potentially grow your business. But that is something you need to decide, whether or not you dig it or you like a bit more action, special effects and other whatnots.

If the minimal way is your way, Walsall marketing website template is meant for you. It is a creative and gorgeous web template with many fantastic features. First, Walsall is based on Bootstrap Framework for flexibility and extensibility. Adjusting the template to your needs is easy as pie. Second, you get Revolution Slider at no extra cost for a fabulous slideshow. Let the slider you are yet to create grab their attention and make them curious. Third, you also get Magnific pop-up, WOW animations, parallax effect and animated skillbars.

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cynic website template

Cynic is an exclusive marketing website template for digital agencies offering SEO, PPC and other advertising services. It is powerful enough to suit small, medium and big agencies, as well as one-man-bands. There is a lot you can do with Cynic and turn it into a standout website for your phenomenal talent and skills. Spark interest in guests with one of many available classic and modern demo layouts. Select the one that you find of the best fit and start improving it. Or simply add your content, info, logo and other details and have a page finished in a snap.

Let’s break down the available templates Cynic delivers. One has a total of 42 pages and is best for big agencies. The second one is for small-to-medium sized digital agencies with eighteen pages and the last one is for one-page websites.

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verso website template

Loads can be done with a unique multi-purpose website template that sports many pre-made material. One of them is Verso and it is not your ordinary tool for making websites. While you avoid the majority of work with seventeen demos, you can still customize the template how you fancy. Each of the demos has been researched in advance and carefully put together to fit the website to the T.

Amongst the big collection of samples, one is dedicated to creative agencies in full. That’s why it is safe to say that we can also call Verso a marketing website template. But in general, Verso is an all-in-one tool for constructing pages of nearly any type. Unlimited headers, mobile-friendly, beautiful typography and extensive documentation are just some of the features of Verso.

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simpleux website template

What do you get if you combine “simple” with “user experience?” You get Simpleux creative website template for marketing agencies, businesses and one-of-a-kind portfolio pages. Or maybe the name is structured in a way not even close to my interpretation. If you have a better one, share it in the comments section below. I’m all ears.

Simpleux is a one-page Bootstrap 4 website template with a contemporary and stylish design. Showcase your agency and marketing services, completed projects, get visitors informed about your prices and let them get in touch with you using the integrated functional contact form. How Simpleux presents your content online is hard to pass by. From jaw-dropping animations and several different homes to subscription form and overall peculiar design, Simpleux makes your project to stand out.

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seohub website template

SEOhub marketing website template helps your business to get online with a bang. SEO, social media, general marketing and advertising, no matter what you excel at, SEOhub covers the major part of your website building. You only need to do a few simple tasks and you are pretty much ready to hit the online streets. But what exactly do you get with the SEOhub package?

Five differing home styles, over fifty inner pages, several header and navigation variations and a thorough documentation. The other key features of SEOhub HTML5 template are Revolution Slider, responsive mega menu, retina display ready and parallax effect. Of course, there are many more but we might talk about the rest some other time. Rush checking live preview and see SEOhub real-time, all its demos and other components.

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vation website template

Responsiveness and flexibility make Vation template a product with boundless possibilities and options. In short, it is a multi-concept website template for numerous types of websites. Business, agency, portfolio, personal, you can do all these but with a touch of your added creativity, the limits are none. For your information, Vation also sports a vast number of blog layouts and an online store.

Vation is user-friendly with an in-depth documentation so even beginners can fully take it to their advantage. On the other hand, Vation also calls for happy days for advanced users. To get you even more familiar with Vation template, following are some of its pivotal features. Twelve first pages, 100% responsive layout, carousel image slider, easy to modify code and free icons. With upcoming updates, even more pre-made content will be on tap. Sort out your marketing agency’s web presence with Vation.

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gullu-ly website template

By using a solid Bootstrap business website template for an advertising agency, your online presence will be of the highest standards. Gullu.ly is the template you can create terrific websites with. Wait until you see it live and check all its amazing features, extensions and elements. But first, you need to select one of the predefined demos. Those are three and vary from creative agency, corporate and business. Of course, you can use all three for advertising businesses of any type.

Gullu.ly has pixel perfect coding, responsive and retina friendly design. It is compatible with modern browsers and rocks the latest Bootstrap Framework. Besides, you do not have to be an expert to feel comfortable refining Gullu.ly’s layouts. On top of that, reliable customer support is at your service at all times.

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Onepage Studio

onepage studio website template

Onepage Studio is a professional landing page website template covering niches of many industries. Optimized for great performance with fantastic customization options to get the most out of both worlds. While it will be a real entertainment setting up a website for your marketing business, users will have just as much fun browsing through your content. Bear in mind, Onepage Studio is more than just a template. It comes fully equipped with a page builder for effortless website development.

Choose your demo, select other handy templates and combine all the available features into a website like none out there. Doing all this work will make you feel like you are a pro at it even if you are constructing your very first site. Your advertising agency will shine in the online space with a website powered by Onepage Studio.

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infinity website template

Do we hear an infinite amount of options that infinity template delivers? If one-page website template is what you are looking for your marketing site, then the answer is affirmative. So far, there are twelve demos at your disposal but more will drop with future template updates. Speaking of updates, those are free for every user. In addition, infinity also has twelve headers and twelve footers for you to come up with the needed combination easily.

infinity satisfies everyone who is after a template with a parallax effect. That is something infinite marketing website template is exceptionally good at. What it is also great at is SEO, cross-browser customization and responsiveness. When it comes to modifying the color and editing other elements of infinity template, do it at free will.

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score website template

Just like yourself, everyone wants to score his or her first business deal as soon as the project sees light. Sometimes, you need to be patient for the first gig to become a realization. If born under the lucky star, it can happen right off the bat. However, to increase your potential, these marketing website templates are here to support you on your road to success.

Let’s continue the collection with Score template. Ideal item for SEO and digital agencies but you can use it for other advertising businesses comfortably. Essential features of Score are Slider Revolution, fifteen HTML pages, mobile-friendly layout and two homes with two headers. Fully supported about, services and projects pages, blog and contact section with form and Google Maps. Social icons, subscription widget, pricing tables and testimonials, your website will not miss anything if you pick Score.

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conpress website template

Conpress is a digital marketing website template to build a working and fully functional page quickly. Do yourself a favor and start the journey with a convenient tool. This way, you will save countless hours and a good portion of your budget. With a template, you do not have to get a developer to create a website for you. Instead, you will do it yourself! If you do not feel like a winner just yet, you will feel one a few moments later when the requested website will be ready for the launch.

Now let’s briefly chat about Conpress. With Conpress, you are in possession of six front page designs, six headers and thirty overall HTML files. Working contact form, footer widgets, unique pricing tables and all sorts of other goodies, you become the instant owner of.

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seo plus website template

SEO+ specializes in, well, SEO, SEM, SMM and general website performance improvements. To launch a business related to the mentioned terms, SEO+ is the marketing website template that takes care of your web appearance. Any page you craft with this modern and neat template will be fluent and work smoothly on any device. This goes for desktop computers down to smartphones. Thanks to the power of Bootstrap Framework what makes the template flexible and adaptable. All the latest technologies and other modern practices accompany SEO+ to make sure the final creation functions seamlessly.

Even though SEO+ holds many ready-to-use home and inner pages, you are allowed to perform tweaks and improvements. Elevate the template with your individual touch and make it succeed at complying with your branding. SEO+ is a grand SEO and marketing website template.

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dbs website template

Digital Business solution or short DBS is a marketing website template with a modern user in mind. Meaning, it is responsive, retina ready and in compliance with modern web browsers while using it is kids’ stuff. DBS is a Bootstrap 4 template to give your websites even more space to breath and you the freedom to customize it however you like it.

DBS is rich in features, too, what calls for a high-end website for your professional advertising services. To list a few, DBS has parallax effect, WOW animations, smooth scroll, hover effects and animated statistics. Categorized portfolio, full blog system and a call-to-action button in the menu. The latter is a “Get a Quote” button that opens a form in a pop-up with your contact details. That’s tons of features and we did not even mention all the special pages.

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elenor website template

Just as beautiful as next marketing website template’s name is so is its design. Meet Elenor. It is for creative agencies, corporate websites and even portfolios and other similar pages. After all, 25 HTML files come with the Elenor bundle which you can use them however you fancy. Of course, you will want to start with selecting the best first page. Those are a few and vary from full-screen banner and big slider to particles, water and parallax effects. Once that is solved, mix homepage with other HTML pages and complete the puzzle. Like any other template welcomes customization and improvements so does Elenor. Still, you can use it as is and rather spend the time to grow your business. Seems like a plan! Further investigate the template with live preview and have your page active today. More info / Download


c-biz website template

If there is one website template that does not need multiple front page styles it is none other than C-Biz. In C-Biz’s case, one is more than enough. It is all because this one is hefty enough to suit a multitude of users. What is more, C-Biz does not have a single issue satisfying even the pickiest business owners. As a matter of fact, that is what C-Biz is extremely good at.

C-Biz is a multi-page website template with a clean and validated HTML5 and CSS3 code. It is organized in a friendly way so even beginners can fully benefit from C-Biz template. Expect your website to have CSS3 animations, fancybox photo gallery, video that opens in a pop-up and a portfolio no one will be able to resist.

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