۱۶ Professional & Responsive OpenCart Themes 2017

A complete online shopping solution creation gets simplified with responsive OpenCart themes. This open source online store management system is super easy to use, yet extremely functional and flexible. It supports various plugins and extensions and works with a wide variety of themes that cover almost every niche. On your end, you do not really have to do much and already start taking orders.

Built specifically for eCommerce websites, you cannot go wrong with OpenCart and any of the themes that support the software listed below. The extensibility of both allows you to bring into being online stores of all kinds. From fashion and fitness to nutrition and tech, these are just a few types of e-shops you can create.

Regarding of size, OpenCart is perfectly suitable for both small and large businesses. It is also mobile friendly and allows access to the admin from any device. The responsive admin panel is super user-friendly, giving even new store owners the option to master every sector like a real professional. Keep track of your orders, check sales reports and even benefit from the marketing tools OpenCart comes with. All this and more can be done from the comfort of your favorite device. Manage your new online store from any device no matter where in the world you are located.

Without further ado, let’s check our list of professional OpenCart themes for your online eCommerce businesses.


journal opencart theme

Get total control over your online shop and a countless number of modifiable options with Journal. One of the best selling OpenCart template which allows you to build and design all types of stores. From small to big, from niche to broad, you are the boss of your business, Journal is only the tool that helps you realize all your needs and requirements.

From the custom popup, countdown timer and daily special deals to several pre-made demos and multi-level menus, all this a ton more is what you get with Journal. We could almost call this theme the ultimate online store building machine. For your information, there are more than 2,000 options that you can customize. That is kinda a lot, isn’t it?

Two of the newer features are the RTL support and the one-page checkout. The latter lowers the number of abandoned carts. Visitors can complete the order quickly since there is no jumping from page to page.

Along with the attractive and super functional online shop, you can also integrate a powerful blog into your page. A blog cannot only be a way to interact with your visitors and keep them informed about new products. It can also be a great marketing tool for both SEO and SEM.

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sellegance opencart theme

With any of the OpenCart themes you find in this collection, you help yourself save a ton of time. Another incredible product which brings a whole new meaning to building eCommerce stores is Sellegance. This clean and responsive theme is a great choice for stores in all industries and niches. The best part is that you need no prior coding and designing knowledge and still be able to construct a professional and lucrative web store.

Build with mobile users and user experience in mind, your website will work fluently on any device with Sellegance. Pick the color, add a custom background, choose the header style and benefit from all other features. It also includes Revolution Slider for adding stunning slides to your store. It supports videos, too, so there are many options for grabbing visitors’ attention in different ways. No limits.

While browsing your product listings, the shopper does not need to leave the page to see more item info and start the order process. The quick view option is a handy function which displays the desired product in a beautiful popup with the add to cart button. Once leaving the popup, he or she is back shopping and adding new products to the cart.

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shoppica opencart theme

Complex layout for your outstanding online store can be built in minutes time with Shoppica. A multi-functional OpenCart theme comes with all the smallest details a successful online store owner needs. With the practical and useful admin panel along with all the amazing features of Shoppica, you can start taking orders almost instantly.

No need to struggle with the super technical part of building your store. The drag and drop page builder quickly and efficiently lets you rearrange and customize layouts. Not only that, you can also create complex pages with zero coding skills. You have complete control over the theme and can style all of its components.

Easily make a unique web store and an amazing shopping experience with Shoppica. You can also create a custom store navigation with highly customizable menus. This way, the visitors will have a chance to quickly access the desired products/category and lessen the number of clicks.

Shoppica comes with hundreds of dollars worth of extensions available to you from the get go. One worth pointing out is the SEO Manager. Optimize your online store, so the search engines will love it and send highly targeted organic traffic to it.

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fastor opencart theme

From custom layouts and skins to unique headers and tons of features and extensions, Fastor OpenCart theme serves all of your needs. When you get the gist of it, you will start hammering out new stunning online stores quickly. You can actually have your web shop set and ready for the launch in just a few clicks. Install the demo and the main work is done. Simple, right?

Fastor creates a great and fast shopping adventure. With one-page checkout, the visitor can fill all the necessary information all in one form. Help them save time with this great and very useful module.

With 47 pre-built layouts, you can get an idea how much you can do with one theme. You do not have to do much, pick the skin that fits your business perfectly and get that business up and running. You can even pick one of 26 different headers and add a compelling blog section to your trendy eCommerce website.

If there is need, you can still modify different elements and build a layout that will easily stand out from the crowd. Create a unique experience for every shopper and make them get back to completing new orders. You can accomplish more than you imagine with Fastor and its incredible functions.

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pavilion opencart theme

Do you plan to launch a jewelry shop, a clothing store or maybe you are passionate about survival kits? Whichever eCommerce business you are getting yourself into, Pavilion premium OpenCart theme has you sorted. Both the pre-built skins and a variety of different options and styles help you style the theme to your exact needs. It is very simple and even those without any prior coding skills can do it.

It all starts with the amazing drag and drop builder. You can arrange different elements of the layouts in the preferred order and create complex pages within minutes. Build a professional e-shop which will grab the attention of new shoppers and turn them into customers.

With the Fire Slider, you can design image and video rich slides which will amaze all of your visitors. Feature the top offers, the hot deals and the latest collection and get them clicking.
Pavilion includes three different styles of product listings with labels for “new” and “on sale” items. For a more flawless shopping with fewer clicks, quickview lets visitors check products’ pictures and info without leaving the current page. Take them on a purchasing journey they will remember forever.

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comohos opencart theme

With the diversity of custom designs (more than 28), Comohos could not be missed on this amazing list of top premium OpenCart themes list. You will be amazed, almost left in shock, once you go through all the goodies this theme offers.

First and foremost, the unique layouts. There are enough variations that you can use for the creation of literally any online store. You will find designs for bakery, book store, furniture, male and female fashion, bike shop and a whole bunch more. Pick the one you need, modify it with other cool features, add your personal/business touch to it and voila, your store is ready to start taking new orders. Simple? Indeed!

One of the newest modules that Comohos supports is the option to design T-shirts. Just as easy as it is creating an online shirt store, so is designing the actual product. It is the T-shirt Designer jQuery plugin which makes all this amazingness happen (sells separately).

Still not convinced? Let me tell you that with Comohos, you also get Mega Menu and Revolution Slider. Plus, the theme is, like all the rest, 100% responsive, retina ready and optimized for search engines. You could not have asked for a more perfect eCommerce solution.

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fortuna opencart theme

You are fortunate you escaped the neverending hunt for the best eCommerce solution for your online business. With these OpenCart themes, you finally made an end to the endless hours spent searching for the right product. We did all the hard word, scouring the web for the top of the top.

One of the themes that will definitely make you feel happy that you came across it is Fortuna. This modern, clean and responsive theme creates elegant and stylish online shops without breaking a sweat. Developers behind this beautiful theme designed every section with caution so you can take it to its full potential. To help you increase conversion rates, they put special attention to the cart and checkout page. These are optimized to the fullest.

HTML knowledge is not necessary when it comes to building the must-have web store. You can do it with zero skills and experience. And yes, you can do it all by yourself. No need to hire someone or outsourcing the process. Thanks to the easy customizable OpenCart system and user-friendly theme admin, creating professional looking e-stores has never been easier. Give it a go, you might only believe it once you are faced with the challenge. But this challenge you will accomplish without a hitch.

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teez opencart theme

Specifically created for T-shirt and apparel stores, Teez is definitely worth checking out if launching a Tee business is what interests you. A surprisingly simple OpenCart theme which puts focus on your products first. All the rest comes next. Showcase your eye-catching T-shirt designs and amaze every visitor with the quality and great buying experience. They will surely come back for more of your fantastic T-shirts or other apparel items you intend to sell.

You can create a slideshow where you can show close ups of your shirt designs, as well as feature deals and special offers. You are also able to use different product labels like “sale” and display best sellers with a small slider.

This smooth and minimal OpenCart theme is distraction-free for an even better shopping encounter. Buyers can browse your online store from any device, thanks to Teez’s responsive design. Your store will look beautiful on smartphones, desktops and any other device in between.

For complete guidance, you should definitely go through the in-depth documentation and further learn what Teez is capable of. But first, install the theme, it is almost too easy to be true.

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moderns opencart theme

Fully customizable and easy to use OpenCart theme for all sorts of eCommerce pages. With Moderns, you will not lack modern layout rather stand out from the crowd with a distinct and unique look which follows all the new-age web standards and online store trends. You think of the final design of the store and Moderns will take care of the rest. Forget about being an expert in the online store building field. You do not have to be. The majority of work has already been done for you. The only thing left for you to do is to play with the functions and available extensions and put together a pro-level webstore.

The unique features, full responsiveness, 4 different ways to display categories in the menu with 3 levels deep category navigation, all this and many more Moderns’ options you can take to your advantage. Moreover, the theme supports RTL languages, comes with Revolution Slider and ensures fun moments spent building and modifying the theme in the powerful admin. You can even take a peek inside Moderns’ admin section and see how easy it is to configure different sections of the theme before even purchasing the theme itself. Give it a test run and see if it meets your needs.

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moda opencart theme

You won’t be surprised what Moda theme was meant for. Well, for elegant and stylish, as well as professional looking online fashion stores. Be it a boutique or a general male and female store, Moda is perfect for that eCommerce fashion business that you always wanted to launch. Style for miles, creativity and epic customization, these are the main features of the gorgeous OpenCart theme.

Fashion industry just got a new player who will break the berries of what is possible. This player is no other than you once you create the superb online market place for everything fashion. Correct, it is you and only you who is able to create this internet selling machine with help from the modern top-notch theme, Moda.

To avoid building and designing custom layouts, you can import the demo data with one simple click. This allows you to bring to life the exact sample which is used for demonstration purposes. Bear in mind, you can still make changes later on and update your website with a fresh design. Improve on it, use its features and create the shop that, like said earlier, will break the standards and ensure an original shopping experience.

It seems like everything has already been done in the fashion biz. Well, you haven’t yet launched your business. We are waiting.

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vitalia opencart theme

While some themes are more niche oriented, the others are more generic, fulfilling every eCommerce website owners’ needs. When it comes to Vitalia, a sophisticated OpenCart theme, the latter is what it was invented for. One theme that you can use for any niche, as well as for creating mega stores. The universal design which follows all the twenty-first-century’s online standards gives you unlimited options for forming even the most complex stores you can think of.

To point it out, it will probably take only a few minutes to have your ideal shop ready. And maybe a minute or two more if you are a complete newbie. Still, the time spent on designing the final product will be laughably short. And we did not even come to all the amazing features you can benefit from yet.

Many premium extensions come for free with Vitalia. For example, you get Mega Menu, Revolution, Camera and Nivo Sliders, Filter products and more. There are also 5 color variations for you to choose or pick custom colors to personalize the store completely.

Free updates are regular which will have your website sorted by always following the new software version and getting rid of all the unwelcome bugs. Have your site fresh and running intact at all times.

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maxshop opencart theme

Everyone who is after a fast and multi-functional OpenCart theme, MaxShop is the one who comes with everything you need. It includes 9 one-of-a-kind front page layouts and even comes with 3 mobile ready layouts which make your store look similar to an app. All this demo content can be imported with one click and used right away. But do put MaxShop’s visual page builder to use and create an entire online shop naturally like you would be a true expert (even if you do not get even close to it).

Avoid touching the HTML code in its entirety and still create the dream store. With MaxShop, you can easily highlight products’ detail pages and pick the one version which meets your needs perfectly. Unlimited header and footer possibilities in mixture with Mega Menu’s drag and drop builder create a unique look of the web store. By the way, you can have the menu displayed vertically or horizontally.

Visitors can sign up and become members by only using their social profiles and avoid adding the 45th password to their memory. A couple more features which increase the UX are quick view and one-page checkout.

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shoppystore opencart theme

Shoppy plus Store gives you a multipurpose theme which is powered by OpenCart eCommerce solution called ShoppyStore. While you won’t have a problem building any type of online stores, ShoppyStore is especially suited for the big stores with an endless amount of products. With its powerful functions, responsive design and a solid amount of demo content, you can quickly generate a large store that will carry many brands and different types of products.

The one click demo import gives you a chance to install all the sample material and use it right off the bat. No need to do much work on your end other than picking the right colors, the preferred footer and the header that you like the most. From then on, it is all about adding the information and the products and you are ready to start taking the first orders. Seems very interesting, right? It sure is.

For the actual shopping experience, there are different category pages, creative product highlight pages, countdown timer and quick view. ShoppyStore also supports multi languages and is RTL compatible. To increase sales, one page checkout process will do wonders for your store and overall business progress. Gotta have those sales coming in regularly.

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technopolis opencart theme

The name speaks for itself, Technopolis is an OpenCart theme for stores in the electronics and tech niches. The style of the theme perfectly suites the mentioned types of stores and you can create advanced layouts shortly. Make adjustments so it will meet your online store needs and get you rockin’ in no time.

Technopolis gives you total control over every single component of the theme. That said, you truly can create a leading and out-of-the-box online store that shoppers haven’t seen yet. It is visual page builder and the drag and drop interface which makes the whole website constructing action simple and professional. Unleash your creative spirit and start developing a true masterpiece. You sure won’t regret a little extra time spent when it comes to setting things up and releasing the of-a-kind shop in the online space.

While the general look of your web shop is highly important, the products itself play the biggest role when it comes to the success. If the products aren’t of the highest quality, chances are, you won’t witness much success in your life. To convince visitors that you are selling the best of the best, start a compelling blog and market not only the products but the overall store, too.

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up opencart theme

Pizza, anyone? UP! is a fun name for a theme. You can translate it however you want, but I believe the best version is: UP! helps you skyrocket your business with an impressive web store. From the picture above and from these few sentences, you probably aren’t persuaded yet. Wait for it. This OpenCart theme is absolutely phenomenal. Every section of UP! can be adjusted and customized to your likings. You can pick the skin that fits your niche, choose which layout works best for you and even import the right product layout. Yes, all this is already available as sample data and can be installed with one click.

However, if you prefer to start from scratch, you can design a completely custom online store which will be like none out there. The admin panel has, listen carefully, more than two thousand features you can benefit from and take to your advantage when modifying the design. That is more than enough options and settings to allow you to bring something fresh to the online world. The shopping activity will be out of the ordinary. Of course people won’t return only for the outstanding shopping spree they had on your eCommerce website but for the top-grade products, too.

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porto opencart theme

Compatible, feature rich, responsive and optimized OpenCart ready theme, Porto, can become the focal point of your eCommerce business. It has all and everything an online business owner needs. With or without prior website designing skills, Porto helps you achieve the unimaginable. What once felt impossible can now be achieved pretty easily. The ocean of possibilities helps you create a timeless design of a moneymaking online shop. And when you are done setting up the spectacular store, you will maintain it stress-free. Managing a web shop with a solid theme like Porto is unchallenging.

The surprising blend of options, ready-to-use layouts, headers, customizable category page and more are just some of the things what make Porto unquestionably inspiring. Furthermore, it supports multi languages and multi currencies, is RTL ready and compatible with all the major browsers. Porto is, as well, search engine optimized, fully responsive and ready for retina displays.

By having an option to briskly install the demo, you do not have to put much more effort into it to have the online store ready to attract new visitors. Sometimes things sound to be complicated and hard, but when you actually do it, you realize how easy it is.

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