۱۶ Best Premium HTML Charity Website Templates 2017

Starting a professional page for a nonprofit organization with the best HTML charity website templates is easy and efficient. To increase the potential of the overall collected donations and helping as many in need as possible, a site is a must. You can quickly expand beyond your local area and go global. With a clean, beautiful and advantageous online presence, you can have people from all around the world help you gain funds for the cause. Expose yourself on the world wide web, inform people about why are you raising donations and funds and start something extraordinary.

By choosing your favorite HTML non-profit template from the list below, you get everything needed for your business. Fully functional templates with nifty designs are at your service to help you spread the word. An eye-catching and very straightforward web design will grab readers’ attention immediately. Great navigation and a stunning slideshow will only increase the chances of visitors helping you with the donations.

Raising funds and putting the word out, as well as informing people and educating them about your charities and nonprofits, has never been more fun. Instead of going through tons and tons of templates yourself, you will find the most valuable ones further down the page. These are the best performing HTML charity website templates with regular updates for you to craft an outstanding platform and make a difference in the world.


charityfund HTML charity website template

A never ending list of features is what CharityFund HTML5 template prides itself with. You truly will be impressed by the amount of material you receive with one small investment. All your nonprofit, charity, fundraising and even crowdfunding needs are sorted with CharityFund template. You are not that far from launching your website anymore and start doing great things for the world.

With CharityFund template, you get a ton of layouts to create almost any type of website without the need to build something from scratch. You also receive different premium plugins, like Slider Revolution, Countdown Timer and Menuzord MegaMenu. Like that would not already be enough, there is way more CharityFund has in store for you.

For the top-notch navigation, pick one from the 15 predefined top menus and ensure readers to find what they need quickly. For the donors, there are 19 different forms for both one-time and recurring donations. Pick the one you like the most and start raising the money.
Moreover, to keep everyone up to date, let them subscribe to your newsletter powered by MailChimp. Plus, announce big news with the calendar and showcase different events you are hosting in a nice grid or list view. Keep on discovering other amazing features of the template and craft the most incredible charity website out there.

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echarity HTML charity website template

Since more and more charities and non-profit organizations are moving their businesses online, you should consider it, too. Once you decide to go all in, eCharity HTML charity website template will help you create the ideal page for your project. With all bunch of ready-to-use elements, you will have a new site up and ready to attract new donors shortly. There are 5 unique front page designs, RTL, boxed and dark layouts, active contact and PayPal donation forms and MailChimp subscription. Included in the template are also premium plugins to create an outstanding experience.

The eCharity template is perfect for charities of all kinds, NGO, donations and other non-profit businesses. Fully responsive design allows you to further customize and improve different sections of the template. Adjust the design accordingly, so it will perfectly meet your project needs. The template is build using the popular Bootstrap 3 framework what makes it as flexible as possible. Donations are possible from all the devices, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Your beautiful website will adapt to any screen size and ensure a great user experience. Start spreading the word and raise awareness locally and globally. Share your expertise and gain the needed funds to help the people in need.

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grace HTML charity website template

You can start a new movement by building a one-of-a-kind website with Grace HTML charity website template. Bringing your idea for a nonprofit based online project to realization is easy as pie. Thanks to the power of templates and different CMS platforms, you need no prior coding or design skills to make it happen. All you need is a functional, practical and user-friendly template and your creative mind. When you start putting different elements together, sooner rather than later, a working site will be ready for the launch. And yes, it will be you and only you who will unleash it to the online space.

To expand doing good only in your local area, let Grace template set you up with a fantastic website. Social organizations and different funds raising campaigns are closer than ever to grow to a global audience. With a well thought out strategy, you can do remarkable things with your business. No need to follow others, do things your way. An adaptable template with a clean code gives you complete freedom with modification. Be amazed by how much you can do and start raising the money and increase the peace. Let everyone see how serious are you about it and build trust.

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Charity Pro

charity pro HTML charity website template

For a super online presence, you need a super template. That said, take a peek at Charity Pro HTML charity website template. There is all and everything you need to build your company website and free it to the online world. Let it grow internationally and start raising even more funds for your organization. Charity Pro is perfect for websites within the donation and fundraising industry. Moreover, use it for all sorts of campaigns, NGO and governmental social program sites. Whatever your needs may be, Charity Pro template always has you covered with the great features it rocks.

Some of the necessary goodies for a professional online presence in the charity industry are causes, blog, projects, testimonials and, you guessed it, donation page. With 5 available front page designs, you have enough options for your non-governmental organization website. But never forget to add your personal touch to it or customize some of the sections completely. It is all possible with a great template like Charity Pro is. Additionally, you can add Google Maps for those interested to find you and meet you in person.

Built on the latest Bootstrap, Charity Pro template features pixel perfect coding, is compatible with all the major browsers and ensures a unique look.

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charity HTML charity website template

With a simple name for the template you can expect simplicity in the design, yet at the same time, full complexity in the functionality. You, as the website builder, get the perfect tool to make something special for your non-profit project. Charity HTML foundation website template is the mentioned tool which will unlock a whole new specter of possibilities. You can grow your business beyond expectations and become one of the leading organizations.

Responsive and retina ready layout ensure each visitor to browse your site and make a donation from any device. With a full-width slider and a stunning parallax effect, you will grab attention right off the bat. Let them know what you are all about and include the Donate Now button in the main menu. The moment they build trust in you, you can expect a snowballing effect. Get readers familiar with your causes, showcase your volunteers and share your amazing story.
With Charity template, you are served with all the essentials a website for a non-profit organization needs. No unnecessary elements which may cause distraction issues and users to leave your page early. Only the most important and the most valuable information so everyone will benefit from your online appearance.

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lifeaid HTML charity website template

Whoever is inspired by minimalism, LifeAid template is the perfect choice for you. This elegant HTML charity website template has you supplied with more than 10 index pages, 9 header styles and over 30 shortcodes. Plenty material is ready for use. However, you can come up with your personal versions any time you want. Even later on, when you are already successfully running your online charity project, you can refresh the design of your site and show the world how active you are in all aspects of your business.

LifeAid template was specifically developed with non-profits, NGOs, fundraisers and similar organizations in mind. You will not lack features and have the capability to get things going in no time. Not only will be the whole process of building your site for your organization easy but maintaining it, too. Exactly what you need to run your business effortlessly. Rather focus yourself on the promotion and bringing more readers to your page. You are assured that LifeAid HTML non-profit template will make your online existence as appealing to the eye as possible.
Detailed documentation and quick response from the dedicated support will only make your life even more uncomplicated. Keep it simple.

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helpingpro HTML charity website template

Help the world with your knowledge and experience and share it using HelpingPro HTML charity website template. You got to be the pro in your field for others to start sending their funds towards your organization. People quickly recognize who to trust and stick with. That person or a group of people is no other than you. This fully responsive template comes with many pre-built elements to speed things up regarding designing your site. Let your charity or organization shine in the best possible light. With a magnificent design, you will not have a problem grabbing the attention of each unique visitor. But the truth is, it is not all only about the looks, you better share your expertness, too. You have all you need to make an original experience with HelpingPro template.

With whopping 325+ HTML files, different multi- and one-page demos, dark and RTL layouts and more, you can go as detailed or as basic as you would like with your charity site. There is also a practical Ajax contact form, responsive Menuzord mega menu and Revolution Slider included in the big package of features. You are not limited design-wise with HelpingPro template. Give it your best and make your website easily stand out from the crowd.

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The Charity Plus

the charity plus HTML charity website template

You can go above and beyond with The Charity Plus HTML template. With its modern and stylish design, you can easily create a true attention grabber. Your site will be unique and original with all the necessities a charity organization needs. Not only that, you can expand your site with a beautiful store and increase the raised money. Let all the sales go to donations and create a win-win situation. Both parties get something out of it. Donors get amazing products and you the money to help those who need it.

There are plenty predefined pages that are included in the zip file. From different home pages and blog to page for causes and online store. In total, there are 23 pages ready for you to benefit from. But as you may know already, you can also do tweaks and improvements and create custom versions. No need to stick only to what is available at your service. Originality is key.

Very little work is needed to bring your non-profit organization on the internet. The Charity Plus is responsive and retina ready, as well as cross browser compatible. All the elements are grouped in files, so you will not have a problem finding the missing pieces to add to your innovative website.

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charitex HTML charity website template

Created for charities, social organizations and donation campaigns, Charitex is an HTML charity website template for crafting websites to increase awareness for the cause and help the world. Your NGO business will be exposed to a global audience what will ensure you to have a bigger overall impact. What was once only a local project can now be transformed into an international behemoth. From a small fundraiser to a huge organization, expand and grow your business to its extent. With a responsive and retina ready template, you can achieve wonderful things. Your non-profit web page will be represented in the best possible way.

Take a little of your precious time, dedicated to helping others, and put together the website you always wanted. Incorporate into your site an exquisite slideshow along with the parallax effect and you will have your visitors wowing once landing on your site. You can all do it on your own. No need to spend any money hiring a designer or a coder.

Charitex was built on the latest Bootstrap framework with all the needed functions and elements. It is compatible with all the notable browsers and helps you establish a unique web design. Are you ready to expand?

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elevation HTML charity website template

Two home page versions, about us section, events and other internal pages is what you get with ELEVATION template. Start raising an exceptional amount of funds only by launching a solid site. Once online, only the sky is the limit. You can expect donations coming in all the way from the other part of the world. With a strategic execution, you can start attracting new potential donors from all around the globe. And by introducing a compelling blog to your business, you can start getting ranked higher in search engines and bring things to an entirely different level. There are a ton of options how to promote yourself for free. Since you are the expert in your field, contribute to the industry and let your knowledge do the promotion for you.

Multi language ready, you can easily translate your site into any language you want. Or have several options for the readers to pick their mother tongue. The choice is yours. And it is ELEVATION who will get things ready for you. 24/7 support and comprehensive documentation will only make everything simpler. Whatever barrier you might find yourself in front of, always feel welcome to ask for help. The friendly staff will do their best to guide you towards successfully launching your website.

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Homeless Childs

homeless childs HTML charity website template

With a total of 31 HTML files, Homeless Childs is the template suitable to create any charity firm’s site. Included, there are 3 home, 3 about, 2 event and 2 blog styles. In short, you do not have to do much to achieve the set goals. Homeless Childs is an HTML charity website template which enables you to create the most refined charity site in the whole wide world. Or should I say world wide web? Both options give you WWW, so you pick. Enough of me blabbering some nonsense, let Homeless Childs template do the talking. Discover all the elements, refine the needed pages and stylize the overall design of your web page to the way you fancy.

Without any issues, your page will support all browsers and every version. Plus, the template’s code follows all modern SEO practices. Along with that, any site powered by Homeless Childs template works beautifully on any device. Let it be a smartphone or a large desktop screen, this pixel perfect layout always meets the highest standards. Strongly focused on the user experience, readers will always have a great time browsing your site. More importantly, making donations and helping you raise funds.

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fundraising HTML charity website template

The name of the template speaks for itself, Fundraising helps you raise funds on the internet. This ultimate charity HTML template is the answer to all of the questions and concerns you might have regarding engineering a site. An ultimate solution to bring your donation project online. Built by professionals for business owners who focus on being as pro in every aspect of their biz as possible. Are you one of those? If so, consider Fundraising HTML charity website template.

Let’s break down some of the features the template has in store for you. Many functions specifically created for the non-profit industry are ready for you to play around with. Add them to your site and let your visitors benefit from them. Include supporters and testimonials list, Google Maps and “request a free quote” form.

Overall, Fundraising template aims to ease the process of bringing into being a professional looking site. Let your charity organization have an out of this world web presence. Not only will it impress you but your readers, too. The design, the quality, the content and the story behind your business will skyrocket your fund raisings. There are no boundaries from now on.

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becharity HTML charity website template

Always be prepared to make refinements, change details and more with beCharity non-profit HTML site template. It is a flexible product which instantly acclimates to all screen sizes. Not only that, all the images and icons will look phenomenal on those retina ready displays. 23 HTML files come with the template along with a contact form, shop layout and more. Instead of having only the Donate Now button, you can also start an online marketplace. Get creatives to sell their products on your site as a great way to promote themselves and donate all the earnings. Both parties are winners in this case. This is also a free promotion for your website. Everyone selling their product on your platform will spread the word about it and help you grow your business.

The Donate button at the very top quickly gets visitors to the final location. However, there are many other places beCharity template showcases the CTA (call-to-action) all over your site. From the slider to the recent cause section. Promote upcoming events, display latest blog posts and give some shine to all your clients. You can even give the opportunity to allow those interested to become volunteers. And if that is not enough, build client trust with testimonials.

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xoy HTML charity website template

You might stop searching for the template for your charity website after learning more about XOY. It is a multi-purpose one-page template with a large amount of features that will greatly benefit you. While it covers a variety of niches, it is also perfect for charities and nonprofits. It even has a special predefined demo dedicated to NGOs. Use it as is or improve on it and individualize the demo to your likings. Whichever path you take, XOY template has you sorted no matter what.

۴ header and 4 footer styles, 7 menus with Mega Menu, parallax backgrounds and more is what you get with XOY multipurpose HTML5 template. It is optimized for search engines and compatible with all the browsers. Let them search engines reward you with organic traffic and gradually grow your business (for free). XOY template supports Google Fonts and Themify and Linea icons.

When picking XOY for your charity project, you are not far away from bringing it to realization anymore. It totally depends on your personal preferences how long it will take you to complete your site’s building process. Stay with the default demo or go custom and do things your way for the most original web design out there.

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Grant Foundation

grant foundation HTML charity website template

There are many available template modification you can do with Grant Foundation. But first, let’s start with what this fantastic HTML charity website template comes packed with by default.

Starting with home page, 6 are pre-built and ready to use. There are also custom about and contact us pages for you to introduce to your website. Furthermore, you can pick boxed or full-width layout, choose the color of choice and add a background pattern or photo. There is even a functional contact form available for your visitors to get in touch with you easily. After you collect enough emails, you can start sending newsletters powered by MailChimp. Keep them up to date with what you and your organization are up to.

The simple design of Grant Foundation will guarantee a great online donation experience for your guests. Enhance your complete presentation of your non-profit with a breathtaking page. Include all the needed and spread the word for the cause and start raising the needed capital. You will not believe how far you can reach with a thorough and sophisticated page. It is all in the magic and the possibilities the internet can unlock for your phenomenal charity and fundraising project.

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fundpress HTML charity website template

Like with any other of our amazing HTML charity website templates, you can, too, build a site for your project all by yourself with FundPress. No need to outsource any part of your business. You can set things up and have a fresh page ready in next to no time. The simplified approach to constructing expert web design is very useful for all the newbies. Well, especially for all the novice folks who have little or zero experience.

It is all in the demo data what rapidly speeds up the fabrication process and turns you into a real professional. Your crowdfunding, charity or non-profit organization won’t be long without a solid web presence. Get things happening ASAP and increase the potential of your raised funds.

From single and multi page layouts, dark designs, portfolio and even magazine look, it is all doable with FundPress html5 template. With this product, you even save money. That said, you get Revolution Slider and Mega Menu for free. And if you combine the prices, you actually earn money. Commence your funding business and bring it online to multiply the capital. The money will start coming in from different resources, allowing you to help even more people.

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