16 Popular HTML Resume & CV Website Templates 2017


Instead of going the traditional way, get creative and craft a stunning online presence with HTML resume & CV website templates. These templates act as a perfect complement to your resume or business card. Whether you are looking for a job or you are a freelancer, owning a personal website/resume will definitely make you appear even more professional.

Just like the classic CV, HTML resume website templates have all the quintessential sections, too. Your education, your skills, your experience, portfolio, etc., you can have it all featured on your CV site. Additionally, you can personalize the style and truly impress the potential new clients or employers.

Start building a personal brand and really make a name for yourself. Easily point those interested in working with you to your online resume’s URL. Let them experience what is cooking over at your end in a fun and enticing way. Make it colorful or go very basic. Add special effects, animations or keep it distraction-free. It is your choice how advanced and complex you want your online CV to be. But have one thing in mind, with HTML resume & CV website templates, you will stand out from the crowd with an expert-looking internet site.

Your inspiring work along with your out-of-the-box thinking can and will land you many new clients. Without further ado, create a personal website by using any of the below resume and CV website templates.


vertica HTML resume cv website template

No matter the skill you have (or a bunch of), Vertica template is here to help you showcase your experience online. Whatever the industry you are expert of, this multi-functional template gives you all you need to create a beautiful resume website. Also, it is compatible with the majority of CMS platforms so no need to worry about that. Vertica is a responsive and retina display ready HTML resume website template which you can easily modify. Style it to your needs and requirements and start attracting a wider audience. Or simply link the companies which are willing to work with to your site.

4 predefined styles, James, Melissa, Jessie and Jhon, will give you more than enough options for your web design. Pick the one you fancy and start doing tweaks where needed. Smooth scroll and the interactive timeline are two cool features to add a distinct touch to your personal page. It does not matter what device they use to read your online resume, Vertica template adjusts instantly for the best user experience. Be as professional as you can even when it comes to crafting a website for your CV. And this especially applies to everyone who does not have much skills regarding coding and design.

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The Applicant

the applicant HTML resume cv website template

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Avoid causing any distractions and go straight to the point. Depending what industry you are in, it is wise to keep your online resume as simple as possible. To achieve the cleanest and simplest result, The Applicant HTML CV website template should be your pick. The person reading it will go through it quickly and immediately understand what you are all about. Share your skills, experience, education, companies you worked with and more. The key points are clearly visible what makes it for a good navigation. Plus, The Applicant also includes a contact form for those willing to do business with you to get in touch instantly.

There is a print stylesheet included for when you or whoever else prints the resume it ensures top-notch readability. Background pattern has a parallax effect and the skills appear as a jaw-dropping animation when the page loads. You can connect your page with social media using cool icons. Very little work is needed, and you might start receiving new job offers on a regular basis.

The Applicant is an HTML resume & CV website template which grabs everyone’s attention with its plainness. If you live the minimal lifestyle, I believe you just found yourself the perfect website template.

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Flatty CV

flatty HTML resume cv website template

When searching for a job you should understand that many are still sending their applications via email or even mail boxes. Some really are old-school and that is a fact. To stand out from the crowd, go against the grain and build a cool CV website. Even if you are specialized in something way outside the web design reach, you can still create a page easily. In this modern age, you have it all pre-built and ready to use. In this case, Flatty CV is your go to HTML resume & CV website template which will be of great benefit.

The template comes with 10 different color presets and even has a special demo created for the RTL languages. Pick the color which represents you best or go behind the scenes and change it manually. From then on, add your profile pictures and all the needed information and make your online CV as compelling as possible. In the contact section, you can also include Google Maps for one to locate you easily. Indeed, a contact form is integrated into the template so there is no need to build your own.

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flatrica HTML resume cv website template

Flatrica is a Material Design based one-page HTML resume and CV website template with a stunning design. Elegant and stylish is the way to go with this awesome template. If you would like to step up your presentational game, you can add a video introduction and let the world know you are the best of the best. Not only that, but through video, you show your confidence and how firmly you believe in your work. It is definitely worth investing the time, pick up your modern smartphone and film yourself talking about, well, yourself. Another fantastic way to add a little novelty to your individual online resume page. Humans are visual creatures. We prefer watching over reading almost always.

Create the best first impression with a beautiful photo above the fold and quick few words about you and your experience. When scrolling, information-rich blocks will become visible with different animations. It makes it fun and very eye-friendly. Include testimonials and get the potential clients familiar with your rates straight away. Flatrica template treats you with 12 color variations and a trendy blog section. Create absorbing articles, so it will be impossible to avoid reading them. You can immediately let one know that you are at the level 13 of professionalism.

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certy HTML resume cv website template

The innovative HTML resume & CV website template, Certy, goes beyond expectations. If you are in the creative industry (any kind), this template is the one to think about. You will not have a problem creating a superb first impression at all. Hook them right of the bat and you might expect a call or an email quickly.

Above the fold, you can create a professional profile with skills, statistics and what you enjoy in the most aka interests. Followed, you can formulate a visual timeline for your education and work experience. With advanced portfolio grid, you can showcase your work, and when one clicks on View More, a fancy popup opens with more info.

Since you did business with many clients already, share their testimonials and company logos. This way, you can efficiently build customer trust and let them pick you over the competition. Never forget to ask the client to share a few words about your relationship. Reading those might scale up your business or land you a new job quickly.

Down at the bottom of your online resume page, there is a simple contact form with the integrated map. Download button comes with Certy, plus, a lovely blog to write more about what is going on over at your end.

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synopsis HTML resume cv website template

To increase your chances to score a new gig, you better start considering building a solid online presence. As a matter of fact, in the age we are living, it is almost a must sporting a personal resume website. You will only add up to your professionalism and make new employers and companies choose you. Synopsis HTML CV website template is responsive and easily customizable. It will not pass much time between purchasing the template and having a fully workable page. As an icing on a cake, you receive premium Slider Revolution free of charge and unlimited color schemes. Can you pick a custom color? Of course.

Great animations, videos and Google Maps integration and a ton more is possible with Synopsis. The design is retina ready, too, for crystal clear portfolio presentation. Included with the template are also Photoshop files and a useful video documentation along with in-depth text tutorials. To share what is going on in your life or different working experience, start a blog. Who knows, maybe that one single post that the company owner reads makes them decide to pick you to work with. You should not be avoiding sharing a little extra to put yourself out there and distinguish from the masses.

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mendy HTML resume cv website template

Elegant and clean template for building personal resume sites with left or top navigation. Mendy is built on Bootstrap Framework and comes with two front page styles. 18 color presets provide you many options to give your online CV a recognizable look. However, no need to limit yourself only to these. In case a certain color already represents you, by all means, introduce it into the layout and personalize the template to its fullest. Never miss an opportunity and unlock a whole new specter of them by bringing your expertise to the online space. Every guest can quickly find all the needed information about you and check your fantastic portfolio.

Market yourself with a stunning resume website and start sealing new deals. Sending classic CVs via email is a thing of the past. Avoid the old-school and start practicing the new-school. Mendy HTML resume & CV website template features slider carousel, contact form, pre-made shortcodes and a whole bunch of other features for a fun experience. You can create a comprehensive web resume others will envy you. Special sections for your hobbies, milestones and testimonials to name a few are more than enough for you to capture attention. Fascinate those who are in need of an individual to get the work done for them with ease.

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rstill HTML resume cv website template

It is basically a classic CV you would send via mail box just that it is like 100 times prettier. Am I exaggerating? Once you see it for yourself, you will know exactly what I mean. A fresh and smooth HTML resume & CV website template, RStill, will show your skills and your work in a very clean way. The HTML code of the template is well organized and commented so you will not have any problem modifying it to your needs. Make adjustments where needed and customize RStill with a breeze.

First, RStill has both light and dark versions available. Then, it has 12 color schemes ready to use. You can play around with the light/dark layouts, as well as different colors in the live preview. only by changing the colors, you already have many options to showcase you and your work in a unique way. All your information, skills, education, experience, portfolio and pricing, will beautifully appear on the first page load. Cool animation for a bit of entertainment, too. Freelancers, reach out potential businesses and turn them into new clients. And job seekers, have a significant advantage with a tempting online resume. It might be that this easy to put together piece of web art will score you new gigs. Go for it.

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resumedojo HTML resume cv website template

Many hours have been spent working on the design and functionality of ResumeDojo resume and portfolio HTML template. The outcome is this fascinating tool which will help you enhance your already incredible professional career. Either you use it strictly to send it out to employers or to promote yourself, pick ResumeDojo for the best presentation. You sure will not lack competentness. A great selection of blocks and elements give you the power to create a powerful online resume. ResumeDojo is a perfect fit for almost any individual aiming to score huge.

Above the fold is this phenomenal full width section where you quickly let everyone understand what you are all about. Share who you are and what you excel at in a quick few words. Plus, there is also the download button so those in need can quickly save it to their hard drives.

With all the amazing visuals, everyone browsing your CV will be amazed and without a doubt remember your name. Give them something different, something they haven’t seen yet, and you are on a great path to success. While the final product – your online CV – looks like a true expert coder/designer built it, it is not quite like so. But who needs to know about that, right? ResumeDojo template helps you do wonderful things effortlessly.

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moraco HTML resume cv website template

MORACO has all the features and extras you need and then some to create a one-of-a-kind vCard. Appear on the world wide web like a true expert or update your current page. Make it trendy and modern and a true attention grabber. All those who will flip through your online resume website will be astonished. Clean and to the point with cool animations for something exceptional. Save a ton of time by picking an HTML resume or CV website template which includes it all to meet your requirements.

With MORACO template, you are safe and equipped with a great product to start promoting yourself online. It comes with two layouts, one with a sidebar and the second one with a fixed header. Both look fantastic, it is only a matter of personal preferences. Either one you choose, you are good to go and ready to start improving it with your personal data.

A few other MORACO characteristics are SEO friendliness, Google fonts, Font Awesome icons, portfolio filter and more. And if that is not enough, it might be that the animations will do the trick both for you and the guest.

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smith HTML resume cv website template

You gotta trust uncle Smith when it comes to taking care of your online portrayal. As you will find out very soon, this uncle is actually a very cool tool. It showcases your education, career experience, interests and other whatnots in a very refreshing way. The template is a perfect fit for individuals to create a CV, resume or portfolio website, as well as for small agencies. There are 5 innovative layouts to choose from of which each comes both in light and dark version. Minimal, creative, classic, stylish and fullscreen are the predefined versions which you can use for your page. With these, you will have it all in order shortly. But if needed, rearrange different sections to your requirements and become easily recognizable.

Smith HTML resume & CV website template manages your dexterity and you take care of all the rest. Meaning, start driving traffic to your resume page and get bombarded with new business proposals. They can contact you via the integrated working contact form and with the help from MailChimp, you can start sending out newsletters. Remind everyone who ever worked with you or just asked for a quote of you and your skills. They might be in need of more of your incredible work.

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penelope HTML resume cv website template

You definitely will not lack uniqueness with Penelope resume and CV website template. Make yourself known and spread your level of talent and education with the world. Supply all the needed information, stats and whatever else needed to gain chances for that awesome new job. Or a freelancing gig, whatever there is you do. Due to the Bootstrap framework and great coding, Penelope welcomes nearly any adjustment. Pick one from the two available layouts, His or Her, and begin bringing into being the most trendy personal online CV ever.

Penelope is mobile friendly and compatible with all the major and even those less popular browsers. Responsive timeline, a light gallery with video and Ajax contact form are just a handful of features you get. There is a ton more but the main reason why Penelope is one to give a go is because how appealing to the eye it is. Sure, the originality plays a big role, too. Setting yourself up a brand new and fashionable online resume page is easy and fun. Plus, the impact will be much greater compared to sending out an email with the classic introduction. Go against the grain, do things like no one else in the industry is doing and become the one.

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ultra HTML resume cv website template

Two demos are available with Ultra HTML resume & CV website template. One features the horizontal scrolling and the other, the traditional vertical scrolling. Only by picking the former and you can already do something a little different. As we are all aware of, the percentage of sites with horizontal scrolling compared to vertical is way lower. To launch your first professional personal website or update the current one, Ultra is a modern and flat HTML template which will help you reach the unknown easily. Always have an open mind and you might unlock a whole specter of new opportunities.

The template is well documented and the support very kind and helpful. In case you need assistance, send them a message/ticket. They will guide you to successfully launching an astonishing website which will be more than just a resume. A business card, a promotional material and an overall perfect tool to add to your prosperous career.

Whether you are self-employed or looking for work, both people’s potential will grow with a professional website. Let the world know about your awards, your expertise, education and showcase the phenomenal portfolio. Visitors will not be able to hold themselves back rather get attracted by your web presence. Alert: Full inbox!

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premiumlayers HTML resume cv website template

To bring yourself online and expand beyond expectations, it is almost a must to construct a website with all your information on it and a few extra. It is time to get creative and wow the visitors with your outstanding online resume. It can all be achieved fairly easily with Premiumlayers responsive HTML resume website template. Built with Bootstrap, you get a fully functional and flexible template with all the needed sections and elements. Summarize your career life and go in-depth with persuasive blog posts. You can do it all with one practical HTML resume and CV website template, Premiumlayers.

The product comes with 7 ready-to-use pages, Font Awesome icons, Google Map integration and impressive CSS3 effects. The code is optimized and the web design as fine as wine. When you decide to go with Premiumlayers template, your life becomes a raging sea of ideas. Your creative mind starts racing, and you go full tilt engineering the personal dream website. Needless to say, a lot is possible with Premiumlayers. It is easy to use and simple to customize. Get the most out of it and keep managing the site and updating it with new successfully accomplished projects. Keep it fresh at all times.

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resume HTML cv website template

No matter how many experiences you have or you are right out of college, sporting an online Resume is a wise thing to do. You will look even more professional and all your education, skills and references to name a few will be represented beautifully. You go way beyond the mentioned, I know, so feel free to state it all on your personal page. Now is your time to shine with all of your light. Are you ready to turn your boring old resume into something exceptional? Go all in with your creativity and introduce yourself to the world in a unique way. Always be prepared and never lack professionalism.

Resume HTML website template is very basic at first glance but when you dive deeper, you see how much it features. Hover effects, filtered portfolio and all the needed pages to speed up the building process of your yet-to-come highly visited website. When done, include the link to your website into your emails, business cards or simply share it on your LinkedIn profile. Interact with business owners and employers and grow your potential. You are not far from enjoying new projects to work on anymore. Let it be big work or small work, it does not matter for as long as you and your career benefit from it.

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J.R Resume

J.R HTML resume cv website template

Without a solid first impression, chances are, everyone visiting your page might leave early. Avoid that and keep them hooked with J.R HTML resume & CV website template. Almost peculiar, yet still very impressive, fresh and stylish, just the right combo to achieve the highest impact on your guests. 5 predefined J.R Resume demos will give you a better understanding what is possible. Pick the one you fancy most and the majority of work is done. Play around with different features it includes and even do improvements for a more distinct look. The practicality of J.R Resume will establish a cutting-edge web presentation for your online CV.

SEO and mobile friendliness grow your audience and ensure the absolute experience. As an extra, J.R Resume rocks smooth Parallax and Particle effects along with flawless transition effects. Those will not distract the visitor, instead, make them scroll all the way to the bottom of your page. There you have an elegant space dedicated to the included working contact form with your other personal information. From the About Me and My Services section to the Portfolio and Latest Blog Posts, the move from one to the other will create a breathtaking journey.

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