۱۸ Best WordPress Themes for Artists Such as Musicians, Singers, Painters and Other Creatives – ۲۰۱۷

What makes art great? Why is it important and how can it flourish? These are all very important questions that any civilization must ask itself. All cultures have art in various incarnations; it is as natural as breathing. But art needs a medium to proliferate, an environment that will not only assure its success, it will also guarantee its survival. By its very definition, art is the channeling and invocation of human emotion, through various mediums such as music, sculpture, painting etc.

It used to be the case that artists needed wealthy patrons to promote them, and fund their attempts at creating beauty through their craft. This was a mixed blessing, as the artist was constrained to a set value, careful not to offend his wealthy contributors. In today’s modern environment, these restrictions have all but vanished, thanks to inventions such as the internet. Never again must creative people pander to wealthy elites. Sites like WordPress provide direct links from the creator to the client, unhindered by any pre-conceived notion.

With WordPress, the only subjective opinion that matters is the experience of the person that you are trying to reach. In addition to that, technology has provided new and innovative tools for creators. For example, photo editing and graphic design can blend the traditional talent and vision, with modern processing power and technology. The result is an impressive rendition that can impress even the most cynical of critics. Spheres of art such as tattoo design and body paint have also gained wider social acceptance. We often see modernity as the golden age of enlightenment, but we forget to mention that it is also the golden age of art.

It is not an exaggeration to say that barriers are shattered, race, gender, creed or color does not matter. If you are good, you will eventually get noticed. Although it is not the only one, WordPress is probably one of the best examples of an online platform that artist can use in order to get attention. Being an artist does not necessarily imply knowledge in web design, but WordPress has you covered. There are themes, both free and purchasable, that are easy to install and easy to use. You do not have to be a programmer in order to be successful. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for artists:



Divi is an incredibly gorgeous and deeply attractive, aesthetically sophisticated and refined, astoundingly technologically top of the line and experientially enveloping, graphically polished and pristine, colorful and fresh-faced, creative and original, easily and deeply customizable, mobile friendly and responsive WordPress multiconcept, multipurpose website theme. Divi is a deliberately flexible and endlessly shape-shifting WordPress theme, gifted with an ample set of powerhouse tools and features as well as tech-savvy widgets and shortcodes neatly integrated into thme core.

This them packs Divi Builder, a visual page builder equipped with over 40 custom block-based modular elements at your fingertips. Divi features intricate configuration choices for the deft and dexterous handling of all types and formats of multimedia content in any resolution, being completely Retina-ready out of the box down to the last Font Icon, of which hundreds are available. Endless combinations of colors, layouts, multimedia lightboxes and galleries, professional quality portfolios and showcases make Divi a perfect theme for artists, as it is one of the strongest themes on the market today ranked by ability to favorably frame content for the world to see and appreciate, qualities perfectly suited for established or up-and-coming artistes that are looking for a website to call home. Try Divi today!

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Nextop is an impressively versatile and visually stunning, remarkably intuitive and resourceful, highly responsive WordPress elegant multipurpose website theme. Nextop has been created as the ultimate tool for the creatively inclined webmaster to quickly and effectively construct unique, classy modern websites in a matter of minutes, regardless of previous coding or development experience. Nextop is a theme based on an aesthetic philosophy that places visual content at the helm, and thus provides you with a series of incredibly handsome, thought out layouts and demo website templates uniquely suited to showcase breath-taking high resolution imagery to the world at large in a seamless, attractive presentation.

Nextop is brilliant when handling image galleries or portfolio pages, with a wealth of advanced customization settings, layout and pagination options and styles for you to thoroughly impress your viewers with your content. Packing the industry standard Visual Composer premium page builder plugin as well as the smooth Master Slider premium slider builder, Nextop achieves a professional finish and unforeseen degrees of customization without requiring you to write a single line of code. Artists love working with Nextop because no other theme showcases their works in such a subtly impactful manner. Try Nextop today and see for yourself!

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Jevelin is a polished and stylish responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. Jevelin is a flexible platform to express yourself online effectively for many purposes. From business and freelance applications to personal and private use, Jevelin is a skilled creator of stunning websites. A creative edge and seamless graphic design make Jevelin work well on simple and complex websites. After installing Jevelin with a single click, you’re done wasting your time. All that remains is customizing your website using an advanced set of options.

Through Jevelin’s admin panel, there’s nothing you can’t configure. It puts you in charge of everything you can lay your eyes on. From header layouts and element styling to theme color palettes and fonts, Gallery transitions and animations, and footer area configuration; Jevelin’s multiplicity of choice makes it an excellent vehicle for self-expression. This is why creatives and artists love Jevelin. Its utter ease of deployment makes it a joy to use. Installation takes a single click. You can create silky-smooth sliders and showcases with the Revolution Slider. The WooCommerce plugin suite lets you market your products or services to your audience. And with RTL native support, you can reach people across language barriers. Get Jevelin today!

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As an artist, you are person, but you are also a product. You have to treat your name and reputation as if it were just another brand, and proper brand marketing requires a heavy online presence.  MESH is an exemplary website theme which can simplify and enhance the website creation process. No coding or programming knowledge is required, as even a beginner can craft a professional artist page. Most internet users dislike the idea of being redirected to another website, just to listen to a sample track. It would be amateurish to simply present links, and that is why MESH has its own music player. With just a single click, fans will be able to enjoy your songs.

Even for sites with a multimedia focus, writing and maintaining a blog is still a good idea. Artists can detail their creative journeys, bringing them closer to their readers and fans. It is possible to create a specific section for events, giving information regarding the dates and venues. Nifty countdown timers can be displayed, ticking away the seconds and building anticipation. Mesh will utilize automated content from platforms such as Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram and BandsInTown. In addition, the theme layout will never experience any resizing errors, given that it is fully responsive.

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Colibri – Theme For Musicians

colibri creative theme for artists

Colibri is a clean modern and highly customizable WordPress theme ideal for singers, DJs, Bands and other musicians looking to build creative and beautiful website. This theme is well integrated with social networks such as SoundCloud, BandInTown, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Colibri works as hub for your digital presence and even if you don’t pay attention to your website and forget to update it, it will do it for you by taking images from instagram, concert schedule from BandInTown and your latest news from Twitter. This is the right tool for every musician and artist out there who would like to enjoy hands-off approach for your website as long as you keep your social networks updated.

If we are looking into more technical thing then it is worth to highlight that this theme is built on Bootstrap 3 and settings are powered with Redux Framework. Colibri comes with Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder for easier content management. This is a truly amazing theme and you definitely should check its demo!

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Artists require a fertile environment in which their ideas can flourish. Thankfully, WordPress themes such as StereoClub can provide you with this environment, as it has a sizable roster of adaptable features. Its design is excellent, promising to attract many new followers. Your layout can adapt to smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. In addition, it is compatible with all internet browsers. This not only allows you to reach more people, but you may also update posts while on the move. StereoClub is compatible with the Revolution Slider Premium Plugin, making it possible to create awesome slides. Showcasing your art has never been easier. Users who purchase this product will benefit from excellent theme upgrades, and a streamlined theme code.  Custom logos can be uploaded, and there are 13 custom widget areas.

StereoClub has Open Graphs, a nifty Drop-Down Menu, and personalized header images. The theme is Gravatar-ready, and it comes with PSD and HTML files. All followers will get to use custom Share Buttons in order to distribute content directly from your site. You will have limitless color palettes at your disposal, so feel free to experiment with different designs. A practical demo was made available for those who want to sample StereoClub without having to spend any money.

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Creativity can be a very fragile thing, as it often requires an environment that encourages expression and thought. Themes like FWRD can facilitate the creation of such environments, by allowing users to craft interesting websites. Developed by an elite author, FWRD is one of the best Music themes of WordPress, and its success is owed to a sizable collection of useful features. It can be used for any DJ, musician, webmaster and music producer pages. There are multiple theme demos available upon installation, sparing you from having to start from scratch. However, every demo can be modified and tweaked, in order to meet the owner’s requirements.

FWRD has integrated the Visual Composer premium plugin for free, and you can save $33. This tool has 13 personalized widgets which were developed just for you. Drag and Drop technology is used, making it easier for inexperienced clients to customize their site. No coding knowledge is required. In addition, you will have access to an Easy Menu Builder with 100 header design variations. It is possible to implement full-width, boxed, floating, classic or 3D pusher menus. For those who want to sample FWRD and its features, an informative live preview was made available.

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Croma is a colorful and creative, visually seamless and elegant, tech-savvy and innovative, intuitive and responsive WordPress creative music multipurpose website theme. Croma is a beautiful and wonderfully simple theme built for musicians, artists and creatives of all types and kinds to easily and effectively market themselves and their wares to a massive online audience in a sophisticated, smooth presentation that lets their beautiful content speak for itself. With stupendously pliable features and options and a very easy to use page design interface in the form of the premium Visual Composer, Croma lets you take charge of the look and feel of your website every step of the way.

Attractive header design features are included in the Easy Menu Builder, with immersive experiences such as the full width user menu and the floating box user menu for you to choose from. Complete WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite integration makes Croma a natural salesman for your crafts, merchandising and all sorts of wares, turning your online creative showcase into a virtual shop in an instant, and without having to so much as look at a single line of code. Croma is all about creativity and convenience. What else could you look for? Try Croma today!

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sura artists and musician theme

Sura is an awesome WordPress Music theme, with a broad range of features and perks. It is the responsibility of any site that commercializes art, to look good. Thankfully, Sura’s design is well-tailored, and it is obvious that a lot of hard work went into it. It is not easy to establish and administer a popular online music store. However, your job will be simplified by the acclaimed WooCommerce plugin. This plugin is used by most of the WordPress business community, and their trust in WooCommerce is well-placed. It is reliable, efficient, and it has a clear separation between digital and physical products. One of this theme’s best attributes is that it includes the highly-demanded Ajax plugin. Due to its ability to eliminate loading times for players, it has become an almost mandatory component of any quality theme.

Should you happen to like the track that you are listening to, purchasing it has been made easier. Simply select the Add to Wishlist/ Add to Cart options. This theme is resulted from countless painstaking hours of research, and it shows. Every popular option is considered, with only the most efficient and pleasant features remaining. The final product is akin to Spotify, without some of the social aspects. Social integration simply weighs down the servers, and further dilutes the user’s attention span. Should users request a feature in the future, it will be added with haste upon their demand.

Overall, Sura is a WordPress theme that stays pure to its calling. It is truly one of the best music themes out there! Full review of this amazing music streaming theme is available here.

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vibemusic - one page music theme

f you enjoy frequenting music sites, VibeMusic is the product for you! It is one of the best music themes in the entire WordPress community. It may be used for the pages of bands, DJ’s and singers. It is obvious that a lot of care went into the development. A PDF file is included on the site, featuring some of the most popular questions regarding the theme. A customer may also participate in a survey, providing constructive criticism and helping to improve the product.

VibeMusic includes some enlightening screenshots on its site, along with a live preview. The theme has a responsive design, and a color customization feature that is easy to use. A responsive website can be accessed by anyone, regardless of what device they are currently using. The code is streamlined and clean, and a contact form is incorporated. If a customer has a problem with the installation of the theme, customer support must be contacted. The support staff is eager to help you get rid of any issue. If you wanted to create your own beautiful slides, you are in luck! The Revolution Slider can help you bring together amazing slides, tied with a string of gorgeous animation. A great Visual Composer is included as well. Even a novice can create an impressive page, thanks to the Drag&Drop interface. There is no need to be tech-savvy. Should you purchase the theme, there is a HTML version available for free.

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clubix - universal music theme

Clubix is a great-looking WordPress theme that is made for Nightlife, Music and Events websites. Its usefulness also extends to the pages of various publications and online magazines. If you are a fun-loving, party-starting, outgoing person, Clubix is definitely the theme for you! Do not hesitate to enjoy yourself, and update your followers and customers with the places that you like to frequent. The visual appeal of Clubix is obvious, and the sheer amount of customization options is enough to keep any customer happy. Regardless of where you are on the website, you will gain access to the MP3 and radio player. This is possible due to the innovative widgets and codes. There are 2 variations of this player, normal and large.

Page customization and editing has been reduced to something akin to child’s play, due to the Visual Composer Tool. The greatest thing about it is that anyone can learn to use it in a matter of moments. The Drag&Drop feature makes it very easy to create your own custom page. This is a time saving commodity that any theme should have. Clubix makes it easy for the site owner to follow bands, and give updates on events, artists and venues. Visitors will be informed in regards to all great concerts in the area. This theme has a darker, and a lighter skin. Either way, you will be able to choose and implement your own custom background, for an added level of personalization. Clubix has incorporated the amazing Revolution slider, allowing for the creation of beautiful slideshows.

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Musisi is a beautiful and well organized, very competent and tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress music band, musician and music multipurpose website theme. Musisi has been developed by a team of designers and developers with a single priority in mind, and that is, to disseminate musical content to a massive, demographically undifferentiated online audience in an effective, memorable manner. To that end, Musisi includes premium features such as the WordPress Live Customizer to let webmasters with or without previous development experience design their own layouts in an intuitive, drag and drop interface, or the impressively powerful Advanced Theme Options Panel, with an astoundingly simple configuration process and live previews, down to the uncomplicated one click demo import process and the top notch search engine optimization included with Musisi. That means that your own unique, customized websites will feature amazing, professional quality imported designs, wholly branded theme settings to suite your needs and fully functional imported demo layouts customized to your likiing, all within an hour of initial setup. Musisi

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Adios is a bright and luminous, seamless and dynamic, easy to use and wonderfully reliable, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose portfolio website theme. Adios is a remarkably elegant framework for the uncomplicated, speedy development of handsome and eloquent portfolio websites that can effectively disseminate your works to a worldwide online audience of any scale or size without having to write a single line of code yourself.

Adios includes nine exclusive homepage demo website templates for you to always hit the ground running, featuring the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder plugin as your intuitive customization interface and a wealth of custom elements and modules you can deploy and tinker with. Artists find in Adios a particularly creatively flexible platform for introducing their works to the world. With incredible capabilities for visual refinement, gorgeous, custom, in-house developed sliders and jaw-dropping fullscreen Hero sliders, Adios knows how to make a lasting visual impression. A myriad customizable menu types let you control how your users peruse your website. SEO friendly to the core, Adios performs superbly in search engine rankings, taking your traffic to unexpected new heights. With Adios, your beautiful artwork can finally find its way to everyone. Try Adios today!

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If your goal is to create an astounding artist website, Uncode can be your greatest ally. This top-quality WordPress theme refuses to be mediocre, as it offers a versatile roster of groundbreaking features. High performance and attention to detail are the pillars of its design. Uncode can also accommodate those who prefer hand-held devices, as it is capable of adapting to any screen size. Indeed, this theme can work with tablets, desktop PCs, smartphones and laptops.

An artist’s creativity can only be expressed if he has access to some extensive customization tools. Your site will benefit from a beautiful option system that allows you to take control of each layout. The power to design anything is right at your fingertips, and you will only be limited by what you can imagine. An advanced grid system was also implemented, allowing the page administrator to control vertical and horizontal gap settings, full-with rows, and height parameters.

Uncode has some unbelievable skins for your website, and a nifty Visual Composer tool that offers to simply the personalization process. There are 6 different menu styles, each boasting some advanced effects and options. In addition, you will get to enjoy 16 unique layouts for your blog and portfolio. Basically, this theme turns your page into a lump of clay, ready to be shaped by those with artistic vision.

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Shutter is a visually bold and expressive, eloquent and provocative, attractive and enticing, aesthetically clean and minimalist, refined and gracious, smooth and fluid, technologically articulate and modern, creative and highly imaginative, intuitively navigable and handsomely structured responsive WordPress art and photography multipurpose website theme. Shutter is a well developed and thoughtfully designed all-inclusive toolkit for webmasters from any background and of any skill level to seamlessly and efficiently churn out professional quality, functional and versatile websites centered around the dissemination of high resolution, Retina-ready visual content of your works, communicated to a massive online audience.

Shutter has been decked out with impressive and breath-taking layouts and page templates for incredible galleries and unique portfolio presentations, with smoothly styled animations and immersive, engaging Parallax visual effects and smooth scrolling, as well as dark and light skins that can easily be color customized to match any brand or personal identity you must adhere to. Shutter is perfect for artists looking for a simple, streamlined process for creating soapboxes on the inernet from whence their art can come to life across a new medium and be appreciated by an unimaginably vast continent of people. Shutter is the theme for finally catching that big break, or simply getting the word out!

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Oscillator is a truly flexible and wonderfully intuitive, technologically advanced and extremely customizable, visually polished and highly dynamic, modern and adaptive, vibrant and colorful, aesthetically engaging responsive WordPress musical multipurpose theme, a carefully constructed, expansive and powerful theme that has been developed with sheer strength and raw flexibility to muscle the demands of an ample range of websites, but that has been uniquely built to handle all sorts of musical, creative and entertainment industry websites.

Oscillator includes customized, unique post styles such as events, artists and galleries, easily qualifying it as a perfect theme for artist websites of any kind. Whether you are a painter, a sculptor, a musician or a performer, if you are producing artistic and creative content that needs to be put out into the world in a stylish and lavishly presented fashion, Oscillator is the theme you have been looking for. Gorgeous, custom built sliders are provided for you to showcase your works in style, and plenty of template pages and visual color schemes are offered out of the box for you to hit the ground running, while the Drag & Drop Homepage Editor will speed your workflow and empower your website with no coding required. Are you ready for Oscillator?

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session - simple music theme

Sessions is a WordPress theme that can enhance any website. It is ideal for the pages of ambitious musicians and artists. If it is successful, an online marketing campaign is by far the cheapest and most efficient medium for content promotion. A good website can create an overnight star, and Sessions is determined to set you on that path.

No matter what the product, samples will always boost popularity. Thankfully, this theme has included a versatile Streaming Audio Player. It allows followers to sample and download some of your audio files. You will benefit from better organization, given that there are 6 distinct post types: videos, event, galleries, discography, artists, and the slider.

The lack of features and flexibility can ruin a page because it restricts creative design. Sessions eliminates that issue by guaranteeing that each client can create his/own page, thanks to the inclusion of drag and drop capabilities and custom widgets. If you wish to commercialize some of your tracks, you can easily do so. This is due to the inclusion of the renowned WooCommerce plugin. Online stores are easy to create and maintain, while offering to increase your revenue stream. This product also includes a Retina-ready layout and some social media widgets.

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Inkd. Tattoo Studio One-Page Theme

Inkd tatoo studio theme

As its name suggests, this is a WordPress artist theme that is specifically designed for tattoo artists and their web pages. It features a modern, edgy look that doesn’t fail to impress those who will choose to visit your site. It has an Innovative Parallax design that grants it a large amount of fluidity, resulting in an immersive experience that no use will forget. It is built on the solid Bootstrap 3 framework, featuring extensive options for plenty of customization.

Google web fonts were also added, as well as some Styled modal windows. Drag and drop and features are included, an also an expansive Redux option for your framework. The page setup is easy to use, due to its highly stylized and clean aesthetic feel. Preview options and content samples will assure that you will not lack awareness regarding this theme, before you buy it. Some of its other features include CSS3 transitions, Styled Google maps, an inclusion of sample data, a booking modal, ease of modification and an attractive calendar design.

The current price is $43, but it may vary during the upcoming season. For all its features and perks. It is money well spent. The user comments are overall positive, as those who bought this theme are satisfied with the quality of service, and the attentive support system that is willing, and able to solve any of your issues.

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Ink Tattoo Studio

ink tatoo studio

Most of the artist WordPress themes on this list are not restricted to artist website. Their wide array of features, and staggering amount of variety, makes it easy for them to accommodate even the most demanding pages, artistic or otherwise. Ink Tattoo Studio is definitely no exception to that rule, as it allows for the personalization of other creative and personal pages for presentation. As far as specifics go, it is a single page theme, with 2 large preset page styles. It is compatible and responsive with HTML 5, given its versatile and engaging Bootstrap 3 framework. It also offers the client some additional page templates, it has multiple color palettes and has some nifty options regarding blog pages. The skin is also built with an Options framework, to further expand its capabilities.

Although Ink Tattoo is a single page theme by design, it can easily be changed into a multi page theme if the user takes advantage of several page templates and secondary menus for the content. If your desire is to use a single picture for your main theme, it’s as easy as selecting the “front page template with slider” option, and adding the shortcode for the meta slider in order to display the image on the primary section of the theme.

You may also play around with the skin colors, by going to the dashboard and selecting the options panel. If for some reason, an error occurs, go to the .css section and empty it. That will usually reset the theme to its default palette.

The theme currently costs $38, but the price is subject to change as time goes on. User reviews and responses are mostly positive, as the consumers are happy with the product that they have received.

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Atjeh – Creative Portfolio

atjeh creative portfolio

Regardless of the page that will ultimately use it, Atjeh’s principal message is that of professionalism. The fact that it is responsive, implies that it may be used on any screen, of any device. Smart phones, tablets, computers, if it has a screen and it can plug into a wall, it can also display your web page. Great for Corporate sites, Agencies, Artists and Freelancers, Atjeh is the creative WordPress theme that can guarantee customer satisfaction. It is currently in its 1.2 version, with more updates to come. Not only is it compatible with mobile devices, it can also offer you a special menu for those platforms. Personalizing something and making it your own may be pleasant, but what if you get it wrong? All that effort would have gone to waste. Atjeh is smarter than most themes, because it lets you preview changes to your skin, and experience them without having to commit to anything. Speaking of building, the drag and drop page builder and powerful options for admins, guarantee that the owner will have full control over every single aspect of his future web site. These features not only hand you the reigns, they also make it very easy to steer the ship.

Atjeh is optimized for search engines, making it more likely for your content to pop up during a regular search. You may also add your very own Java script or CSS code to the theme. It seems that the developers were nice enough to prepare a list of documentation material, so you won’t have to start from scratch after you install it.

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ROUA – Portfolio & Blogging Theme

ROUA fullscreen theme

If you are a freelance content creator or work for a creative agency, ROUA will become your new best friend. Creating a successful and important online profile will always be a a never ending, difficult race. With this theme, at least you will get a head start on your competition. It can be used on any type of profile, but it is best suited for photographers, graphic designers and illustrators. It keeps things simple yet stylish, pleasing and user friendly.

If you know what you are doing, it will take you only a few minutes from the moment when you click the buy button, to the moment when your task is completed. It manages to keep its aesthetic appeal, without sacrificing full functionality and ease of use. It’s hard to say what makes it feel so distinct, but ROUA definitely stands out when it is compared to its competitors.

Users constantly praise the ease with which it can be customized, and the helpfulness of the customer support system. It uses a Bootstrap 3.x Framework, custom page templates, an Ajax Portfolio, and a Redux Framework. It has also included plenty of Demo data, a free support system, and some impressive Parallax headers. ROUA is fully compatible with all multimedia platforms, including mobile devices.

The user feedback is very positive, and the price is quite affordable.

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Frost – Multipurpose One Page Theme

frost fullscreen theme

Frost has a Responsive Layout and an Amazing revolution slider. It is a more general purpose theme, as it can be used for more than just artistic sites. It can be featured in a one page and multipage variety, resulting in a distinct portfolio that is perfect for digital studios, photographers, graphic artists, personal freelancer and photographers. Basically, if you have a business and want to do to it justice, Frost is the WordPress theme for you.

It has 20 page builder options, built on the versatile and efficient Twitter Bootstrap framework. It is capable of fitting any screen, regardless of its actual size. This feature permits Frost to be viewed on any device, include mobile platforms. You are able to carefully customize and edit your portfolio and blog post options, while its responsiveness increases versatility. Take full advantage of the cropping tool, using it to cut any image down to the size and perspective that you like.

Its other vital features include a page builder, multiple color palettes, WPML support, a custom logo, a one click installer, a live customizer, a theme for children, a drag and drop order, a revolution slider, and a 5 star support system. Their highly capable support staff is eager to solve any issue, regardless of its severity. It has received a 4.83 star rating out of 5, indicative of a warm reception.

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Lion – Ultimate Portfolio Theme

lion multipurpose theme

Looking for a great WordPress artist theme that has plenty and features and an innovative design? Look no further than Lion, one of the community’s most cherished assets. Currently at version 1.01, it features a drag and drop builder, a full screen slider, and vertical or horizontal headers. The developers can take pride in their 7 unique and enticing skins. Basically anyone can use this theme, you do not have to be a computer programmer in order to get started. The styling editor is designed from the ground up, in order to accommodate the needs of any user.

Lion can be displayed in both a normal configuration, or in a one page layout that is popular among the blogging community. A live preview is available, just so you know what you are getting into, before deciding to buy anything. This WordPress theme is extremely user friendly, and it can let you design your layout directly in your browser. With over 30 modules of content, a world of endless possibility awaits, as you attempt to build your own page. Given its 7 different skins, and the multitude of options that are available, no two websites will ever look the same. In real life you would use a brush or instrument to express yourself, but here on the internet, it is best to use the Lion WordPress Theme. With just a single click, you are able to effortlessly switch between a full screen layout or a boxed alternative.

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Kappe – Full Screen Portfolio & Blog Theme

kappe masonry grid theme

Featuring PSD files in 6 layers, and a highly customizable layout, Kappe is a solid WordPress theme. It seems like nothing new, and it is not. It uses concepts and coding that other themes use, so it does not reinvent the wheel. And maybe that’s a good thing. It is a straightforward, functional skin that takes advantage of a tried and true formula. Retina ready and pixel perfect, if loving Kappe is wrong, I don’t know many people that want to be right.

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CONTRAST – Photography & Portfolio Theme

contrast photography theme

Photography has truly matured into an art form, given the rise in technology. It’s one of the most profound things that you can do: to freeze a moment of existence, to capture it forever. As its name suggests, the CONTRAST – Elite Photography & Portfolio WP Theme is more than capable of helping you create an online profile that will overshadow that of your competition.

Thanks to expert coding, the developers have implemented a Flash-Like system, which is based on JavaScript techniques and CSS3. Upon purchase, the product will come with 7 variations of your potential new gallery, giving you a large amount of choice and creative freedom. It is fully compatible with any given device, and it may fit any screen thanks to the adaptable layout grids that can be either vertical or horizontal. The theme also has a wide color palette, and some charming animations. It supports all types of posts and it can even let you add your own logo.

In Contrast, any artist will find the freedom necessary to ascend towards the highest peaks of success.

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