۱۸ Best Mobile Friendly HTML5 Music Website Templates For Musicians, Bands, Night Clubs and Artists 2017

We have yet to discover a medium that can rival the power of music. It can move the human spirit, heal a broken heart, and even amplify a joyous occasion. From a more pragmatic standpoint, music is also a multi-billion dollar industry that spans the entire globe.

It is not enough to possess a talent for this craft. Any artist must have an eye for business, marketing and promotion opportunities. In today’s multimedia environment, those opportunities can be found online. Gone are the days of passing out mixtapes, or asking small-time magazines to publish your articles. For all its flaws, the web offers you an enormous advantage: a direct connection to your fans.

Considering the importance of online promotion, your website must be flawless. However, few people can claim to possess both musical talent, and a knack for online development. HTML templates give you the power to create amazing websites, yet they maintain a user-friendly, accessible interface. Thanks to these wonderful templates, the playing field is leveled.



If your goal is to create an incredible Music Event, Music Band, Festival, Night Club or Album website, look no further than WeMusic. This gorgeous HTML template is adaptable and reliable, offering a pristine experience for all customers. Your web page will benefit from a large roster of premium features, each implemented in order to increase your odds of success. Upon installation, users will enjoy 2 main versions of this template: Light and Dark. Regardless of your choice, the site layout will be entirely responsive. Indeed, your content can be easily displayed on the smaller screens of hand-held devices. In addition, WeMusic has cross-browser compatibility, and it is Retina-ready.

For your home page, there are 4 distinct styles: Home Revolution Slider, Home Video, Home Parallax and Home Countdown Slider.  The template was constructed using Bootstrap 3, CSS3 and HTML5. With WeMusic, all clients will be able to customize every aspect of their online experience. The process is intuitive and user-friendly. It should also be mentioned that Font Awesome Icons and Google Fonts were added. Musical event organization often requires the distribution of tickets. Thankfully, WeMusic has a built-in online shop, and each item can be sorted by price or title. For more information regarding this wonderful template, be sure to access its live preview.

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Rockit 2.0


Few things can ever hope to be as influential as a good song. For many people, music and musical culture has become a way of life. Online communities dedicated to art are as old as the internet itself, with plenty of room for new members. For those who wish to establish their own music website, Rockit 2.0 is an ideal solution. This gorgeous HTML template is entirely responsive, capable of showcasing your content on any platform. Followers can easily access each post via their smartphones or tablets, given that compatibility issues were entirely eliminated.

Rockit 2.0 is not meant for expert web developers. With just a basic level of technical understanding, you will be able to create a top-quality page. Upon installation, users can select a custom color variation. There are blue, yellow, and white versions, and you can even design your own palette. This template supports a right to left writing format for languages such as Hebrew and Japanese. It is possible to create outstanding news and blog sections, where fans can read about their favorite bands. If you want to sample Rockit 2.0 without having to spend any money, be sure to access the live preview.

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Foundry is an outstanding HTML template that simply refuses to be mediocre. It incorporates a high-quality roster of premium features, resulting in one of the most versatile products on the market. Basically, Foundry is viable for any online business niche, regardless of its requirements. LESS and CSS developers can rejoice, knowing that a semantic and clean markup was used. The template can even benefit freelancers, as it offers to enhance every aspect of their portfolio. Potential employers will certainly appreciate your attention to detail. It is also possible to construct incredible landing pages, using original and consistent design elements.

Site organization and personalization has never been easier, thanks to the inclusion of the Variant Page Builder. With this tool, experimentation is encouraged. Users can try different layouts and mock up ideas, while exporting the results straight to HTML. There will be no inline style or junk code. In total, the Variant Page Builder features 95 different blocks. Foundry has an ever-expanding collection of Home Concepts, and multiple Menu Style variations: transparent, Top Bar, and optional info. With more than 1000 icons to choose from, lack of choice will never be an issue. A live preview was added, for those who wish to learn more about Foundry.

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Remix is a stylish, modern, and memorable HTML template. It comes equipped with a large collection of useful features and elements, each implemented in order to increase your chance of success. Upon installation, users can select a Light or Dark version. However, it is possible to design your own color scheme. If you decide to purchase Remix, you will gain access to the incredible Revolution Slider plugin. This premium product was added for free, despite its $15 price tag. It facilitates the creation of incredible slides, helping to promote your content.

The template also has an Ajax PHP Contact Form, and a fully-responsive layout. Regardless of their preference, followers will be able to access your content from any web browser or device.  A Google Maps Location service is available, in addition to a wonderful jQuery Scrollbar. Of course, your music site must be able to play sample sound files. Thankfully, the built-in music player can support Soundcloud API, MP3, and Shoutcast radio files. Remix is optimized for search engines, making it easier for interested clients to find your brand. There are 5 blog page variations, a Flickr Photo Stream, and 10 layered PSD files. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.

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Musik is a wonderful HTML music website template that simply refuses to be mediocre. If your goal is to establish a successful music website, this product can be your greatest ally. It is based on the exemplary Bootstrap 3 framework, and its quality cannot be matched. The proliferation of mobile devices has caused a lot of problems for web developers. Sites can often experience errors, while trying to resize their layouts in order to fit smaller screens. Thankfully, Musik is entirely responsive, capable of showcasing your posts on any web browser or device. This can not only benefit your followers, but it can also enhance your work experience. Site management no longer has to keep you tied to a desk chair, given that it is possible to work from your phone.

This template has multiple mobile widgets, and a flat user interface with a clean style. Visual customization has not been overlooked, as each user can select a distinct color scheme. Currently, there are 8 color schemes, and each can greatly increase your page’s aesthetic appeal. Clients can expect many future updates, as the product evolves and changes. For more information regarding Musik and its amazing features, be sure to access the live preview.

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Music enthralls and captivates us, to the point that it defines who we are. For those who are passionate about this art form, the internet can be a great gathering spot. If your goal is to create an incredible musician, singer, DJ, or band web page, look no further than Instrument. This wonderful HTML music website template can enhance your follower’s browsing experience, thus increasing user retention rates.

Instrument incorporates the premium Slider Revolution plugin. This amazing feature allows you to showcase your best content in an accessible manner. The code is very well-written and streamlined, and the design is modern and balanced. Working Contact Forms are available, in addition to some Font Awesome Icons. With Instrument, users can expect to receive Update Notifications.

Should any issues arise, do not hesitate to use the support system. Their representatives are friendly, and eager to help all customers. There is even a detailed documentation source, offering to guide you through the installation and personalization process. With so much support, even novice users can design professional websites. In terms of visual customization, it is possible to design your own color scheme. A live preview was made available, for those who want to sample Instrument’s useful features.

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Sonorama is an ideal choice for customers who want to design an amazing music website. It offers a modern, clean design that never fails to impress. This template can be used to improve any web page, regardless of its niche. Sonorama has many advanced styling personalization features. With their implementation, users can create limitless possibilities by altering the backgrounds, navigation styles, images, and color palettes. Basically, you will be able to craft your own unique experience. The only limit will be your imagination.

The site layout is completely responsive, as it has eliminated all resizing errors. Customers can view your posts from their tablets, desktop computers, smartphones and laptops. Cross-browser compatibility is also guaranteed. Of course, there are multiple color scheme variations. With 16 distinct styles, lack of choice will never be an issue. High modularity is a defining characteristic of this product. Every element is malleable and easy to change, granting you the opportunity to craft something that perfectly matches your vision.

For inexperienced site owners, a detailed documentation source was added. It contains information regarding every feature, offering to guide you through the installation process. For those who wish to sample Sonorama, a live preview was included.

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Berg is an extraordinary HTML music template that offers to improve every aspect of your web page. It can fit any niche, given its vast collection of practical features. This product manages to seamlessly balance power and accessibility, resulting in an ideal browsing experience for all customers. In addition to the HTML version, a Drupal and WordPress variation is available as well. Berg can be installed on both One Page and Multi-Page websites, depending on the requirements of the client. Its versatility is simply astounding, considering that there are over 45 unique demos, each favoring a different field of activity.

Berg has multiple web elements, HTML files and Feature Sections. Regardless of your needs, this product has you covered. Online merchandising can greatly increase your bottom line. Your template facilitates the creation of professional online shops, complete with cart and checkout functions. In terms of customization, there are many Flaticon and Font Awesome Icons, in addition to 8 different headers. Once Berg is purchased, the owners will automatically receive a lifetime of free updates. This assures that your site can always keep up with an ever-changing technical environment. A live preview was made available, for users who wish to sample this product.

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SoundPro can be a music lover’s best friend. It can be used to improve the websites of bands, solo artists, music blogs or publications. While the website’s niche may remain variable, the beauty of its design will always stay constant. SoundPro was tested on multiple devices, including tablets, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones. It was found to be fully responsive, capable of adapting to any platform or web browser. As a page administrator, this adaptable layout allows you to work anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

A working Ajax Form is available, in addition to a detailed and expansive documentation source. Inexperienced users can easily consult this document, as it offers to guide them through the installation and customization process. You can easily become an overnight expert. It should be mentioned that the RoyalSlider $14 premium plugin was added, free of charge. Your site can promote upcoming releases and concerts, thanks to the Event List features. In terms of visual customization, page administrators can choose from 10 pre-designed color palettes. Regardless of their choice, the result will look incredible. A live preview was incorporated for clients who wish to sample SoundPro without having to commit to a purchase.

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AQURA is an excellent AngularJS template for music apps. Users will gain access to a fully-functional music app, in addition to some incredible features. AQURA refuses to be a stagnant product, as it constantly struggles to adapt to your needs. Data will be regularly fetched via HTTP request simulating. The template is based on Bootstrap, and it is very easy to personalize. It also includes Grunt and Bower, which facilitates dependency management. Users are able to create awesome playlists, thanks to the implementation of an Angular Media Player.  It is also possible to include custom pages for Albums and Artists. AQURA offers form customization and validation, along with personal user profiles and pages.

You will be able to easily navigate the section for new bands or artists, and include their songs in an established playlist. It should also be mentioned that AQURA recognizes Sketch files as a valid Design format. The template layout can be showcased on any device, given that it is fully-responsive. Clients can access your site from their smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops. With such flexibility, there is no limit to what you can achieve. For more information regarding AQURA and its features, be sure to sample its live preview.

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Night Club


Organizing any type of event can feel like a perilous balancing act. However, your job can be made easier by a quality HTML/CSS music template such as Night Club.  Its name betrays its purpose, as it is perfect for the online promotion of night club or musical events. The layout of this product can be accessed from any device, regardless of its screen size. In addition to being fully responsive, your posts will feature cross-browser compatibility. Customers will be able to search for your events on their mobile phones, a feature that will certainly increase ticket sales.

Despite its versatility and power, Night Club remains user-friendly. There is no need to hire a professional web development firm, given that anyone can design a successful web page. You can do a great job, without any advanced programming knowledge. Should you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to consult the extensive documentation source. It is quite informative, as it offers to explain every feature in detail. Of course, it will be easier for patrons to find your venue if they had access to a map. Thankfully, Night Club incorporates an awesome Google Maps function. For those who wish to sample this product, a live preview was included.

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Designed by a reputable author, Pinetree is an HMTL template that exceeds all expectations. Pinetree is modern and streamlined, offering to enhance every aspect of your web page. Its most notable feature, is that it allows clients to modify each individual page via text input. There is no need to modify javascript codes or HTML files. Customization has been greatly simplified, given that any user can design a top-quality site. This eliminates the need to hire a professional web development company, saving you a lot of money. Even color modifications require only a few moments of your time.

If some issues arise, be sure to consult the detailed documentation source. It is quite informative, as it explains every feature in detail. It should be mentioned that Pinetree also has a WordPress version. The clean design enhances the browsing experience of all customers. In addition, Pinetree’s layout is fully-responsive. Your content can be showcased on the screens of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Smart animation are available as well, offering to improve the visitor’s browsing experience.  Regardless of your needs, this wonderful product has your back. For clients who wish to sample Pinetree without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was made available.

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What if you were given a key that fits any lock, or a tool for any occasion? Thanks to Q, you will not have to speculate any longer. This incredible HTML template has many useful options and features, each capable of enhancing your web page. With some products, website customization is a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Thanks to Q, you can design a top-quality page in a matter of moments. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge.

You can use this template for cuisine, agency, fashion, motion design, product developments, spa, music, music agency, landscaping, hair styling, art gallery, and museum pages. There is no limit to what you can achieve. There are 18 beautiful web headers in both horizontal and vertical formats. By changing the header, you will be able to alter the visual quality of your entire site.

Q has 3 position variations for content: right, center and left. Users will gain access to 7 unique page title styles, and 5 distinct page selection variations. You can even modify the width of your content by specifying the desired pixel width ratio. This template’s flagship feature is its jaw-dropping translucent effect. It is nearly impossible to look at Q, and not be impressed.

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If you are not a huge fan of pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript websites that doesn’t have their own content management system you might want to consider WordPress themes. Here is a great collection of the best WordPress music themes for bands, artists, singers, events, night clubs, record labels and more.

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