۱۶ Top Trendy Clothing & Fashion Shopify Themes 2017

Starting an apparel, T-shirt or any other online business within the industry is simple with fashion Shopify themes. What once required a ton of time and capital, is now easily achievable with a powerful eCommerce platform and a highly customizable template.

Shopify is a fabulous platform which helps you create your online dream store fast and reliable. Build a clean and minimal shop or start a complex multi store offering every single piece of clothing and accessory. Whichever path you plan to take, Shopify themes are here to help you out realize your ideas and let your project see the light.

With all the available features and compatibility with many extensions, fashion Shopify themes have you covered with all and everything you need for your online business. These are one of the best themes which bring online store crafting to an entirely different level of simplicity. Meaning, either you are experienced or not, you can accomplish so much with so little work. It almost feels unfair. However, you are happy (and excited) that you stumbled across such a perfect eCommerce solution.

Every theme in our collection is fully responsible, retina ready and follows all search engine optimization practices. It is cross browser compatible, gives you the chance to modify it to its extent and ensures a wonderful user experience.

From now on, nothing should be holding you back from starting a business and be in complete control of your online store.


ella fashion shopify theme

It is the kind of a name for a product that you know it will be fine and stylish, especially when it comes to web design. As far as Ella Shopify fashion store goes, it is all the mentioned and much more. It blends together your colors, images and blocks beautifully, allows visitors to have a flawless experience browsing through the available apparel. The large slider above the fold will grab shoppers’ attention right away and get them interested. This is the perfect place to promote new products and hot store offers.

For the best site navigation and giving costumers a chance to find the desired products as fast as possible, take advantage of the Advanced Mega Menu module. Along with it, there is also Ajax layered navigation to filter the products by different tags further. Save people’s time and help them find what they want quickly and the sales will go up.

You can showcase your amazing products in a grid or a list mode and customize category page by the number of rows and products per page. A quick product view is also available for a sneak peek without leaving the current page. Also feel free to add testimonials and build trust through a stunning blog section.

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yourstore fashion shopify theme

Do not limit yourself to one design only, with YourStore fashion WordPress store. You can create as many variations as you would like. Thanks to the Shopify Builder, you can put together custom layouts with ease. It is more like having fun clicking different blocks and arranging their position rather than changing the code. As a matter of fact, no, you do not have to change any code at all and still create the dream online fashion shop. Newbies, you are welcome.

YourStore is not just any random theme, it helps you create your store exactly how you want. You can quickly kick things off with more than 20 available predefined layouts. From male and female shops, underwear, jewelry and accessories, designs for all these are ready for you to use and improve on. Combine these custom skins with 9 header and 6 footer styles and you are already on the great path to perfecting your eCommerce website and create a unique final product.

For all the SEOs, indeed, YourStore is search engine friendly and will help you rank high in all the most notable browsers. For a great UX, your e-store will be fully responsive and ready for any size retina displays.

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avenue fashion shopify theme

For every fashionista who is not only about the style but wants to promote it, Avenue fashion Shopify theme is the right solution for you. Launch an eCommerce store and start a lucrative online business with a stunning site. While Shopify gives the site owner numerous possibilities regarding page features, it is a beautiful theme that shoppers will interact with. Make it look appealing to the eye with great and simple functionalities for the best experience. You accomplished most of the work already only by getting yourself your most-liked theme.

Avenue is a responsive Shopify store with a gorgeous appearance and two predefined demos. You can pick between the default one or the new gentlemen’s store demo. With the latter, you only need to add shop details and products and you are ready for the business. And with the former, you can use it for a wide variety of apparel and fashion shops and modify it to your likings.

Visitors can select the products and add them to cart without leaving the page with the Ajax to cart function. They can later check what’s in their basket by clicking on the icon at the top and a drop-down shopping cart will appear. Infinite scroll, product hover, size chart and multiple currencies support are only a few additional of many other features Avenue serves you with.

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quickshop fashion shopify theme

A quick online eCommerce business launch is super possible with Quickshop fashion Shopify theme. This drag and drop responsive theme is an all-in-one perfect tool for building a wide variety of online stores. Your shop will look amazing on all screen sizes and all devices. Due to its simple customization options, you can adjust different elements to your needs and requirements. You can also use this theme for the creation of stores outside the fashion industry.

۴ beautiful skins are available for you to use and speed up the method of crafting your website to its perfection. You might expect new variations to drop in the future, too. For showcasing products in the best possible way, you can use custom image sizes and save shoppers time with the quick shop option. It displays images and item info in a clean popup, so they do not have to leave the current page.

Quickshop is built on Bootstrap Framework what ensures the optimization and adaptability of the theme. It supports Google Maps, multi-currencies, is translatable and helps you grab visitors’ emails with MailChimp’s pop-up. You also need to take into consideration all the social sharing options. These can quickly grow your business. If the experience and the products is what users love, they will be happy to help you spread the words and share it on their social media.

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queen fashion shopify theme

Calling it the queen of all Shopify themes would not be fair enough, but it sure is one of the top performing fashion Shopify themes. Queen is a versatile tool which brings your dreams and goals to reality. The simple and easy process of building the desired website is fun and helps you gain knowledge on the spot. Meaning, even those who are new to the online business game, you can, too, start a business. Queen even offers 5 stunning presets, so you do not have to worry about all the designing struggles. Pick one, add products, your store name, logo and all other info you would like to share and you are ready.

Your online clothing store can become something special with a beautiful video either in the header or in the product page. Videos grab instant attention of visitors and get them persuaded faster compared to images and text. To get them to the desired product effortlessly, the super mega menu will give you all the options for an amazing navigation.

Once they get what they want, customer reviews will give them an even better understanding of the quality. Moreover, size chart allows them to pick the best fit and shipping calculator the exact final pricing.

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belle fashion shopify theme

You almost get an intimidating amount of features with Belle fashion Shopify theme. But that is a good and positive thing, right? You bet! While the name of the template perfectly fits a female clothing store, you can construct any type of shop with Belle. Let it be male, female or a mix, kids, accessories or jewelry, Belle has everything you need for completing putting together a pleasant and attractive web design for your store.

The useful information blocks are placed strategically so visitors can quickly find the information they need. An overall shopping experience will be enjoyable for mobile phone, tablet and desktop users. The responsive design, fast loading speeds and elegant layout do magical things for the best time spent on the site.

Belle treats you with 4 different ready-to-use layouts which you can use right after the installation. Or, if you like to invest more time into it, have these only as a guide what is possible with Belle. Another option is that you improve the existing layout and add your personal touch to it so it still stands out from the crowd. Do what feels right, and Belle will bring it into being.

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infinity fashion shopify theme

With Infinity theme, you have, roughly said, an infinite amount of possibilities for your online fashion business. It is a multi-functional fashion Shopify theme for web stores of all shapes and sizes. A modern and clean layout gives it a distinct look which is very appealing to the eye on all screen resolutions. Take all the features and extensions Infinity comes with to use and see what combination gives it the best and most original final design. Not to mention, every visitors’ shopping activity will be a phenomenal adventure which, chances are, will turn them into loyal and devoted returning customers.

The name Infinity is not used just because it sounds cool. The theme comes with 5 unique front pages and unlimited header and footer styles. This already says enough, but there is a whole lot more about this powerful Shopify template. The Mega Menu creates the perfect navigation, and the filter options go above and beyond. Buyers can browse by category, material, colors, tags, brand, etc.

Infinity would not be Infinity if it wouldn’t be compatible with browsers, friendly to search engines and sport a completely responsive layout. If you are unsure which theme to pick, give this one a go and unlock all its incredible potentials.

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topcom fashion shopify theme

Similar to the highly popular British clothing retailer, Topcom provides all the options and functions to create something similar to the eCommerce giant. You will be amazed by how much you can do with this advanced fashion Shopify theme. A modern website building tool which follows all the web standards. Both you who are building and crafting the online store and the end user, your clients, will have a great encounter with the theme. In between, there is also a very powerful solution which will take care of all the rest, Shopify.

Topcom includes 5 stunning home page designs which all automatically adjust to any screen size. Indeed, the template is adaptable and works flawlessly on any device.

Moreover, the setup process, either doing a custom design or picking an existing one, is quick and easy. Sure, the former will take you a little longer but the best part is, everyone can do it. With or without skills, Topcom is a top eCommerce solution for all your fashion shops. It supports RTL languages, Mega Menu, contact forms and it allows Google Maps, too. Combined, there are more the thousands Google fonts and Font Awesome icons integrated into the theme for you to choose what you like best. Only by modifying a simple detail like font or an icon can drastically change the overall design of the site.

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arsenal fashion shopify theme

Do you have your business plan ready, the products available and the budget for the launch of your online biz but you just do not know how to bring it online? You came to the right place. With our selection of fashion Shopify themes, you will bring your idea into being sooner rather than later. A responsive theme like Arsenal gives you all the variations, choices and resources to put together the eCommerce website you always visualized. Pick the tool you fancy and launch your online project once and for all.

You still might find yourself lost. No need to stress yourself with all the hard work and time you would need to invest into crafting that perfect website you always dreamt about. Powerful and multipurpose themes, just like Arsenal is, have everything already sorted out for you. It is only a matter of personal preferences and how complex you want to go with your store. Let’s make one thing clear, whether an advanced or a basic store, coding experience is not required. If you came here all on your own, you have just about enough web knowledge to create an expert-looking e-shop. It is all in the incredible theme functions.

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domino fashion shopify theme

By combining black, white and brown colors, Domino fashion Shopify theme showcases your product in a neat way. You might not yet thought about those colors. However, once you see Domino’s live preview, you will know immediately how well they go together. Still, you might want your website color to follow your logo. If that is the case, feel free to customize the theme to the color of choice.

In general fitting all eCommerce websites, Domino is ideally suited for the fashion industry and all of its sub-niches. If the style meets your expectations, you definitely cannot go wrong with this responsive drag and drop Shopify theme. Upon the installation, you can benefit from one of the pre-made layouts and start from there. With Mega Menu, you can create comfortable navigation so visitors won’t be lost on your page. Display which brand you carry with logos slider and show daily deals and featured products with two more practical slideshows.

A variety of options helps you customize product page so the shoppers get the most out of it. Cloud zoom effect for pictures with a slider or simple listing is one of them. Customize product details and reviews and add a section for related products. If they are already interested in one product, chances are, they might find the suggested one useful, too.

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material fashion shopify theme

Innovation meets classic design and you get one tool to realize all your needs, Material. The name pretty much speaks for itself. You are equipped with all the features, options and extensions one needs to create that ideal online shopping solution for his project. Without a doubt, you will be able to place everything in order and be ready for the blast off in about 5 minutes. Sometimes, complex final products aren’t so complex to put together. As lucky as you are, Material is a fashion Shopify theme which crafts the unimaginable with exceptional ease.

Material follows all the standards and trends regarding design and better customer user experience. Shoppers will have a pleasant time spent browsing your online store and completing orders. From the comfort of their chairs or they are buyers on the go, Material is responsive after all, ensuring perfect adaptation to any screen size.

Integrated with Material theme, you get QuickShop, Infinite Scroll, Instagram Feed, 5 Mega Menu styles and various custom internal pages. Supporting social media shares is a must for a fashion shop, too. A cool feature to offer discounts while at the same time attracting a wider audience is the “tweet to get a discount.” A very strategic marketing move that will have your shop spread like wildfire.

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fastor fashion shopify theme

With the new and updated version of Fastor fashion Shopify theme, you get so much more for the same price. Chances are, you might even find the theme on sale. Anyhow, while still leaving the design, the functionality and the performance intact, the theme makes online store building even simpler. Developers eliminated all the clutter, cut out the complex settings and fixed any possible bugs. Plus, for an even better understanding how things are done, all the documentation is in video form.

Integrated Shopify Sections give eCommerce business owners more flexibility when it comes to modifying the theme so it transforms into an excellent website. You gotta love the back-end simplicity which gives incredible results on the front-end.

Install the theme with just one click, import the demo (I lost count at 59 – yes, there are even more) and then it is up to you and how personalized you want the online store to be. To continue wowing you with numbers, there are also 26 headers available. Pick the one you fancy and change it to your needs. Fastor is a mighty theme with a great potential to help you develop your store in literally just a few clicks. You also save time and money which many consider essential.

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qrack fashion shopify theme

Like it would have something to do with Quake, just that it has nothing to do with Quake at all. Instead, Qrack is a stylish, modern and extensible fashion Shopify store. To avoid weeks if not months spent building and designing the ultimate online selling machine, pick a premium theme. You have nearly as many different features and possibilities as you need to craft a true masterpiece.

You will be impressed by the fact that you have complete control over the layout. In other words, you can modify every block, as well as enabling and disabling it in the admin. From top bar to footer links and everything in between, you can customize every section of the theme to match your desires. Never limit yourself with any of the Shopify fashion themes we have introduced you to with this best collection. These have the power to create any type of e-store.

The main slider helps you grab visitors’ attention with magnificent images, texts and videos. Logo placements are left and center and from the top bar, you can also let browsers pick the preferred currency. For more social engagement, Instagram and Twitter widgets will do their thing. Let them do the (free) marketing for you.

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seiko fashion shopify theme

Nope, Seiko is not that thing wrapped around your wrist that tells you time. We are going to talk about something else. A complete solution for eCommerce entrepreneurs. To get even more specific, a fashion Shopify theme which turns you into a real wizard when it comes to online store development. At first glance, it sounds a daunting task, but you will soon see how noncomplex it all is. By aiming to create a whole new approach to Shopify themes, Seiko truly brings something special to the online store building process.

Not only does Seiko theme come with many demo data which you can use right off the bat, you can also restyle it to your needs. It, too, has an integrated blog section which you can use for promotional purposes. Market your business organically with interesting articles that will attract new potential customers.

Provide filters for a more detailed search and have color swatches ready for quick color pick. With a multi level navigation, you ensure everyone who comes across your store to get to find what they are looking for in as little clicks as possible. Create great UX for mobile and desktop users and turn them into shoppers with the first visit.

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responsive fashion shopify theme

With a theme name like that, I could just leave it all blank in the review section and let you jump straight to the product page. This will not happen since the theme is too good to not write about it.
Another great product in the fashion Shopify themes collection that will feed all your eCommerce entrepreneurial needs. With a small investment, you can easily compete with the big guys. As you might be familiar with, many online store behemoths are using Shopify so there is no reason why you should not have a fruitful and lucrative online fashion business, too.

Updated with new layout designs on a regular basis, Fashion theme is always following web design, fashion and marketing trends. With a great UX, you can comfortably achieve a ton of stuff. You can grow organically with great SEO friendliness, as well as complete site responsiveness. The latter is also very important when you plan to grow SE rankings and grow organic traffic. In this day and age, if the website is not mobile friendly, it will get pushed back. In other words, no one will ever again see your site in search results. Luckily, Fashion is stacked with essentials and will not disappoint performance.

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moda fashion shopify theme

It is no surprise that many online stores are still all about selling. Moda fashion Shopify theme is very well aware of that and adds more to the needed eCommerce template. “Jab, jab, jab, right hook,” would Gary say. In other words, provide useful content, help people and reply to questions and only then ask for a sale. We aren’t here to teach you marketing but you can already achieve so much with a proper theme. On one hand, create the best shopping solution while on the other, start a compelling blog and give back to your shoppers. An online fashion store and a great blog go very well together.

With a simplistic interface, you can easily modify Moda theme and get your online shop decorated with all the necessities. With the drag and drop builder, you will have a ton of fun playing with elements and arranging them in the preferred order. Or pick one of the available two home page layouts and start from there. There are two options. Option 1, you leave the one design you fancy the most as is. Option 2, you improve on it and individualize the layout. It is definitely suggested to go with the second approach and create a genuine eCommerce website.

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