۱۷ Shopify Technology Themes For Hi-Tech Online Stores 2017

To start selling electronics and gadgets online, use any of our best Shopify technology themes picks. With these, you will have a professional looking online store up and running in no time at all. While there are many solutions available to get yourself in the online retail world, Shopify is one of those which make it all happen in a breeze. Very little is on you, more or less, everything is ready and set for you to take it to your advantage.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced eCommerce entrepreneur, you can both see much success with our list of top electronics Shopify themes. The former can start an online project quickly and very efficiently. While the latter, he or she can update the existing web store with something unique. Or in case you are a serial entrepreneur, you can start hammering out website after website and have many making you money at the same time.

Each of the theme listed here gives you the opportunity to construct a modern and advanced way of showcasing your tech products on the internet. Fully functional and following all the web standards and rules, our Shopify technology themes will help you turn visitors into customers (yes, even the pickiest ones).
Select the theme you fancy, check the live preview and start selling online.


nexgeek shopify technology theme

You kinda cannot go wrong with a name like that for anything related to tech and electronics. In the online world, NexGeek is a mighty tool for putting together online stores to help you sell what you are passionate about. All types of electronic devices are beautifully displayed for visitors to enjoy the shopping experience and become one of your many loyal customers. The awesome filtering options will bring them to desired products quickly. But the main Mega Menu with links, texts and pictures will do the major part of the navigational work. Get them to the product category or page as fast as possible.

To avoid the clutter and save more space on your site for the items, shopping cart appears only when one clicks the icon. This also gives shoppers a chance to quickly check what they added from all pages.

To showcase the stuff you are selling or announce the new big drop, use the stunning lookbook page with masonry grid. An excellent way to add extra images and even show the folks how the gadgets look in real life. NexGeek theme is also ready for retina displays and fluidly adapts to all screen sizes. Any device users will have fun time flipping through your amazing pages full of products and awesome items.

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megashop shopify technology theme

Save time and energy (and stress!) with Megashop Shopify technology theme. The options are endless and changing the design of your website is easy and logical. Give yourself a chance to finally realize that years long dream to start an online store selling electronic devices. With Megashop, you can do it all in just one single minute. The setting up is so simple you will hardly believe your eyes. And if you do not feel doing it, don’t hesitate to ask the friendly support, and they will install the theme for you free of charge. How cool are they?

To kick off your entrepreneurial journey, Megashop is a great way to make it happen. This functional theme is a great element with as many functions as you need. Building a website will not only be smooth but fast, too. They will be amazed by the fact how professional your web store looks (even if you have zero coding skills). No need for any experience, Megashop gets the majority of work done for you. You only need to put things in order, add functions like newsletter popup and even a cool blog if needed. The latter, you can also use for content marketing to attract a wider audience.

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sarah market shopify technology theme

You can use SarahMarket Shopify theme for a variety of shops including digital stores to sell trending goodies. Always be up to date with what is hot and be one of the first marketplaces selling the new items. Notice: whenever you feel the need, scale things up and turn your eCommerce site into a mega store. Indeed, SarahMarket handles it all.

With the incorporated Shopify Sections, you will not have a problem manipulating different sections of your site. This powerful feature ensures everyone to become both a coder and a designer at the same time. After you choose one from the three predefined styles, you can easily rearrange the elements to your likings and modify the design so it follows your dream store. The best part? You will not have to see a single line of the (scary) HTML code. The whole power and control is in the dragging and dropping, mouse skills and your creativity. Just do it.

Your visitors will also enjoy such features like advanced tagging, quick view and a lovely cart drop-down. SarahMarket also comes with a newsletter popup, supported by MailChimp. Grab their emails and start interacting which each and every person who signs up.

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famiza shopify technology theme

You are looking at a beautiful, modern and sophisticated Shopify technology theme with as many functions as one needs. A name Famiza might not be familiar to you just yet but you two might soon become best friends. Once you know its secrets, it will transform you into something what you have never thought about becoming. An online shop building magician. Are you ready to take the plunge and start developing a proper masterpiece of an eCommerce page?

Famiza is a multi-purpose theme with the super useful drag and drop page builder called (Shopify) Sections. In the administrator, you will have total control of your site and be able to modify it how you fancy. The theme also comes with more than 7 ready-to-use front pages. Use these and improve on them or start creating a custom home page from scratch. It is all a matter of personal preferences.

Bring navigation to an entirely different level with Mega Menu, add product videos, enjoy product filtration and benefit from the collection tabs on your home page. You can feature different products in the collection tabs and push the top selling products. You will have a great time building the website and visitors will have an awesome time shopping.

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Digital World

digital world shopify technology theme

To go to the point right away, Digital World is a special Shopify technology theme for every niche within the industry. It dedicates every section of the site to meet the needs of digital, hi-tech, computer, mobile and any other electronics based shop owner. Do you have something uncommon racing through your mind but you just do not know how to make it happen? No biggie, Digital World theme has you sorted with everything required.

A clean and modernistic niche theme with all the up-to-the-minute Shopify functions. These allow you to create an advanced and complex e-shop, yet still stay very basic and minimal in the front end. Due to Digital World’s extensibility and flexibility, you can add as many products to your store without the worry of your site slowing down.

For different styles, Digital World comes packed with a variety of pre-built home pages. Give these a go and individualize them. From then on, it is only a matter of adding products, info and everything in between and you are ready to start selling. Simple but highly effective. By the way, there are also different headers and footers available for use. Moreover, Digital World is well documented so you are clearly guided how to start playing the customization game.

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mr bara world shopify technology theme

Hit the industry with something fresh, modern and stylish. Create a top-notch eCommerce page which will help you skyrocket your online project and help you march towards the success you always dreamt about. No need to be stopping now. It is all or nothing, thanks to Mr.Bara Shopify technology theme. With a practical and very user-friendly tool, you can establish a web store to meet the highest standards. All this is very possible with Mr.Bara.

A responsive eCommerce Shopify theme which is perfect for selling electronics and other technology products. Its minimalist design focuses on displaying your products beautifully and helps you sell more. To keep the design very basic and highly useful, Mr.Bara is the theme for you. Sometimes, you need to keep things simple for the best shopping experience. Especially when users are browsing from their mobile devices. The screens are smaller so there should be even fewer distractions to turn them into buyers.

Mr.Bara is also search engine optimized and cross browser compatible. Let’s get that fantastic online shop of yours ranking high to grab even more of the organic traffic. When one searches for a particular product/keyword, you sure do want your shop to be one of the first page’s hits.

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mediamart world shopify technology theme

Digital and electronic eCommerce sites get sorted with MediaMart. One amazing addition to our collection of the best Shopify technology themes is ready to serve you well. With all the features and extensions it comes with, you will be impressed by how much you can accomplish in a very short period of time. Once you pick up the pixel-perfect predefined demo, you can start modifying it straight away. But for those of you who have more time to invest into development, you can start from scratch and craft a custom design for your online tech shop.

The customizing process of MediaMart theme is uncomplicated. Heck, it is fun and you are able to create fully functional and pro-level looking final products to sell an amazing collection of items. Header section can be very advanced with an incredible menu, showing you more than just categories. Plus, the search bar shows relevant products and suggestions only by typing one character in the box. Going down a little bit, visitors will be amazed by an animated slideshow. Show new arrivals, promote special offers and whatever else you find needs more shine.

With MediaMart, you can build so much more than just a classic electronics online store. Create an experience that will make buyers happy to return for more.

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electro shopify technology theme

It is stylish and it is clean, Electro Shopify technology theme is perfect, you guessed it, for selling gadgets and electronics. Compatible with Shopify Sections, you are in for a ton of enjoying moments spent designing and finalizing a store for your online project. It is a no brainer that you can create a fine eCommerce website with all the necessities to ensure great buying adventure. The responsible design will make your store fluid, perfectly adapting to all screen sizes instantly. Guarantee everyone to get the most out of your shop no matter which device they use for browsing and shopping.

Electro includes 8 color presets, from yellow and orange to green and black. You can choose one from the list or create a signature one for your shop. Save on time or go original, it is up to you which path you choose. At the end of the day, you can always change the color and refresh your web design later. For a time well spent on your site, you can include product quickview, back to top button and enable sticky menu. To increase the sales potential, up-sell shopping cart will do its magic.
Test out different Electro theme functions and see what gives you the best results.

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porto shopify technology theme

Porto calls itself the ultimate responsive theme and, what to say, it sure is. It gives you so many possibilities in all the aspects of building your first eCommerce site. Not only for a newbie, Porto is a perfect solution for experienced site builders, too. This elegant Shopify technology theme will transform what was once only an idea into a serious online business. Now let’s dig deeper.

Demo content, a big selection of layout variations, different sliders, 2-8 column category pages and unlimited headers are just a bit of the enormous cake of features and extensions. Each section can be further modified and personalized to your wants. You can differentiate your store only by changing colors and fonts. Simple task but can have an enormous impact on the overall design of your web shop. Do not neglect the small details, these can get your unique visitors hooked immediately.

Porto is search engine friendly, optimized for speed and supports both multi currencies and languages. You will do yourself a huge favor by giving Porto theme a chance and let it revolutionize your technology project. Impressed you definitely will be. Not only you but every single person who stumbles across your gadgets stacked store.

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fastor shopify technology theme

Are you ready to step it up a few notches and bring things to reality once and for all? If you are still deciding when to start your online business, wonder no more, the perfect timing is now. It is not tomorrow, on Christmas nor next year. You start acting now and let Fastor Shopify technology theme help you with the technical part. Building a website is exceptionally easy in this modern age. You do not need to be educated about it neither is the investment significant. For approximately $50 and with a bit of creativity, you can have everything set for the D day shortly.

Engineers behind Fastor always try to improve on it so you can get the most out of it with as little work as possible. One of the features which help you achieve incredible goals is Shopify Sections. A drag and drop layout builder where your imagination is the only limit. Stylize the website to its perfection and start taking fresh orders soon after the launch. Sounds very intriguing, right? Do all of the adjustments yourself and position everything in an exact and strategic order. Fastor is a feasible solution for all sorts of electronics, tech and gadgets-rich e-shops. Something for every taste.

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bigsale shopify technology theme

Business owners and those just starting out their entrepreneurial journey, BigSale Shopify technology theme is perfect of online shops of all shapes and sizes. Create a spectacular marketplace for electronic and tech products and develop a memorable experience. When minimalism meets countless features and gathers into one element, it forms BigSale theme. You will not need anything else other than taking things into your hands and start forging a web design like none else out there.

BigSale has a variety of sample data included, covering headers, styles and layouts. By rearranging what is already available gives you enough possibilities to customize the overall website look. However, you can still do things completely differently and deploy a cutting edge design. With the BigSale theme, you are always prepared for any challenge you are faced with. Bring into being even the most complex and advanced designs that you always wanted to build. You should not have any problem at all achieving the impossible. The impossible is only a word that might got anchored into your brain. Think over and above that and go beyond belief.

After you purchase BigSale, you are vouched to be treated with regular updates and a long term customer support. Never be afraid to ask.

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decortica shopify technology theme

Responsive Shopify technology theme, DECORTICA, is all about a modern and flat design with an eye-catching black, white and red default color scheme. Three colors that might not seem to go along very well but when you let professionals take over, you can expect a great outcome. No need to think twice, all those three colors are incorporated strategically, developing a great contrast. However, at any time, you can change almost every color of your store to the desired one. Create a custom color scheme and wow your visitors.

Selling mobiles, tablets, laptops, headphones, speakers and all other gadgets is pure enjoyment with DECORTICA. You can choose a demo and create a convenient navigation with Mega Menu and Ajax filtering, to filter items by price, color, brand, etc. Only with these features, your customers will find what they are after quickly what may also translate in an increase in conversions.

Go ahead and enhance the preferred predefined demo how you fancy it most. You can do nearly as whatever you like to it and truly inspire. Not only the visitors but yourself, too. In the first place, it should be you who likes the web design the most. Just imagine seeing a design which you do not like for 10 hours straight a day and this design is your online store. Nope, it does not work like that. At least not long term wise.

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shopier shopify technology theme

If you are still not 100% sure which item from this best Shopify technology themes collection to pick, you are safe with SHOPIER. This multi-functional theme fits all industries and gives you complete freedom with customization and personalization. Upon theme install, you can do things your way and create an extraordinary eCommerce platform for your project. Become speechless by all the features SHOPIER gives you access to. There are so many, plus, you also get a ton of sample material what will give you an overwhelming feeling. When it comes to such things which you can take to your advantage, it does not hurt to feel a little overwhelmed. At the end, you will be able to create something so special no one has seen before.

Pre-built home pages, more than 20 internal pages, various category and product layouts and even different blog designs, you get it all with SHOPIER. But what you will clearly spend the most time on is Shopify’s practical function, Section. Not because it is difficult to use it but because it is so fun and turns you into a terrific designer (without any knowledge – I would put a smiley face but that would not be professional, right?).

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linda shopify technology theme

Avoid all the nuisances that come with building an online store, rather spend the time creating and marketing your online project. One who saves you from all this bother is Linda. A mobile-ready and responsive Shopify technology theme which does not complicate. Completely opposite. Linda is a mega theme with all the specs to craft the internet store of choice. You pick the industry and niche, and Linda will help you out bringing things to life. The time has come to start a brand not just another eCommerce site.

To start listing all of the features, it will probably take me nearly as much time as you would need to setup a site with Linda. Instead, I will focus only on a few and let you discover all the rest on your own.

Aside from demos (new versions released with theme updates), refining and improving layouts go above and beyond. The options are endless, meaning, you can easily come up with your own version for a totally custom online store look. Linda theme will never let you down, instead, you are able to do remarkable things with it. Every shopping adventure will be one to remember. When you come to this design level, all the rest becomes history.

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ultimate shopify technology theme

You surely cannot avoid structuring an optimum online store with Ultimate Shopify technology theme. Needless to say, with a name for the theme like that, you can be sure to expect only the best of the best. A selection of features, responsive design and fully customizable are the major assets of Ultimate. A theme perfectly suitable for the gadget store you are ready to launch. If it meets your requirements, you do not have to look any further. Pick Ultimate and start designing and constructing.

The Layer Slider is included with the theme, meaning, you can grab browsers’ attention right off the bat. Showcase latest products, on sale items and use it for pure entertainment. Right below the slideshow, you can display related products, social sharing icons and valuable footer. Sure, you can add a whole bunch more if it is in your interest. You are the boss so do things you feel are right.

Moreover, Ultimate theme also comes with a clean newsletter subscription which is powered by Mail Chimp. Customers can also add comments on the cart page and calculate shipping rate and delivery time. Let them know about all the spendings and do not hide anything.
Let the theme direct visitors’ attention to your products and turn them into loyal customers.

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Single Store

single store shopify technology theme

Like the name of the theme already explains, Single Store Shopify theme is perfect for selling single products. However, you can use it for stores with a small inventory, too. But you will get the most out of it when pushing one product, let it be physical or digital. With this Shopify technology theme, you get the slider, modifiable front page and a custom CMS block for item details and specifications.

With a big, full-screen slider, you can easily presell visitors with amazing visuals and animations. Bring in front of the audience high-res pictures, info, vivid colors and more. They will be amazed and intrigued by everything they see. At this point, you can also take them to the sales page and get them to purchase.

You can also use Single Store as a landing page style of website and sell them the product right away. No need to make them jump from page to page before they decide to complete the order. If you marketed them good, you need to ensure as little clicking as possible to experience a new conversion. Otherwise, they might just leave the page without any action. Especially if they browse from a mobile phone.

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Home Market

home market shopify technology theme

While some themes are for selling single products, the others are for small inventories while the third ones are for creating mega stores. A supermarket if you will. The latter is what Home Market Shopify technology theme is all about. Launch a massive online shop selling electronic devices of all kinds and categories. An easily manageable theme gives you complete control of your store no matter the amount of products. Sell 100, 1,000 or even more and Home Market will handle it all.

No matter the store size, a great navigation is always very helpful. With horizontal or vertical Mega Menu, shoppers will quickly access the desired section of your web shop. Advanced filtering options of Home Market play a big part of the overall navigation and browsing, yet shopping, experience. When an item interests them, they can enjoy the quickview function what ensures them to learn more about the product without leaving the current page. If the product is the one, they can instantly add it to cart with Ajax cart feature or wishlist and purchase it later. Chances are, it will not be available anymore due to the popularity of your outstanding tech products online shop. To expand your audience, enjoy Shopify’s translation feature and Home Market theme’s RTL support.

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