۱۹ Best Free & Responsive Admin Templates 2017


Boost your workflow and save yourself enormous amounts of time with these free admin templates. You are now able to create a fantastic user interface for your online projects without the need to invest too much of your effort into it. Take ready-to-use templates to your advantage and manage your websites and apps like the big fishes are doing it. Once you have all under control and a complete overview of your project, you can start performing tweaks and scale up the results.

All free admin templates you find in the collection below sport a stunning homepage layout which you can tailor to your needs. Not only are these tools valuable in features, but they are also all rocking marvelous designs. This only makes them more pleasurable to use. You cannot go wrong with a template that follows modern design trends and fantastic characteristics. But it all comes down to your personal preferences and requirements.

There are many variations of free admin templates we have for you to find the one that will meet your needs. Some are more specific while the other more generic. However, once you grow your project to new heights, you might find yourself in need of upgrading the admin. In most of the cases, free versions come with a premium upgrade. But if you feel like free is not really what you are looking for, skip this step and go with a Bootstrap admin template right off the bat.

If you are launching a fresh new project which is in need of an admin dashboard, we have you sorted. Whether you are looking to test the waters with a free tool or jump in with both feet and choose a premium admin template, we have a solution for you. In both cases, each template you go with is responsive and comes with certain amount of features that you will find of benefit. Take action now and build superb web apps.



Gentelella is this stunning free Bootstrap dashboard template which you can use to build absolutely outstanding admins with it. Since the layout and all the elements are built and ready to use, you will save yourself plenty of time with it. No need to be designing and developing an admin from scratch.

Due to Bootstrap Framework, Gentelella is flexible and ready to work and adapt to any screen size, mobile, tablet and desktop. The tool also comes with several jQuery plugins which will be highly useful when tracking data and optimizing your online project. Charts, calendar, off-canvas menu, progress bars and a bunch of other elements which you need when creating the wanted admin panel.

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A free Bootstrap 4 admin template which sounds very powerful if you read its name out loud. Adminator does not shy away from creating powerful administrators and back-end dashboards. There is a collection of custom pages, applications and widgets at your service that speed up the building process. It is minimal and modern in the design what makes it that more fun to work with. Not to mention, appealing to the eye. Now you can have all the site and app data gathered in one gorgeous location.

Adminator comes with both Google and vector maps, chat, forms, UI elements and additional pages, like sign in/up and error 404 pages. There is little work needed to make it run and start using it for your popular website. See where the visitors come from, monthly sales and a to-do list for the following week.

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visitors free admin template

Visitors is a free admin template which you can use for a variety of intentions. It is a multi-purpose product which many developers and webmasters will find it of great use for the products they work on. The tool was built using Bootstrap, HTML5 and jQuery, is cross-browser compatible and entirely responsive. View it on your handheld devices or desktop, either you are on the go or in your office. You can freely check the live demo from your favorite gadget and see how Visitors template looks in action.

Graphs for daily and monthly statistics, calendar, message notifications, animated navigation and different form pages, these all come with Visitors. Download it for free and start using it right away. With a small investment of your time and effort, you can achieve great things quickly and efficiently. Go all in and make the most out of Visitors if the design is something that you dig.

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esteem free admin template

If you are looking for a flat admin panel template that uses Bootstrap, Esteem can easily do the job for you. It has a contemporary look to it with all the necessities that you can use with most of your websites and applications. Every element is smoothly integrated into the template for you to have a clear view over your web app data.

The creative admin you are yet to form with Esteem template has a whopping number of features. It all begins with a great navigation and a full-screen option. Various charts, progress bars, stacked chart, weather forecast widget, social media integration and animated line chart, these and many more goodies are all part of Esteem. Use it for whatever website you are developing, as a back-end or in any other section of your page.

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coreui free admin template

CoreUI follows all the latest trends and technologies to make your user interfaces of the highest standards. It is a completely free item which you can download and put to work right off the bat. It is an open source Bootstrap 4 Framework admin template with many great features. Instead of coming up with your design and putting together your preferred elements the admin panel should have, CoreUI has the majority of stuff ready to use.

Various widgets, social media integration, forms, Font Awesome icons, cards, you name it and CoreUI template will deliver it. The main off-canvas menu along with notification, messages and settings menu for a quick access play for a great navigation. What you are about to construct with CoreUI will be ready for all the devices and compatible with all the browsers.

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Pixel Admin Lite

pixel free admin template

An inevitable free admin template for your online projects is certainly Pixel Admin Lite. It uses soft colors, up-to-date design and plenty features for bringing about an outstanding admin dashboards. The template comes with seven templates for pages, like error 404, profile page and others. With over ten UI elements, you easily create the much-needed admin panel to have complete control over your app or website’s performance. Speaking of creating, Pixel Admin Lite template is easy to customize and tailor to your precise needs.

Notice: you can use the free version of the template on for personal use. If you would like to use it commercially, you need to go with the pro version of Pixel Admin Lite. With the upgrade, you get many more cool features and extensions to bring your admin to the next level. But test the waters with the gratis version and see how it goes.

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SB Admin 2

sb admin 2 free admin template

SB Admin 2 is a free HTML admin template which is powered by Bootstrap 4 for full flexibility. It comes perfect if you need a dashboard or even a webapp UI starter for the promising online project you are launching. For more options and possibilities, SB Admin 2 features custom jQuery plugins to increase template’s potential. You only truly understand what is possible with the free admin templates we have gathered for you once you put them to use.

From responsive top drop-down menu and three custom panel styles to social buttons library and responsive Bootstrap timeline, SB Admin 2 covers many project’s needs. With the included LESS files, you can enjoy an in-depth customization and make the administrator look how you fancy. Along with that, you get a login page, categorized tables and chat widget. An all-in-one pack of goodies if you will.

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lumino free admin template

To develop yourself an ideal administration panel in a snap, Lumino is the free template which will allow you to do just that. It is a responsive HTML5 tool built on Bootstrap 3 Framework with a nice selection of features. Awesome widgets, charts, forms, UI elements, login page and the main dashboard page, everything is carefully designed and developed for you to get the most out of each section of your newly built admin. That is exactly what all our free admin templates are all about. It all comes down to your personal decisions what style you dig the most. Other than that, all will leave you satisfied.

Included, you will also find notifications, comfy navigation and various UI elements. However, the free version of Lumino template comes with limitations. When you feel to upgrade, you can do it quickly with choosing Lumino Pro. No need to be looking for another admin template.

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Ample Admin Lite

ample admin lite free admin template

Ample Admin Lite is a clean and minimal free admin panel. You can use it for almost any type of dashboard for every application or website you are working on. And when you reach your business goals and need to upgrade, you can do it by going premium. Ample Admin has both options available. The first one is to see how it works while the second one is when you want to unlock a whole new back-end world. Still, if the free version is all you need, by all means, stick with it for as long as you want, there is no time cap.

Some of the features of Ample Admin Lite template are seven one-of-a-kind pages (404 included), more than ten UI elements and a basic table for gathering data. If simplicity is your thing, than Ample Admin Lite is a great choice for you. Look no further and start building the required admin panel now.

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edmin free admin template

Whether you are someone new who needs a custom admin or you are a professional individual, available free tools are a handy approach for both. The former will save time and effort while the latter may gain inspiration. In many cases, you can even switch to pro version and scale things up. But go with the free and only upgrade when you feel there is a need for doing it.

Edmin is one of many great free admin templates which sports HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Not only that but it has many jQuery plugins that you can use for the project you actively work on. It is a responsive template with an elegant and flat design what makes it eye-friendly no matter the device you are on. Login, profile and users pages, charts and tables, tasks and messages, these are all part of Edmin. It is only a matter of time when you see first numbers in your dashboard that you put together with Edmin.

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klorofil free admin template

Elegance and cleanness are what you get with the free admin template, Klorofil. Of course, there is way more to it than just the looks but we need to start somewhere, right? With the free option, you receive all the basic elements that a functional admin panel needs. That means, tables, charts, timeline, notifications and different predefined pages. As far as the UI elements go, you are treated with badges, buttons and progress bars. You definitely will not find anything missing.

To be more specific, the free version of Klorofil comes with fifty UI elements and three ready-to-use pages. You can use it for personal and commercial projects but attribution is mandatory. Whenever you find it important to go pro, skip excuses and jump in with both feet. But as a starting point, there is no need to be spending any budget.

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brilliant free admin template

Whether you are on a desktop, tablet or any other mobile device, free admin template, Brilliant, smoothly adapts to any screen size. What I especially like about Brilliant is the fact that on mobile, it displays the entire admin overview page. You do not have to click and scroll much for a quick check. You can also hide the menu and have it appear very straightforward with the data.

Brilliant is a responsive Bootstrap tool for building outstanding dashboards with ease. The template is adaptable and user friendly what makes it ready for almost all types of online projects. In other words, it is a multi-functional product which can face even the toughest challenges. Line, bar, donut and area charts, responsive table, task panel, forms and many other components are all part of the Brilliant template. Smooth scrolling, collapsing sidebar and customization options are additional treats for the most functional admin panel.

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Modular Admin

modular free admin template

Hence the name, Modular Admin is a free open source admin template crafted in a modular way. What this means is that you will not have any issues adjusting it to your needs. Moreover, scaling and maintaining it will be easy and uncomplicated.

A great combination of white and green make Modular Admin very pleasant to the eye. Due to its simplicity, the use is easy and the organization accurate. Checking visitors, sales, downloads, total income and closed tickets just became a whole lot simpler. See sales by country, pending and completed tasks and further inspect how your website performs. With a clearer understanding of how well your project is doing, you are more comfortable to scale. Track it all and boost your sales, downloads and traffic.

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shoppy free admin template

When in need of something a bit more specific for your online shop, free eCommerce admin template, Shoppy, is the one item you need. Although it is quite versatile, it was built with online stores and marketplaces in mind. It is a powerful HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap template with a beautiful design and great characteristics. Special eCommerce section with pricing panels and prices is what makes Shoppy template stand out from the crowd.

For business websites where tracking sales is crucial, Shoppy template makes it very easy to operate with all the collected statistics. See which products are best sellers and what does not sell at all. If you have an admin panel that can take care of the numbers for you, you immediately have an advantage compared to those who do not do it. Sure, the quality of the product or service matters most but if you understand the numbers you can reach desired goals much faster.

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templatevamp free admin template

Growing with free Bootstrap admin template, TemplateVamp, will happen much smoother. You do not have to have a ton of prior coding and design knowledge to be able to create a custom admin dashboard. No need to be learning something new, TemplateVamp makes it all effortless even if you are a novice. Quickly and effectively, you will have professional looking administrator ready for your online projects.

TemplateVamp is a customizable, responsive and light-weight template which looks stylish and loads fast. If you need a quick and an easy manageable solution to begin your online journey with, TemplateVamp is a great starting point. No need to be dealing with too much technical and design work. Most of it is finished and ready to be put into play. Just make the first step, take action and all the rest becomes history.

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target free admin template

Target is a Material Design free admin template which foundations are Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. This roughly tells you everything you need to know about Target. It is responsive, adaptable and delivers a clean and minimal design. But I bet you are all interested in knowing the amazing features. Like all free admin templates, you find in this list, Target is no different regarding plugins and widgets. There are many you can put into to use and create yourself the dashboard you need for your current online project.

Charts, tables, smooth scrolling, UI elements and Google Fonts are some of the main features of Target. Its code is also clean and friendly to all developers. That said, it is a template which you can customize without a struggle. Enjoy the live preview and start downloading.

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adminbsb free admin template

No matter the reason you have, if you are after a template that sports both Bootstrap Framework and Google Material Design, AdminBSB might be your number one pick. Customizing, managing and maintaining the template is easy as pie. You will not have a problem using it with small smartphone screens, tablets and even the largest desktops. AdminBSB adjusts in an instant to all devices so there is no need to worry about that.

Bright colors, real time statistics, cross-browser compatible and a variety of UI elements, AdminBSB does not omit any essential features. More or less, it comes with all these extra stuff that will benefit you greatly. With AdminBSB admin template, it is going to be a joyful experience checking out statistics and further optimizing your website or app. If colors are your thing, then you already know which template is for you.

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hybrid free admin template

If you have not found yourself the right admin building tool yet, you might just find yourself the answer. Here is Hybrid template and it is just about as awesome as it can get. It is a new-age aka contemporary flat and smoothly designed template which makes an end to your template hunt. Hybrid has all you need plus a few additional extras that will be of great use.

First things first, Hybrid appears beautifully on any device and is simple to use and customize. With the quality HTML code, pretty much all is possible. It is an all-around template with many practical plugins which make it suitable for all types of projects. Websites, web application or anything else you are building, make you admin unique with Hybrid.

You do not always have to build from scratch. In many cases, you can start with what is available, free or premium, and start from there.

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Nice Admin

nice free admin template

Products which are called nice must surely be as nice as they get. A great proof is Nice Admin template. It is a free Bootstrap 3 template which creates outstanding admin panels. The overall sophisticated design focuses on delivering the best user experience and is greatly succeeding at it. With the number of available plugins you get, it is realistically possible to construct advanced dashboards. And all will work with any browser and mobile device you use like a dream.

Forms, UI components, map, widgets, charts and pre-made pages, you get it all and then some with Nice Admin. The template will show you downloads, sales, stock, traffic, messages and more. It is really a ton you can do with Nice Admin and use it for any task you are working on.

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