۱۹ Best Insurance Website Builders 2018

With the right set of tools aka insurance website builders on hand, you can create a page for your services fast and reliable. Even if you are a complete beginner, without any real design and code skills, with this modern technology, you can hammer out a fantastic page that will put you on top. Since I just mentioned code, there is no programming included, but you can still reach the professional levels with ease.

You will not really need to get your hands dirty when using insurance website builders. All of a sudden, web development becomes as easy as pie. Anyone can do it, regardless of your skills or any at all.

In the collection of the best tools for building insurance websites below, we gathered a wide variety of them for you to find the one that caters to your needs and requirements effortlessly. Some are generic, universal and some are niche-oriented. If you truly want to get the most out of a builder, create an insurance agency website with the former. And one of the best options for you to go with is to utilize the power and the magic of Wix.

Create a website that will drive your business, provide all the necessary information and even case studies. Get those interested in your services familiar with your insurance company and take it to another level. No matter if it is life, fire, health, home, auto or any other type of insurance, you specialize in, make a website today for a better tomorrow.


wix insurance website builder

As mentioned earlier, Wix is one of the best website builders for insurance pages out there. It is a powerful tool that you can use for creating pretty much any type of website you fancy. And if that means for an insurance agency, Wix is happy to help you out. With all the amazing and valuable features and assets it comes with, it will be a small breeze setting up the desired online presence. No need to look elsewhere, you can simply go with Wix and all the rest becomes history.

What’s interesting about Wix are the three main processes it offers when starting out. You can go with ADI, Editor or Code. I think the latter two are pretty self-explanatory, as for the former, you might have no idea what it is all about. ADI is nothing else than Wix’s artificial design intelligence that gets you up and running in little to no time. All it needs are some basic information and you are presented with the neatest web designs.

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ukit insurance website builder

Do you hate the idea of spending time designing websites instead of focusing on attracting clients? Then worry not, as uKit is here to save the day every single time. Simplicity and versatility are key qualities that this insurance website builder possesses. There is a vast collection of themes available all of which are put together inventively. Whether you are an expert or not at programming and HTML, uKit provides you the option to create a site without the need to have any tech background. But that is something you know already.

With built-in mobile styling and a fully responsive design, your site will look great on any browser and device. Safeguard your site’s security by adding page specific passwords to keep things private. What’s more, boost online presence with the search engine optimization tool and target the keywords that will drive traffic. Overall, uKit is a winner builder for the insurance niche.

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squarespace insurance website builder

What you can do with Squarespace is pretty mind-bending. It is a stupendous software that offers all the material, elements and components to craft pages of all styles, shapes and sizes. Needless to say, you can also use Squarespace as an insurance website builder and get your word out. And you will get things sorted out it its entirety sooner rather than later. After you select one from countless ready-to-use templates, you can just add your content and be ready for the launch. Of course, you should know that you can improve and adjust the web design according to your branding needs and make it stand out a mile. It’s easy!

Even when it comes to web hosting, domain names and security, the amazing Squarespace has it all sorted out for you. Just sign up and you can manage and maintain your entire web space from one location. If that is not convenience than I do not know what is. Enjoy the fun with Squarespace by taking action and go to business.

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agentmethods insurance website builder

Why choose something ordinary if you can find other builders which have a specialization? AgentMethods is truly the ultimate insurance website builder you will ever need. That said, no need to look for a generic alternative since AgentMethods is dedicated to the industry. Developing websites since 2009, this builder has pretty much mastered the art and science of insurance. It is natural that the developers know already what to expect from an insurance agency website. Thus, you get the precise web design that will fit your needs and regulations precisely.

Start your fourteen-day free trial and you will see how its features speak for themselves. Involve your visitors with the integrated blog platform and execute content marketing like a champ. Other goodies of AgentMethods are custom-made lead generation forms, search engine optimization, hosting and landing pages for marketing campaigns to name a few. Without further ado, launch your insurance agency website today and expand your reach.

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ITC – Insurance Agency Websites

insurance agency website builder

Time is indeed essential in financial planning. Save your precious time by choosing a reliable insurance website builder to streamline your site’s creating process. Introducing ITC, a specialized service provider that you will ever need. This is one of those niche-specific sites that, unfortunately, does not give you as much freedom as you receive with the universal builders. To get your own, super exclusive insurance website, it takes ten days to complete and from then you can start to commence operations fully.

The developers behind ITC do not believe in instant gratification, especially if the end product turns out to be half-baked. With ITC, you will get everything without follow-ups, mishaps and errors. Choose a template and talk to one of ITC’s coordinators to discuss your preferred design. The one-on-one treatment allows for extensive customization of your company site. After all, ITC aims to make your agency visible for your clientele. A different approach compared to all the other builders but still a promising one.

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brightfire insurance website builder

Agencies have depended on BrightFire for their web design needs. To go against the norm once again, we deliver you another solution for your insurance websites. It’s the versatility we bring to the table and BrightFire is one fine proof of that. BrightFire encourages insurance agents to successfully cultivate their presence on the internet, boost search engine rankings, generate more leads and cater high-quality services with a professionally-made website.

Of course, the final product you get will be mobile-ready, flexible and cross-browser compatible. No need to worry about any of the technical part, it is BrightFire that takes care of it in full. After trying and testing for seventeen years straight, they perfected the process to make sure you get the most out of it. You also get stuff like blog pages, forms, policy service and a whole lot more. All packages have zero-risk, upfront pricing and no hidden costs.

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weebly insurance website builder

Highlight your agency or company better by taking it online. Seriously, if you do not own a website yet, you must know that it is mandatory in this day and age. With Weebly’s help, you will accomplish the goal of putting yourself in front of your potential clients in a simplified way. This insurance website builder works its wonders in so many ways. Try it for a few days to witness most of its groundbreaking features. No risk, no hidden charges, no BS, nothing to lose.

There are hundreds of specialized themes to choose from which allows for personalization. Once you pick the right one, simply upload images, embed media and stuff it with your compelling insurance agency information and achievements. Utilize over two hundred apps to elevate your website and make it one-of-a-kind. Drag, drop, resize, manage and edit to your heart’s content, that’s how Weebly rolls. You have overall control of your work which is definitely rewarding.

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yola insurance website builder

Lead your customers into the world of finance showing them a breathtaking website made by Yola. As a website builder, it has serviced over twelve million users around the world and still counting. Discover gorgeous themes such as the simplistic Pasadena, the sophisticated Albion, the versatile Maddux and the modern Twin Peaks. Needless to say, there is something for every taste. In addition to that, you can always modify and alter the ready-made layout and make it follow your wants and demands to a T.

You can get Yola for free, but premium plans are also available for when you decide to step things up. For as little as $4.95 monthly, you can get unlimited pages and bandwidth, custom domain, private registration, premium support and 2GB storage. Yes, along with the website maker software, you also get all these fantastic goodies. Yola is easy and hassle-free to use, with no HTML monkeyshines required. You will surely love trying this building and falling in love with it as it is very exciting to explore.

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jimdo insurance website builder

It is a recognized fact that creativity has its own bounds, even for the most artistic minds. It can be troublesome and annoying when you need to do something and the deadline is just around the corner. If you are one of those people, no problem, as Jimdo will bear your burden. Thousands of websites have respected this builder, even when it comes to insurance pages. Due to a collection of amazing templates and fantastic features, anyone can have the desired page up and running shortly. Of course, without coding!

Jimdo includes innovative layouts, in-page editing, background effects, premium fonts and loads more. It even has an eCommerce tool in case you are ready to get your services in motion. Besides, Jimdo comes with two spectacular features; Dolphin and Creator. Jimdo Dolphin is the artificial intelligence design assistant that helps you come up with the best fitting web design in just three minutes. Unbelievable, I know! On the other hand, it is Jimdo Creator that gets your creative spirit flowing.

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bookmark insurance website builder

Your imagination can do so many wonders with the help of Bookmark. Highly sought after by agents, brokers, clients and other financial experts, this insurance website builder is definitely second to none. While it has a huge collection of starter themes to guide you, Bookmark boasts its AI design assistant to simplify the process further. You are free to use any style of different pages to let out your individuality. This opens a wide scope of opportunities to those who dream of exercising their creative freedom while portraying a respectable brand image.

All Bookmark’s designs fit well with any mobile device due to its responsiveness. Get the amazing AiDA to help you on your journey of realizing your insurance agency website and have the layout ready in two minutes. When AiDA strikes heavy, magical things happen right in front of your eyes. Just provide the essential information of yourself and your business and AiDA gets you the design that would fit you best.

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ucraft insurance website builder

Get your website working efficiently with uCraft. This insurance website builder caters to all pros who wish to showcase all things related to the industry. But you do not really need to be a pro at web development. Heck, you do not even need to know how to code since there will be no HTML involved. uCraft is certainly one of the best builders you can find for many reasons. For a free trial, you can gain access to its multiple themes that go along with color schemes and background elements.

After choosing your template, customizing pages and adding your content will be mere child’s play. You can even add and manage social media links and blogs if you fancy. Market your services online with the all-in-one tool, uCraft, and get your business thriving. Integrate valuable apps, track your site’s performance with analytics tool and enjoy 24/7 customer support via chat, all this and more with uCraft.

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site123 insurance website builder

Uplift your website as easy as 1 2 3! Design, customize and publish with Site123, an insurance website builder that will impress your customers vastly. This builder’s goal has always been to level up your online platform and offer servicing details that are truthful. In addition, it is appropriate for business and eCommerce sites, but any niche is possible. Exercise design freedom freely with hundreds of templates available. Say goodbye to coding and hello to convenience. That’s how things are with the impressive Site123.

Such a complete package, isn’t it?

With affordable, lightweight and magnanimous features, you will be able to create your website like an expert. And, needless to say, you do not really need to be one! Furthermore, start with Site123 for free and have a website up with little work and energy invested on your end. Get things moving and grow your insurance company above and beyond thanks to Site123 and all the perks it comes with.

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websitebuilder insurance website builder

Bursting with the top of the line design amenities, Websitebuilder surely knows how to amaze even the most meticulous clientele. No matter how picky you are, Websitebuilder sure has something for you. The fact that it is an insurance website builder seems shocking, but thanks to that, it has secured customers’ trustworthiness with countless sites already built. You see, that’s how these universal page builders are, they can easily adapt to nearly any niche you operate in.

Choose from various attractive templates that are also rich in detail and charm. Assemble the pieces together to create an amazing masterpiece. Integrate other custom elements and enrich the online presence with your signature style. Following SEO standards, your site has the potential to get ranked quicker and higher in Google and other search engines. The Starter plan is free of charge and provides the essentials that will help you get the gist of it.

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webflow insurance website builder

When you sign up for Webflow, a whole new horizon of possibilities unlocks right in front of you. There are no limits and no boundaries when it comes to the versatile and flexible Webflow. It is a multi-purposeful page editor which you can effortlessly use as an insurance website builder. Do your thing with what is available and part of the deal or start with a blank canvas and build your agency website step by step. Whatever the case, first and foremost, you cannot make a mess. And secondly, you are guaranteed that the final design will be a cracking one.

Go with the flow when utilizing Webflow and enjoy the complete creative freedom it offers you. As for the mobile-readiness, cross-browser compatibility and search engine optimization, that’s something Webflow covers it already for you. On top of that, domain names and web hosting are also part of the game for your convenience.

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webnode insurance website builder

Create a codeless and hassle-free website by accentuating your unique style and concept. Do it with Webnode, an insurance website builder developed especially for you. It is a well-made software for anything under insurance-related, from portfolios to corporate agencies and businesses alike. Essentially, Webnode applies an adaptive approach which is trusted by more than thirty million people globally. All layouts look fabulous on either desktop or mobile devices. It is built with modern features, following all the latest web regulations.

What grabs your immediate attention is the fact that you can build pages with Webnode free of charge. Of course, there are certain limitations appended to the free plan but you can still get things moving in the right direction. Customer support is also quick, devoted and consistent so you are always in good hands. Edit the website to your likings, ask for assistance if needed and shine online with a Webnode-based online space.

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IM Creator

im creator insurance website builder

With any of the website builder you find in this hand-picked collection, you are assured fantastic results. Some give your more creative freedom compared to the others, and with the third ones, you almost need to do no work.

If you are looking for pliability and adaptability, IM Creator is the free website builder you should not miss checking out. Since you do not really need to invest any budget, you can test the waters first and see how amazing and extraordinary the tool is for yourself. Chances are, you will be hooked in an instant, not bothering checking out any other service.

IM Creator is a pack full of handy features and traits that you can use for building an insurance website swiftly. There is also a super cool feature called XPRS which is nothing else than a mobile app that allows you to update your page on the go, from your handheld device.

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strikingly insurance website builder

Join millions of users worldwide who confidently vouch for Strikingly’s ability to amplify online presence. Believe it or not, this insurance website builder has loads of features waiting for you. Every theme is well-matched with all elements of web design. Strikingly applies a modern approach which gives you the liberty to manage your own database with its all-in-one platform. As a result, you can execute a seamless web page perfectly for your visitors and clients. It also contains cool and functional stuff like media sliders, custom colors and more.

You do not even need to fear the thought of coding at all. With Strikingly, it is all about dragging and dropping elements and you are finished. It pretty much goes as simple as that! The hype is real and you will totally meet the SEO requirements that put your site on top with its convenient tools. Make a difference with the striking Strikingly and grow your insurance business to new successes.

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elementor insurance website builder

If you are a fan of WordPress, you are a fan of Elementor. You might not know it just yet, but as soon as you put the tool to use, you will know what I mean. It is a fantastic and multi-functional page builder that satisfies any users regardless of your niche. In our case, we can safely call Elementor an insurance website builder. It is equipped with all the necessary and required material, plus a ton more. Nothing is missing in the pack of goodies Elementor brings to the table. Not to mention, if you already have a WordPress theme, you can easily integrate it with Elementor and make your lives a whole lot simpler.

۱۰۰% responsive, pixel-perfect designs, drag and drop technique, widgets, background gradients and videos, you name it, the list of specialties goes on and on. Even without any prior experience in web design, with Elementor, you can still bring into being an envious insurance website that will express your professionalism and impress all your potential clients.

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webstarts insurance website builder

Is it actually imaginable to put functionality and stylishness together in a website? Well, for Webstarts, it is! This insurance website builder fine-tunes every component and section of your page. Created with passion and dedication, Webstarts assures all templates are clean and trendy. Yes, you can simply pick a predesigned layout and you are closer than ever to finalizing your insurance page. Webstarts allows you to go against the grain with its interactive features and make your thing hassle-free.

In addition, Webstarts is fully flexible and extendable, as well as compatible with pretty much any browser conceivable. For an added touch, you can swiftly include sections, like blog and even online store, if you see them fitting. Add promotional videos and spark their interest with your friendliness and professionalism. Give them a chance to experience your insurance services online before they get in touch or schedule a consultation.

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