16 Powerful & Premium HTML Lawyer Website Templates 2017


To represent yourself and your legal company in the best possible light, HTML lawyer website templates are a great starting point to build a professional web page. You or any other member of your law firm team can get creative and craft an expert site with ease. Every aspect of your company should be as professional as possible, including your online presence. After all, everyone tends to look for help and service online in this modern age. Not only that, if they hear for your law related business but do not find you on the web, chances are, they might lose trust in you.

With this complete collection of cutting-edge HTML lawyer website templates, you will never lack professionalism. Judges, attorneys, legal and law agencies, small and big businesses, these templates cover everyone’s needs. Very simple to use and modify, yet the performance of your business website will go over the top.

If you are fresh in the law industry or an established legal practitioner with years upon years of experience, building or updating a page is possible (and a must!) without any prior knowledge. The user-friendliness of these premium and responsive templates makes your life easier while still giving you all the options to go as unique as you would like. An amazing website is an indication of your top-notch services.


trust HTML lawyer website template

To kick off your online appearance with something extraordinary, you will love Trust template. With a ton of functions and possibilities, Trust is great for legal offices, advisers, counsels, lawyers and just about any other business within the industry. You name it, and Trust HTML lawyers website template will help you build it.

The template comes with well over a dozen home pages, however, you can create your very own one at any given time. Speaking of demo content, expect new variations to drop with new template updates. Once you become tired of the current web design, you can quickly refresh the look of your website with a new layout. Always be improving and let the clients know how serious are you about your business.

With the popularity of smartphones, more people are browsing the web from their mobile phones than from their laptops and desktop computers. That said, Trust law business template will always look crisp on any device and adapt instantly to all screen sizes. No need to worry about any of the technical part. This fully-functional and flexible template expands your creative capabilities to create something truly original. Let your firm shine with all of its light all of the time in any form and medium.

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Law Firm

law firm HTML lawyer website template

Advocates, attorneys, advisers, consultants and all the rest who are in the legal industry, Law Firm HTML5 template brings your services online and helps you expand your business. Attract new potential clients and build customer trust. By showcasing your portfolio, adding all company information and details, as well as incorporating testimonials, visitors will immediately know that you are a real deal. No need to browse further when you are in need of a modern and clean design for your website.

Law Firm HTML lawyer website template includes 4 different front page designs along with 3 headers and 2 footers. Combine the three together how you fancy or further customize them and add your personal touch to the overall site design. Browser compatibility and SEO friendliness is also part of the game which Law Firm is very well aware of. Moreover, there are also more than 25 HTML files for you to add to your page and enhance the functionality and practicality. Pages for events, blog, team, testimonials news and other are pre-built and ready to use. You choose how fast you would like to bring your legal company website to the world wide web. Law Firm’s potential is close to unlimited.

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plume HTML lawyer website template

One template which you can use for any business in any niche. You better meet PLUME HTML lawyer website template with which you can start taking new business deals all thanks to the power of the internet. And, of course, your stunning page which will, at the same time, also be your advanced online business card. It should not be a question anymore whether or not you will expand to the online space. You should, and that is a fact.

With powerful HTML5 templates like PLUME is, you are only a step away from launching an innovative law firm site. Though it comes with 49 predefined demos, you can still go 100% custom by crafting your version using more than 40 shortcodes and 400+ UI elements. For a novice, these numbers might be frightening but trust the nature of simplicity. Build on the versatile and popular bootstrap framework with a well-commented code, it has never been easier bringing into being custom web design. Plus, you will accomplish the creation of a new style in just minutes time. But to be frank, you will probably be totally good with all the sample data and a bit of personalization. Unlock all the PLUME features and extensions and begin assembling a fantastic lawyers website. The only limitation in your web design is in yourself.

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lawyer HTML lawyer website template

If you already dominated the offline space, it is time for you to dominate the online world, too. A fast and light HTML lawyer website template, Lawyer, is a great choice to make it happen. Professional look and high functionality are what will skyrocket your business and attain massive levels of success. Ideally suited for legal advisers, solicitors, barristers and advocates to name a few, Lawyer is always down to take any challenge and succeed at it.

To wow you with numbers, Lawyer HTML template is packed with 4 home pages, 13 headers and 10 footers. You can blend them together, add one of the 10 sliders and you are already bringing something fresh to the industry. It is just as simple as it sounds. As for the sliders, create astonishing slideshows with the included Revolution Slider which comes at no extra cost. Lawyer template also serves you custom coming soon and 404 pages.

If you are still in the very early stages of your project, help yourself with 8 beautiful color presets and start branding yourself. Eventually, you will develop distinct advantages others will envy. Always be evolving and never forget to test different sections of your site to grab even more attention. You have it all in your hands.

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dylan HTML lawyer website template

For private attorneys or corporate companies, Dylan HTML lawyer website template gives you the chance to go above and beyond with your page. A multi-purpose template which you can use for any type of business. More than 20 ready-to-use demos will have you sorted with the basics. Still, at any given time, you can also go behind the scenes and start constructing your ideal page. To share your knowledge, you can also include a blog section and start publishing incredible content. Add the search engine friendliness and you can use this same blog for content marketing. Reading useful articles and gaining knowledge is definitely an interest amongst people in need for legal services.

You can build one- and multi-page designs with light and dark navbars which will all perfectly adapt to all screen sizes. Not only that, more than 250 retina icons ensure the sharpness of your web design and make it look crystal clear on even the most advanced displays. Other extras will only add up to the practicality of the page. Put them to use and see how much you can achieve with one multi-functional HTML template. Whenever you find yourself in need, hit up the helpful staff and they will be happy to assist you. Indeed, free support and updates are included.

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Miako Legal

miako HTML lawyer website template

All browsers and all devices will absolutely adore the website you will build with Miako Legal template. This smooth and stylish tool is equipped with 4 amazing front pages and 12 other feature-rich internal pages. For lawyers and law firms especially, Miako Legal has in store all the needed for an enjoyable page building process. The coding is clean and the documentation thorough, so there won’t be any issues you will face with while setting up the business site. Bear in mind, if you still need guidance, by all means, hit up the team of professionals who will work with you to get you up and running in no time.

There is no need for you to hold yourself back with a convenient HTML lawyer website template. You have whatever it takes to release your biz to the web. Give Miako Legal law firm template the opportunity to amaze you with its features. While the demo content is more than enough to forge a cutting edge page, you can still arrange elements in different order so it meets your personal preferences. Nivo Slider is included, as well as Font Awesome icons and Google fonts. Leave everything as is, or bring your novel idea to realization.

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Lawyer & Justice

lawyer and justice HTML lawyer website template

Lawyer & Justice template covers a very broad specter of legal business, yet at the same time, the template is very niche. It has everything a business owner needs, from practice areas to booking and consultation forms and attorney profiles. It also includes honors and awards, testimonials and many blog formats.

No matter what kind of layout you create or choose the pre-made demo data, you will always have a fluid website. Meaning, no matter the device and screen size, it will adjust stunningly at the speed of lightning. As far as demo data goes, Lawyer & Justice HTML lawyer website template contains more than 10 page examples. If you insist in designing your own version, have these as a guide what Lawyer & Justice is capable of.

Optimized for retina displays, Google Maps compatible and built on Bootstrap 3, you get all you need for your legal-something page. No need for your page to lack in features, you can create both an elementary and minimal site or a complex masterpiece. At the end of the day, for as long as it is practical and offers help, it does not really matter how hard you go on the web design. Simply said, do whatever feels right for you and your company.

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legalpress HTML lawyer website template

You can endlessly browse the web in hopes to find the best website template solution for your legal office. For those who like to over complicate, the search may never end. Save time and energy and invest in a template like LegalPress. Even financing and banking professional individuals and companies can benefit from LegalPress.

Instead of going through hundreds of templates, enjoy this small selection of the best out there. You will quickly find what you are looking for and the next moment you realize, you are already just a few more clicks away from releasing your page to the web wilderness. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

To promote yourself and grab new visitors’ attention, bring your business online and start something new. Not only will you expand your business with LegalPress template, but you will also bring in front of a wider audience your professionalism. Let your expertise and experience in combination with a remarkable site do the promotional part for you. Quality work speaks for itself. Always. You can include company testimonials, clients portfolio and even write about it on your blog. You should not be afraid to share your achievements with the world. Create the best law experience for your visitors all due to the ultimate page you crafted.

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lawjustice HTML lawyer website template

One man band or a true law behemoth, you can all take Law&Justice HTML lawyer website template to your advantage. Building a page for attorney offices, counsels and others providing legal services is almost too easy to be true. Once you start putting Law&Justice template to use, you will realize how much fun you will have designing and rearranging different elements. Do whatever it is in your intention to bring into being your perfect page. Though there is very little work required from your end, there still will be no excellence deficiency. Instead, you will more likely anchor your skills into the heart of a random visitor or a returning client. You do want to hook them right after they land on your site, don’t you?

Very effortlessly to customize, Law&Justice HTML template can easily become your favorite one from the collection. You will feel very comfortable establishing your first ever website. This goes especially for all of you who don’t have any prior experience. No need to be intimidated by it. You can all accomplish what at first sight seems unimaginable. Give Law&Justice a shot and you will quickly become an expert site builder. Let your law firm shine on the web and get others intrigued by it.

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Law Master

law master HTML lawyer website template

The Law Master HTML template will get you creative designing the right site for your law firm and everything related to it. No need to hire someone to get it done for you. With a very user-friendly template, everyone is allowed to bring his ideas to realization with very little work. A fully retina ready and responsive design with extra features and extensions is all you need to stretch your business as wide as you would like. The internet gives you an endless amount of possibilities to grow beyond expectations. Set your own rules and become greater than your initial plans. It is easy to avoid to stagnate rather be continuously evolving with a compelling website.

Any legal business, from a small local one to a large agency, Law Master HTML lawyer website template feeds all of your needs. The design is clean and elegant what allows distraction-free browsing experience. With the included form, you can easily start sealing new deals and receiving requests from unique visitors. Start branding yourself and promoting your company and expand to your full potential. No need to stop once you are on full whack. Employ new professionals and bring things to an entirely different level.

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Law Firm

law firm responsive HTML lawyer website template

Aiming more towards the professional individual use, Law Firm is a one-page template with a commented HTML5/CSS3 code. Before we continue, no need to worry, you most likely will not need to touch a single line of code. You can go with what is already available, do some modifications and you are ready to share your project with the world. On the other hand, feel free to change things completely and go as unique as you want. It all depends on your business needs.

Law Firm HTML legal website template has many pages and features which you can benefit from. Some of the key features of the template are newsletter subscription, blog section, maps, testimonials and practice areas. You can change the primary color of the template to follow your logo’s color with a breeze. Social media icons are included, and you can display them in the sticky menu. The menu is also the place where you can make the call to action button highly visible. Those who already decided that are in need of your services can immediately get what they want. Start making your law firm big with a responsive one page HTML template.

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Justice Time

justice time HTML lawyer website template

Firms, companies and agencies within the legal industry are in for a special web design treat. Justice Time HTML template is ready for all of your challenges and requirements you have for a web page. It is no time to waste anymore. Let’s get that website live and start a new chapter of your law, attorney and counselor services business. Create a solid online presence for yourself or your company and increase the sales. With a pixel perfect and fully responsive design, Justice Time template does your website only good.

The template has 3 home pages which you can use as they are, refine them or, for those with a little more experience, go against the grain. You can create your very own version and let your business stand out from the crowd. Due to the clean code, the majority of you will not have a problem redesigning Justice Time to the way you fancy. It is advisable to do things your way but not everyone has the time and skill to do it. Go full tilt or invest a little more time and effort into the look of your company page. Seeing something new and fresh may make browsers pick you over the competition. However, the key factor why they might pick you is the level of your experience and knowledge.

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Legal Justice

legal justice HTML lawyer website template

To have a responsive and cross-browser compatible website is unquestionable in this day and age. No matter the industry and the niche you are in, more and more people are browsing the sites from their mobile devices. That said, Legal Justice HTML law website template always follows all the modern trends and their practices. Plus, with its retina readiness, the web design will look sharp even on those hi-tech screens.

Just like any other HTML lawyer website templates on this lists, Legal Justice is another great option to build yourself a website. If you fancy the overall design, there is no need to look further. Get to work now, and you should have the final product ready very soon. After your law website gets indexed, it might happen relatively quickly that new visitors will land on your site interested to do business with you.

Owning a business and be in total charge of every sector is very rewarding on the long run. With Legal Justice, every attorney, lawyer, advocate and the like can take things into his or hers hands and create something outside the box. Be original and let your uniqueness and expertness take you all the way to the highest level.

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Legal Point

legal point HTML lawyer website template

Everything law and legal is covered by Legal Point template. Perfectly suitable for the industry, you can create a beautiful page for all law businesses with ease. It includes all the features a site of a kind needs to offer the client as much as possible. For instance, Legal Point HTML lawyer website template has goodies like attorney profiles, consultation, practice areas and more. For the best first impression, you can also wow every visitor with an astonishing slideshow. Create it with the famous Revolution Slider which comes with Legal Point at no extra cost.

To impress them even more, incorporate parallax effect and they might be hooked only by the design. However, we all know how important your work and expertise is. Feature it all on your website, add testimonials and build customer trust. Be prepared for all the questions and concerns and deliver quality content by starting a needed blog section. With articles, you can educate those in need and show them that you are the real expert in your field. Combine your knowledge with a nifty page design and you aren’t far away from success anymore.

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lawpress HTML lawyer website template

No need to stop if you come so far. Let LawPress HTML template take you on a great adventure designing a superb website for your law agency. Do you like to get productive? Even if you have zero coding skills, you are still able to unleash your creativity and adjust the needed to construct the wanted website. Everyone fancies different things and it is LawPress HTML lawyer website template which serves all of your needs. A very clean and minimal design with a great focus on detail and information. If you aren’t already part of the online world, extend beyond the current limit. While for those who are, do a redesign of your website and pleasantly surprise those who are already familiar with your law project.

Establish new connections, bring in more clients and increase trust to the level 11, all due to a properly structured and expert-looking legal agency page. LawPress is powered by Bootstrap so you know the template is flexible and will provide all the necessities a modern site needs. Take things to your advantage and make something spectacular. Other law business owners might come to you asking for design advice due to the magnificent formation of your web presence.

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victorid HTML lawyer website template

“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” Victorid is an HTML template for individuals and agencies who would like to inform a wider group of people about their law services and everything related to it. It is a very pliable template perfectly suitable for hammering out all kinds of page layouts. No need to limit yourself rather go above and beyond and design the exact website you imagined would represent your business the best. Get innovative.

Victorid HTML lawyer website template supports different layouts, from boxed and full-width to wide and both sidebars. Of course, you can have a sidebar on the left or right, too. Moreover, there are 9 HTML pages in total available; about us, attornies, blog and contact us to name a few. Functional contact form also comes with the package so you won’t need to worry how the potential clients will get in touch with you. One thing that might be the final persuading point is the fact that Victorid is regularly improved and features lifetime updates. Always up to date with trends and what works and does not work.

If you do not feel like using the sample content, you can modify Victorid template easily and make it perfectly fit your needs and requirements.

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